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Gary is teaching his students to play a game calledWord Housein the English class. Here is the way to play the game:

  1. Get some pieces of paper that are cut into squares. Each square is for writing one letter only.
  2. Write a letter on one square. For example, writei.
  3. Next, take another two squares. Make a two-letter word which contains the letter you have written, for example, “inorhi.Put the new word (written on the two squares) below the first square.
  4. Then make a three-letter word which contains the two letters you have written. Again, put the new word on the next line.
  5. Keep making new words in the same way to build aword house.The person who builds the highest word house in twenty minutes wins the game.
contain 包含
What does aword houselook like?
Which is true about the game?
It is a computer game.
Students have to write four words in twenty minutes.
It is about spelling.
There have to be five people in the game.