October 25, 2000 Dear Hong-min, How have you been? It'...

Why are Olivia and Daniel going to Sunny City?

What is this article for?

According to the reading, what might " The Kitchen " be?


Today my art class _____ a picture of pink roses.

See You in India India is a country with a {{1}} of mo...

Dear Mark, How is everyone? I'm now in Cork for {{1}...

What is the reading about?

What is the poster about?

Candy has decided to move to Taipei next year. When she stud...

Those who want to go to the art class must get 70 or above i...

What can we learn from the note?

What is Bluelake ?

What is the writer trying to say?

Below is what Stan drew for his report. It shows the number ...

What is the writer trying to say?

What does it mean when someone is lousy at something?

What idea is talked about in both pieces of news?

Why did Darrell tell Marina to go to Pinterest ?