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The Purple Knife

This month’s movie for both young and old

The story

Molly Wilson is a shy little girl who lives in Glass Town. One day the people in her town get sick in a strange way. The wisest woman in the town says that Molly is the only person who can save them. She has to find a purple knife in the Black House of Ice Mountain all by herself. The house is so dark and dangerous that nobody ever went near it before. Experience Molly’s exciting trip and find out if she can save the people of Glass Town.

The best part

People find joy and hope in the wonderful magic world of The Purple Knife, where animals talk and people fly. The burning bridge is the most exciting part of the movie. It looks surprisingly realno one in the theater can take their eyes off it!

The weak part

The music is not as exciting as it should be during exciting moments. Also, the story ends too soon. People may leave the theater with some questions in their minds.

What do we know about the story?
People in Glass Town get sick after they come back from Black House.
Molly is too shy to save the people in her town.
The wisest woman is going to get the knife with Molly.
It does not happen in the real world.
What does the writer think of the movie?
The writer is unhappy about the way it ends.
The story is not exciting.
Its music is great for the story.
Some parts of it are bad for children.