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Billy is one of my classmates in junior high school. Three years ago, he was very heavy, but he looks wonderful now. Here is his story about how he lost weight.

Billy 1 a lot of snacks and fast food in his elementary school days. Besides, he did not do much exercise. So he kept putting on weight. He became so heavy that one day he broke the chair he was sitting on when he was in class.

After this experience, Billy decided to lose some kilos. First, he went to see a doctor and 2 to avoid fast food. Also, the doctor said he should start exercising. Billy followed the doctor's advice: he 3 away from fast food and snacks for one year, and most important of all, he jogged every day.

That is how Billy lost 20 kilos before he entered junior high school.

advice 建議
was going to eat
has eaten
is asked
would be asked
was asked
will be asked
will stay
is staying
has stayed