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Froggie was a frog who never remembered where he had been. His biggest dream was to find the best pond to swim freely without worrying about water snakes. One day, Froggie hopped to a kitchen and jumped into a pot full of hot water. Froggie felt the burning heat and hurried out of the water as fast as his legs could carry him.I almost died there!” Froggie thought.


A few days later, Froggie went back to the same kitchen, totally forgetting he had been there. He again hopped into the same pot. This time, the water inside was cool. He looked around and thought, “There’s no water snake trying to eat me and I can have this place all to myself!” At that moment, Froggie knew it was his dream pond. What he didn’t know was that the water was warming up over a low heat.


After thirty minutes of swimming, Froggie felt the water was warmer but he thought of this as a nice surprise.This sure is the best place for swimming. I get to have a hot bath, too.During his comfortable bath, the water kept getting warmer and warmer. Froggie was so comfortable that he fell asleep. And he never woke up.

What lesson can we learn from Froggie's story?
Life is too short; one should live it to the fullest.
It is difficult to give up old habits, but easy to pick up new ones.
People are blind to problems that slowly get worse over time.
Those who use their time well will win in the end.
What do we know about Froggie?
He wanted to go back to the same pot for a hot bath.
He once almost lost a dear friend to a water snake.
He learned to share what he liked with others.
He thought what he had hoped for became real.