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The noise those boys are making is giving me a(n)     . Can you do anything about it?
Albert usually brings a      with him when he takes a trip, so that he can write down what he sees on the road.
Of all the girls in the Christmas party, I think Cathy is     .
the prettiest

Alex: Why are you still here? It's already eight o'clock.

Tom: Because I      my work. Don't worry. It's almost done.

won’t finish
wouldn’t finish
haven’t finished
wasn’t finishing

Ms. Cooper: Do you have this hat in a small size?

Shopkeeper: I'm afraid not. It only comes in     .

Cindy cried out when she saw a motorcycle      into her cat.
to bump
has bumped
Tom      ten pounds over the past two months. He looks much thinner now.
was losing
has lost
will lose
The tall man over there is our new English teacher,     ?
is he
isn’t there
isn’t he
is there
I don't like any one of these three watches. Can you show me      one?
the others
The      today was very different from the one we had before; the teacher asked us to draw pictures as the answers.

Mr. Su: Sorry, I don't have enough money now. Can I pay with my     ?

Waiter: Sure.

birthday card
credit card
phone card
name card
Actor David Piper became tired of talking about the movie      after he was interviewed about it many times.
he is famous for
he is famous
that is famous for
that he is famous

Elsa: What does your cousin do?

Paul: She is a      and she works in her shoe store for twelve hours every day.


Pete: I really like your bag. Is it     ?

Jane: I don't know how much it is. Ii's my brother's.

In Taiwan, the first      of a school year usually begins in September.
Sally got angry because her little brother      the fan when she was still working on the computer.
got off
turned off
Watching American movies      one of the activities we enjoy most in our English class.
to be

Lisa: What      this morning?

Tina: Well, it's Sunday. I think I will go to church with my father.

are you going to do
have you done
did you do
were you doing
Sherry is      about her first job interview; she hopes she won't make mistakes in front of the interviewer.
interviewer 接見者;採訪者

Here are descriptions of four famous places on K.K. Island. Look at them and answer the questions.

description 描述
Charles loves city life. He is looking for a place to eat and have fun with his friends on Saturday night. What is the best place for him to go to?
Green Garden.
Blue Bridge.
East Hills.
New Lake.
Diana is a singer. She is going to join her friends’ band in the summer music festival. Where will she go?
New Lake.
Blue Bridge.
East Hills.
Green Garden.


  • The school restaurant is closed during the summer school (7/4~7/31). Please bring your own lunch. If you need to order lunch, please tell your class leader the day before.
  • Dancing shoes can be borrowed with your summer school card. Please find Mr. Shum in Room 117.
  • During the third week, the gym will be used for the High School Ball Games. Please go to the playground for the basketball classes of the week.
schedule 課表
What do we know from the notice?
There are basketball classes in the gym every week except the third week.
The summer school is three weeks long.
Students can order lunch from the school restaurant.
Those who need to borrow dancing shoes must tell Mr. Shum the day before.
Below is what Tina told her friends about the classes in her summer school schedule.

Mr. Reed was really crazy to give us so many new words at one time. Who can possibly remember all of them in a night? In our art class, when Ms. Grant asked us to draw a picture, I just drew a mad me looking at Mr. Reed. But then I totally forgot about Mr. Reed after two hours of PE classes in the afternoon. I was just too tired to think! Luckily, there was no computer class today to make it a really bad day.

Which day was Tina talking about?
What is the quick lesson of SHARP WEAR about?
How to get to one of SHARP WEAR’s stores.
How to shop for a T-shirt from SHARP WEAR.
How to take care of a T-shirt from SHARP WEAR.
How to send back a T-shirt to SHARP WEAR.
What can we learn about SHARP WEAR?
You have to order at least four T-shirts each time.
You can choose from sixteen colors for both the T-shirt and the pocket.
Some of the T-shirts have pictures on both the front side and the back side.
T-shirts in the wrong sizes cannot be sent back if they have pictures or pockets on them.

The wind keeps blowing.
The door keeps opening.
Will you be with me, my dear Lucy,
When I look for candy
Down there in the dark, dark kitchen?

The wind keeps crying.
The door keeps shaking.
Will you be with me, my dear Lucy,
When I pick up my toy puppy
Out there on the high, high balcony?

Wish you could always be with me
And make them go away with your Do-Re-Me.
I remember last Halloween
They ran away when you started to sing,
Dear Tommy, my little king,
Close your eyes and have a sweet dream.

So please stay with me and sing
To stop them kicking the door, riding the wind,
And pulling me down to their house under the ground.
They’ll go away if you sing here for me,
In a voice that gets a black cat’s hair standing,
The strongest legs shaking, and the window glass breaking.

(ideas from Matthew Sweeney’s poem)

Which is most likely true about the speaker in the reading?
likely 可能
He thinks a black cat is hiding somewhere in the house.
He is afraid of being by himself when he feels ghosts around.
He is looking for something he left somewhere in the house.
He feels lonely because he is the only child in his family.
What can we learn about Lucy in the reading?
She was away from home last Halloween.
Her voice makes the speaker feel safe.
Her candy was hidden in the kitchen.
She keeps opening the door.

Here are the timetable and the price list of Shilla Theater. Look at them and answer the questions.

timetable 時刻表
price list 價格表
School is over at 5:00 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday. Which of the following movies can students go to after school?
following 以下的
Life Is Wonderful.
The Singing Bird.
The Dead End.
John is ten years old. If John's parents take him with them to a movie on Saturday, how much do they have to pay?

Karen Finley was born in the U.S. in 1956. When she was only fourteen, she became interested in performing. She graduated from a performing arts school in 1981 and then began to perform in theaters. In her performances, she showed people some of the problems in the world.

Karen's The Constant State of Desire was first performed at The Kitchen in New York City in 1986. In this performance she wanted people to notice some of the difficult experiences women have because of men. It soon became controversial. Many people did not feel comfortable with the performance. They thought that Karen hated men too much and was out of control. She was strongly criticized by the newspapers. But some other people thought differently and spoke for her. They said that they felt the experiences Karen showed in this performance were true to life.

Karen hoped that people would think about the sad stories that happen every day. She believed people would understand her and learn some lessons if they could "read" her performances more carefully.

perform, performance 表演
controversial 備受爭議的
According to the reading, what might "The Kitchen" be?
according to 根據
A theater.
A restaurant.
A newspaper.
A performance.
According to the reading, why would The Constant State of Desire be controversial?
Karen said something bad about newspapers during the performance.
Karen was not well prepared.
The women who performed with Karen were out of control.
It seriously criticized men.
What did Karen Finley want to do by performing?
To make money for poor women.
To become a superstar.
To show people her ideas.
To make more friends.

The Purple Knife

This month’s movie for both young and old

The story

Molly Wilson is a shy little girl who lives in Glass Town. One day the people in her town get sick in a strange way. The wisest woman in the town says that Molly is the only person who can save them. She has to find a purple knife in the Black House of Ice Mountain all by herself. The house is so dark and dangerous that nobody ever went near it before. Experience Molly’s exciting trip and find out if she can save the people of Glass Town.

The best part

People find joy and hope in the wonderful magic world of The Purple Knife, where animals talk and people fly. The burning bridge is the most exciting part of the movie. It looks surprisingly realno one in the theater can take their eyes off it!

The weak part

The music is not as exciting as it should be during exciting moments. Also, the story ends too soon. People may leave the theater with some questions in their minds.

What do we know about the story?
Molly is too shy to save the people in her town.
The wisest woman is going to get the knife with Molly.
It does not happen in the real world.
People in Glass Town get sick after they come back from Black House.
What does the writer think of the movie?
Some parts of it are bad for children.
The writer is unhappy about the way it ends.
The story is not exciting.
Its music is great for the story.

Amy: Sandy, look! I've got a driver's license.

Sandy: You do? That's great! Are you going to buy a car?

Amy: Joe has ordered one for me. An AUX.

Sandy: Wow! That's a luxurious car! You've got a good husband. I've heard that it's really fashionable now to drive a blue AUX.

Amy: But mine is beige.

Sandy: Beige is beautiful too, but it's hard to keep clean, isn't it?

Amy: Don't worry. I'll have Joe wash the car every day!

driver’s license 駕照
luxurious 豪華的
What is "beige"?
A car.
A color.
A driver's license.
A car brand.
Who will keep Amy's new car clean?
Amy's husband.
Amy herself.
Sandy's husband.
From:Mia Loren <>
To:Dave Doddo <>
Date:Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 10:01 AM
Subject:Daniel’s 5th Birthday PartyThis Saturday!

Hello Dave,

We’re happy to invite you and your family to Daniel’s fifth birthday party this Saturday.

We know we told you that the party would be in 37 . However, we just moved to Carlton City last month, so the party won’t be in Pattersons Town. It’ll be at Mosman Garden right next to Victor Zoo, just across from our new apartment. Please don’t go to Northbank Park next to our old house.

The weather report said that it may be rainy this weekend, but 38 . If it rains, we’ll move the party inside our home. However, if we’re 39 and it is fine, we’ll still have the party at the garden.

Again, we’re all very happy and excited to welcome you to join us for some fun this weekend!


Mia, Sam & Daniel

Carlton City
Victor Zoo
Northbank Park
Mosman Garden
we could just wait for the rain to stop
we will let you know if we’ll still have the party
we have a plan if this happens
we should be fine if the rain isn’t too heavy
melt 融化
hunt 打獵
company 公司
What can we learn about Kivalina?
It is fighting for one last hope.
It is waiting to shine.
It has given up its chance to rise.
It has become history.
What does it mean when we say a place is uninhabitable?
It cannot be lived in.
It is not big.
It is not popular.
It cannot be bought.
What does the writer think about the Inuit people in Kivalina?
They might not be able to get enough money to move their village.
There are better ways than to move their village to somewhere else.
They should make the oil and power companies fix their problems.
Their way of living has been hurting the earth.
What does the reading say about the Arctic ice?
The Arctic ice covered 10 km2 of Kivalina.
The melting Arctic ice has given the Inuit people enough water to use.
The melting Arctic ice kills about 400 Inuit people each year.
The Arctic ice helped the Inuit people in Kivalina during bad weather.

Bruce found a note on his desk after he went back to his office.

To: Bruce Carter
From: Your wife
Time: 3:30 pm, Jan. 11th
1. Your son is much better, but he still has to stay
in the hospital.
2. Don't forget to prepare dinner for the dog and
take out the garbage.
3. Put Judy to bed at 10:00 p.m.
Call back:
  Yes v No
* This note is written by:  Jerry
note 字條
message 留言
According to the note, what should Mr. Carter do this evening?
Take Judy out for dinner.
Stay in the hospital.
Give the dog food.
Call Mrs. Carter.
What can we infer from the note?
infer 推論
Mr. Carter was out when Mrs. Carter called.
Jerry is Mr. Carter's son.
Mr. Carter should go to bed before 10:00 pm.
Mrs. Carter was very sick in the hospital.

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