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They forgot to      up the trash after their picnic.
     going shopping, Dad asked me if Mom would eat at home tonight. He wanted to know what he should buy for the dinner.
Chris's parents are always reminding him to clean his room, but he always     .
does it
Jo likes summer the      because she has serious problems sleeping in the summer heat.
It took longer to cross the intersection today      the traffic light was broken.
intersection 道路交叉口;十字路口

Irene: I don't like hamburgers.

Catherine: Really? I don't     .

Don't forget to      your teeth before you go to bed. It's important to clean them every night.
This book is called "Lions and      Favorite Foods."

Melissa: School starts again next week.

Vanessa: I can't believe summer      so quickly!

flew by
passed on
was flown by
was passing by
Everyone      mistakes in his or her life. The important thing is not to repeat them.
The jacket is      than the dress or the pants.
very expensive
the most expensive
more expensive
Reese likes to sleep with music on, so she usually turns on the      before she goes to bed.
coffee machine
washing machine
Sandra is hiding      a bench so that no one can see her.
Mark studies very hard and never     classes. He goes to school even when he is sick.
Michael: Mom, I got the best grade on the English test today.
Mrs. Lee: Good job, son. I'm      of you.

George: Can I wear my white jeans?

George's mother: Sure, as long as      not dirty.

they are
it is
It was such a hot summer day that Tiffany was glad to      her feet in the stream.

Adam: Let's go biking!

Alex:     ! I hurt my leg playing soccer yesterday.

I can't
I'll get my bike
Let's go

Ted and Ben are talking to each other on their cellphones in the Town Market.

Ted: Where are you? I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes.

Ben: How could that be? I came very early.

Ted: Aren’t we meeting each other at the Toy Store, next to Gate C?

Ben: No, at the 19, near Gate B.

Ted: Oh, no. I made a mistake. How can I get to you now?

Ben: I’m on the other side. Just 20. You’ll see me next to the Internet Café.

Ted: OK, but I want to 21 first. Do you know where to go?

Ben: Yes. Walk past the Music Shop and the Key Store. Then you’ll find the right place on your side of the market.

Post Office
Shoe Store
Men’s Wear
pass the Flower Shop
find Gate A
go to the Steak House
turn left to the Candy Shop
buy some bread
look for a CD
go to the restroom
find a belt

Marcel Proust (1871-1922) is one of the greatest French writers. He is famous for his great book À la Recherche du Temps Perdu, which meansremembering the past.

In this book, Proust writes many stories of rich but unhappy people. These rich people think they should be well liked or loved. When they learn that they are not as popular as they think, they feel sad and try hard to be important in the eyes of others. That is why they always feel troubled and can never really enjoy their lives.

In contrast to the lives of those people in his book, the last fifteen years of Proust’s life shows one can still find joy in hard times. During those years, he was very sick and had to stay in bed most of the time. But in his sickroom he found most joy in writing À la Recherche du Temps Perdu and ended up being a great writer because of the book.

What can we learn about Proust from this reading?
He became poor and sick because of writing.
He often wrote about how people get stronger in hard times.
He started writing À la Recherche du Temps Perdu when he was fifteen.
He got a lot of pleasure from writing in his later life.
Which is said about the rich people in Proust’s book?
They try to get what they do not have.
They are rich enough to have their stories written.
They are sick and stay in bed most of the time.
They try to forget their past.
What does In contrast to mean?
Important to.
Ahead of.
Worse than.
Different from.

Jerry Stevens has been unhappy these months. He 25 a proud businessman of a successful shaved ice shop. His highest sales numbers were 1,899 plates a week; people called himIce King.But all this changed when the cookie shop across the street started selling ice cream cookies. It took away half of his business.

And 26 when Dan, his dead sister’s only son, came to work for him.

Dan was a nice young man with a simple mind, too simple, maybe. He always let people try some shaved ice for free, but he never learned to see whensomebecametoo much.Many people came, but few bought. When the sales did not grow with the heat, Jerry started to worry. He wanted to send Dan home. But how could he? Dan had no family except him.

Then, one day, 27 . And it was from across the street. The cookie shop 28 a clerk. For Jerry, it was a great chance to get Dan out of his store without sending him home. After taking the shopkeeper to several nice dinners, Jerry got Dan the job.

Now Jerry could finally try and save his store. And maybe Dan would help by sending him a few people who are thirsty from eating too many cookies.

shaved ice 刨冰
has been
used to be
was going to be
the sales of shaved ice finally started to rise
things didn’t get better
the cookie shop was not successful for long
he was ready to give up
the hard time passed
worse trouble came
his only hope died
good news arrived
has looked for
had looked for
used to look for
was looking for

October 12

Dear Bill,

Long time no see!

I just came back to Taipei from Europe. 20 hours on the plane really made me tired.

I knew about Typhoon Melissa from the TV news. On TV, I saw many houses in Kaohsiung were damaged. Are you O.K. down there?

The weather in the mountains of Europe was very different from the weather in Taiwan. It was just early October, but it started to snow in the places I stayed.

Still, my trip to Europe was great fun. Before I went, I was worried about the language. I can't speak German or French. But I was surprised to find that English was still useful there! I spoke to people without any problem, and I even made some new friends on the train!

Perhaps I will go to Spain next summer. Will you join me?

Your friend,


damage 毀損
snow 下雪
Where does Bill live?
In Kaohsiung.
In Taipei.
In Spain.
In Germany.
What was the weather like in the mountains when Alex was there?
It rained a lot.
It was winter already.
There was a terrible typhoon.
It changed a lot.
What is true about Alex's experience in Europe?
He enjoyed it and would like to go there again.
He was invited to the homes of his new foreign friends.
He was always worried about the weather.
He learned some English from a language school there.

Robert likes to take a walk in the park after work. One day when he was walking in the park, he heard a woman calling his name. He stopped to look around, but didn’t see anything 32 . Shortly after Robert saw it, it was gone.

Though Robert felt a little strange, he did not think about it too much and sat down for a rest on a bench in the park. Then he noticed the snake he had just seen 33. Robert was too afraid to move away from the bench. Right at this moment, a woman behind him shouted, “Come here, Robert. You can’t stay on the bench like that. 34.”

In surprise, Robert turned around and said to the woman, “Excuse me, but that’s not a very nice thing to say, and in fact some people say I’m handsome.

I’m not talking to you,” said the woman.I’m telling Robert, my pet snake, to get down from the bench, not you.

that could move
like a snake
that could make noise
except a little snake
falling down from a tree
climbing up the bench
running after a woman
stopping beside his feet
People will be scared by you
The paint of the bench is still wet
The seat has been taken
The bench is broken

Froggie was a frog who never remembered where he had been. His biggest dream was to find the best pond to swim freely without worrying about water snakes. One day, Froggie hopped to a kitchen and jumped into a pot full of hot water. Froggie felt the burning heat and hurried out of the water as fast as his legs could carry him.I almost died there!” Froggie thought.


A few days later, Froggie went back to the same kitchen, totally forgetting he had been there. He again hopped into the same pot. This time, the water inside was cool. He looked around and thought, “There’s no water snake trying to eat me and I can have this place all to myself!” At that moment, Froggie knew it was his dream pond. What he didn’t know was that the water was warming up over a low heat.


After thirty minutes of swimming, Froggie felt the water was warmer but he thought of this as a nice surprise.This sure is the best place for swimming. I get to have a hot bath, too.During his comfortable bath, the water kept getting warmer and warmer. Froggie was so comfortable that he fell asleep. And he never woke up.

What lesson can we learn from Froggie's story?
Life is too short; one should live it to the fullest.
People are blind to problems that slowly get worse over time.
Those who use their time well will win in the end.
It is difficult to give up old habits, but easy to pick up new ones.
What do we know about Froggie?
He thought what he had hoped for became real.
He once almost lost a dear friend to a water snake.
He wanted to go back to the same pot for a hot bath.
He learned to share what he liked with others.

The table tells us about the climates of four cities. Look at it and answer the questions.

table 表格
climate 氣候
In which of the following months is Marami the coldest?
Joseph hates cold and rainy days. If he wants to take a trip in January, which city would be the best for him?
rainy 多雨的

Ren-jie: Hi, Dad, I’m back.

Mr. Lin: How was school?

Ren-jie: Not bad. We played basketball in PE class today. And guess what! You won’t believe it! Our teacher, Miss Chang, can play basketball really well!

Mr. Lin: Miss Chang? Is her name Shu-zhen Chang?

Ren-jie: Yes, it is. Do you know her? Is she famous?

Mr. Lin: MORE than famous! When she was young, she was one of the best basketball players on the national team. Thanks to her, the team won many games. You’re so lucky to be her student! Hey, let’s go to the park, and you can show me what you learned in class!

Ren-jie: No, I’m still afraid of that big basketball!

Which is true about Miss Chang?
She helped her students win many games.
She is young and beautiful.
She was one of Mr. Lin’s students.
She was a famous basketball player.
What do we know about Ren-jie?
He cannot find his basketball.
He wants to join the school basketball team.
He cannot play basketball very well.
He is afraid of his PE teacher.

Playing computer games is fun. It has become very popular. Young people like to do it in their free time. Here are some important things you have to know when you play computer games.

First, you should learn English well. If your English is good enough, you can understand the computer games more clearly. Then you will play the games better than your friends.

Second, you should not buy illegal software. The fake copies are much cheaper, but they will easily hurt your computers.

Third, you should not spend too much time playing the games. That will make your eyes become weaker. Take a 10-minute rest after you play 50 minutes every time.

Follow these things and you can be a happy computer game player.

understand 了解
rest 休息
According to the reading, how can you become a good computer game player?
according to 根據
Spend a long time playing computer games.
Follow the game rules.
Learn English to understand the games better.
Buy a lot of software.
What is the best title for the reading?
title 標題
Ways to Find Cheap and Fashionable Computer Games.
The Most Popular Computer Games.
Tips for Playing Computer Games Well and Safely.
News About Illegal Computer Game Software.

Josh: Do you know aboutpay it forward coffeeat Flora Café?

Eric: You mean you pay for a cup of coffee for someone poor to have it later?

Josh: Yeah. A cup of coffee is not much, but on cold winter days like today, it might warm them up a little. And maybe their hearts too.

Eric: But will Flora Café really give this cup of coffee to someone later?

Josh: Come on. I’ve known the shopkeeper well. He’s an honest man. He’s got a blackboard in the shop that says how many cups are paid for and how many have been given out.

Eric: But how will they know who to give? Anyone can ask for it, even if they’re not poor.

Josh: True, but then I guess they’ll just have to believe in people.

Eric: Perhaps. But will poor people go and ask for a free coffee? Won’t they worry about losing face?

Josh: Why do you always say things like that?

Eric: Well, it may happen.

Josh: Yeah, I know, but I still think it’s a good thing to do, and it gets people to care about others.

What does things like that mean?
Good things free coffee will bring to Flora Café.
Trouble for people who go to Flora Café.
Ways to make the free coffee plan successful.
Problems about the free coffee plan.
What can we learn about Josh and Eric?
Josh was not able to change Eric’s mind about free coffee.
They do not know whether Flora Café will do business honestly.
They found a way to make people feel OK to take free coffee.
Eric has more hope for the free coffee plan than Josh does.
What do we know about Flora Café from the dialogue?
People pay less for free coffee than other coffee.
Free coffee has brought it more business.
Its blackboard shows if there are free coffees to be taken.
It has a way to know who really is poor.

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