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Sarah: Hey, try this! It took me two hours to buy the cheesecake.

Justin: Why two hours? The store is only one block away from your place.

Sarah: I know! But the line was terribly long, and a man behind me was trying to cut in. So I took some time totake care ofhim.

Justin: You hit him?

Sarah: Please! I’m a friendly, sweet lady! I just talked to him, well, maybe a little loudly. AndI used some words that were a little strong. When I wastalkingto the man. I didn’t know I was off the line. So I had to wait all over again!

Justin: It was really hard work, huh?

Sarah: It WAS! So why don’t you try some?

Justin: Well, in fact, I’m a little sick of it. Rebecca bought one last Saturday. She found it too sweet, so she took only one bite. Guess who cleaned it up?

lady 淑女
How did Sarah “take care ofthe man behind her?
She spoke angrily at him.
She hit him hard.
She shared the cheesecake with him.
She lent him money to buy a cheesecake.
What can we learn from the dialogue?
Justin wanted to know where the store was.
Rebecca liked the cheesecake a lot.
Justin had tried the cheesecake before.
Sarah spent two hours getting to the store.