Julia is so tall that when she holds a ball _____ her head, ...

What is the total percentage of pies sold last month?

How many different kinds of pets were chosen by girls?

What does a “word house” look like?

Where does Mr. Bronte think Amy is now?

What can we learn about Merry Park?

Which is said about The Flying Hat ?

What does ES-ME do?

Which is NOT said about Carefree Helpline?

Four people have called Ms. Wu. Below are Ms. Wu's notes abo...

What is the Japanese White-eye ?

Bee and Butterfly are now at the Apple Station. They are goi...

What is the reading mostly about?

Below is what Stan drew for his report. It shows the number ...

Where does Josie work?

What question did the teacher most likely ask in class?

Below are the cards which four kids have taken since they be...

What can we learn from the reading?

Below are the writer's points in the reading:   ...

What does the report NOT suggest?

From the ad, which is true about Sunny Sun pictures?

What do we know about Woollie from Katie's diary?

Why does National Formosa Railway write this letter?

Below are the ideas that are talked about in the reading. ...