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(Mrs. Cook arrives home after shopping for food.)

Walter: Mom, I can't find my eraser.

Mrs. Cook: Again? That's the fourth time this month! Have you checked your pencil box?

Walter: Yes, but it's not there.

Mrs. Cook: Did you look around in your room?

Walter: Yes, I did.

Mrs. Cook: How about the living room?

Walter: It couldn't be there. I was doing my homework in my room and didn't even go into the living room.

Mrs. Cook: Well, then, borrow one from your brother for now. I'll help you find it after I put all the food in the refrigerator.

Walter: OK.

Mrs. Cook: Walter! Look what I've found.

Walter: My eraser!

Mrs. Cook: In the refrigerator?

Walter: Oh, I remember! I got some juice from the refrigerator, and...and....

Mrs. Cook: And put the eraser in the refrigerator?

Walter: Well, I don't remember that part.

Mrs. Cook: Well, take it, and be more careful next time.

Where did Walter put his eraser?
In the juice.
In the refrigerator.
In the living room.
In his pencil box.
What does did mean in the dialogue?
dialogue 對話
To borrow one eraser.
To look around in Walter's room.
To go to the living room.
To do homework.
What do we know about Walter?
He has lost his eraser several times.
He is the only child in the family.
He went shopping for food with his mom.
He is good at cooking.