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Read the records of the four baseball teams and answer the questions.

Teams Won Lost Points
ALS 1 1 1
Chicoes 0 4 0
Victors 4 1 4
New Brooks 2 1 2
record 紀錄
lost 輸掉 (比賽)
point 積分; 點數
Judy is a big fan of Chicoes, but Mark doesn't know anything about baseball. Judy is trying to tell him something about the interesting sport. What would she say about the four teams?
Poor New Brooks! It doesn't have any points yet.
“ALS is the best. It has won the most games so far.
“Chicoes hasn't won any game yet, but it is still a wonderful team.
“Chicoes is the best. See? It won more games than Victors.
The team which wins more than three games can play in the final round. Now, which team will surely play in the final round?
final round 決賽
New Brooks.