Help 國中基測 題組練習

Below is what Josie wrote in her notebook.

Dec. 15

A very sad day. A school bus was hit by a truck. Many kids were badly hurt. A little boy lost his life. His mom was the kids’ teacher. We couldn’t bring her back, either.

Dec. 22

Lonnie said she’ll wear all white to the Christmas party. I said she’s lost her mind. We wear white all the time. Who would still want to wear white on Christmas Eve?

Dec. 25

People kept coming in and asked for our help because they got hurt. Why do people always do stupid things on holidays?

Dec. 31

The police brought in a young man who broke his leg when he was trying to enter a house. When taking care of his leg, I asked him why he wanted to enter another person’s house, and he said he just wanted to borrow a pot. But Officer Clarke said he’s been borrowing many pots from strangers’ houses.

Jan. 3

I knew my lunchtime was over when Howell came to my table. He’s a nice guy. But how many heads he’s cut open is the last thing I’d want to know when I’m eating beef sandwiches.

Where does Josie work?
In a hospital.
In a restaurant.
In a police station.
In a school.
Which is true about Josie?
She does not like what Howell talks about at lunchtime.
She liked Lonnie’s idea about what to wear for the Christmas party.
She lost her little boy when the school bus was hit by a truck.
She did not work on Christmas because she got hurt.
What do we know from the reading?
The truck driver who hit the school bus died.
Officer Clarke did not think what the young man said was true.
Lonnie did not want to go to the Christmas party with Josie.
Howell loves to have beef sandwiches for lunch.