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Here is what Matt said about his life changes in an interview.

It’s like getting a new life, I mean, living with the Tragers.

Being the oldest kid in Rosario Landing isn’t something you’d be proud of. People who go there usually want younger kids, babies even, because babies remember little about their real parents, and it’s easier for them to become close to their new parents. I felt happy for those who left with their new families. I really did. But it got harder to be happy for them when you were never the one to go.

I never thought Nicole and Thomas would pick me. They said they felt like they had known me for many years. After spending a few afternoons with me, they decided to take me home.

It’s never easy to have a stranger in your life. Lori is nice, but she’s too polite, like I was just one of her parents’ friends. We talk, but not very warmly. Sean deals with it better than his older sister. I slept in his room before I had my own, and we got to play tricks on each other three nights later, like real brothers.

If there’s anything I can do to make them feel easier with me. I’ll try. I Want to, because, for the first time in my life, I feel that I belong somewhere.

From the interview, what do we know about the children at Rosario Landing?
They have serious learning problems.
They are not treated kindly.
They do not live with their parents.
They were born there.
What can we learn about Matt from the interview?
He shares a room with Sean now.
He hopes to get close to Lori and Sean.
He misses his friends in Rosario Lauding.
He finds his new life is easier than he thought.
Which is true about the Tragers?
Thomas thinks Matt looks just like him at a young age.
There were two children in the family before.
Sean is the oldest child in the family.
Nicole and Thomas decided to have another baby.
What does it in the fourth paragraph mean?
paragraph 段落
Living with a stranger.
Talking to one’s parents’ friends.
Being polite to a stranger.
Playing tricks on one’s brother.