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ES-ME is a fun computer program. Here is how it works:

  • First, tell ES-ME your birthday.
  • Then ask your question.
  • Finally, you will get an answer from ES-ME.

Below are the four questions people most often ask, and the funny answers they get.

Q1:   Will I get a good job?

ES-ME: Sure you will, if you are able to do a good job.

Q2:   When will I die?

ES-ME: You’ll know when the time comes.

Q3:   Can I find my true love?

ES-ME: Yes you can, if there’s true love in the world.

Q4:   What will be on my next school test?

ES-ME: It will be what you’ve been taught.

What does ES-ME do?
It takes tests.
It repeats questions.
It gives answers.
It collects ideas.
What does You’ll know when the time comes mean in the reading?
You should know time flies and never waits.
You can know when you will die only when you are dying.
You can believe time is the best medicine for a broken heart.
You will die when you get old.