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I don't have      workers to finish painting the office in two days. Can you find some more to do the job?
My dog Jimmy loves      with a comb. Every time I comb his hair, he will close his eyes and fall asleep.
to brush
to be brushing
being brushed

Sam: Sorry, I'm late.

Ben: Here you are! I waited for you for one hour and      you wouldn't come.

Tom      ten pounds over the past two months. He looks much thinner now.
was losing
has lost
will lose
My mother      me send a letter yesterday.
All the excuses Nick made      a lot about how much he hates to do the job.
which say
to say

Emma:      umbrella is it?

Sherry: It's Ann's. She forgot to take it home.

How many square cookies are there in the dish?

Kevin:      sweater looks better on me, the red one or the blue one?

Betty: The red one, I think.

My sister does not like the jacket, and I don't,     .
     will be a welcome party next week for the new students. Will you come with me?
My son has grown bigger and become too      for me to carry on my back.

Mom: Peter, be sure to finish your school report before you go to bed.

Peter: OK, Mom, I     .


Nana: Did you mail the cards to your teachers?

Annie: No, I want to check them again. I      them after dinner.

have mailed
will mail
Frank plays basketball well. He's quick and makes good     .

Carl:     ?

Tina: It's three thirty. Why? You look worried.

Carl: I have a math test at four o'clock.

How much money do you have
What day is today
What time is it
When does your school begin
If you want to be strong,      every day can help you.
preparing tests
playing video games
going swimming
criticizing people
The last five years have not been      to Jennie. Her face is covered with lines and she looks much older than she is.

Amy: Sandy, look! I've got a driver's license.

Sandy: You do? That's great! Are you going to buy a car?

Amy: Joe has ordered one for me. An AUX.

Sandy: Wow! That's a luxurious car! You've got a good husband. I've heard that it's really fashionable now to drive a blue AUX.

Amy: But mine is beige.

Sandy: Beige is beautiful too, but it's hard to keep clean, isn't it?

Amy: Don't worry. I'll have Joe wash the car every day!

driver’s license 駕照
luxurious 豪華的
What is "beige"?
A driver's license.
A car brand.
A car.
A color.
Who will keep Amy's new car clean?
Amy's husband.
Sandy's husband.
Amy herself.

Dear Ming-hui,

How’s everything?

Summer vacation has started here. This is my second year in America. This year I have many chances to meet different people. My school thinks students should 21 . That’s why I was asked to work at a hospital. I didn’t get paid for the work, so at first I thought I was helping others. But later I found 22 . The work has changed me in a good way. I used to care only about my studies, but I’m different now. It made me feel good to see other people live better lives because of something I did for them.

I miss my friends in Taiwan. 23 next summer after graduating from high school. Let’s go to see our teacher Ms. Huang then. She’s going to have a baby next January.

All the best,


graduate 畢業
not only study hard but also try to help others
not worry too much about things we can not change
try to learn a foreign language
make some friends when we are on vacation
I was in fact helping myself
I could also get better grades
it was not easy to make money
it was a boring job
You’ll know what to do
I’m going back home
They should change their jobs
We should always remember to study hard

I was sitting by the window,
Lightly kissing my sleeping cat,
The half-finished coffee on the table,
The blowing fan on the wall,
The sweet music on the radio.

A little girl was riding a yellow bike,
Slowly passing by my window,
The light wind on her face,
The flying hair behind her ears,
The quiet lazy summer afternoon.

Henry W.

What is the tone of the reading?
tone 感覺;筆調
It is very sad.
It is exciting.
It is serious and worried.
It is easy and slow.
Which is NOT true about the writer?
He wrote about a moment in summertime.
He liked the music on the radio.
He was drinking coffee with the little girl.
He was looking out from a window.

Allen: Your new watch looks cool! May I take a look?

Lynn: Sure.

Allen: Wow! Look at the monkey on the face of it.

Lynn: Monkeys are one of my favorite animals. But the watch shows a different animal every month. Tomorrow is May 1, and it’ll be another kind of animal.

Allen: That sounds great! I want something like that. Where did you get it?

Lynn: Well, my uncle gave it to me last week. He bought it on a business trip in London.

Allen: Oh, that’s too bad.

Lynn: Maybe you can go check on the Internet.

Where was Lynn's watch bought?
On the Internet.
In the zoo near her school.
In an English city.
At a gift shop near her house.
What may Lynn’s watch look like on May 1?
Read what people said on the Internet about a restaurant and answer the questions.
Which is true?
Teddy0530 enjoyed himself at Goodies.
Cool Marc likes Goodies better than Awe’s.
Crazy_P thinks of Goodies as her favorite.
Kenny likes Goodies’ papaya ice cream.
What can we learn from the reading?
Jane.TW has not been to Goodies before.
Awe’s is a new restaurant.
Awe’s is next to Goodies.
Crazy P was not happy about Goodies’ prices.
Which is the ad of Goodies?
ad 廣告

Susan was a woman who hated animals. She never wanted to keep any pets at home. To her, all animals were dirty and boring. Susan could never understand why people would like to have cats or dogs in the house. It was so stupid!

Last month Susan's daughter, Penny, came home from school with a mouse in a box. Susan was very angry. But Penny said that it was her homework. Her teacher asked each student to take care of an animal and learn to get along with it. Susan had to say yes.

It was fun for Penny at the beginning, but then she got lazy and forgot to do her homework. It became Susan's homework. She gave it food and water every day and found that the mouse was in fact not dirty. She even talked to it! It was not boring or stupid! Now Susan is having a good time withhermouse. She named it Nini. And she is going to buy another one to make a pair.

get along with 相處
beginning 開始
Why was Susan so angry when she first saw the mouse?
The mouse bit her.
The mouse was the animal she hated most.
She did not want any animals in her house.
She liked cats better.
What happened to the mouse in the end?
It had a baby.
It was sent to a pet shop.
It became Susan's pet.
It got sick.
What does her mean in the second paragraph?
paragraph 段落
Penny's classmate's.
Penny's teacher's.

John sells hot dogs outside the flower market. Sometimes people come up to him and ask for directions. Look at the map and answer the questions.


Rose: Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the 34?

John: Of course. Just go down Market Road for two blocks and turn left. You’ll see a church. It’s next to the church, on First Street.

Rose: I see. Thanks.

John: You’re welcome.


John: Good morning. Would you like a hot dog?

Fred: Yes, one please. By the way, where can I find a bookstore near here?

John: Go down Third Street and 35. It’s between a shoe store and a music store.

Fred: Thank you.

directions 指引方向
by the way 順便問一下
train station
gas station
stop at the bike shop
turn left on Joy Street
walk past Main Street
turn to your right

Dear Luke,

My daughter Angela is very quiet. She seldom talks to us, and she does not have any friends. What’s worse, she is not interested in studying. All she does every day is watch TV and play computer games. I have told her hundreds of times that she should study hard, but she does not listen to me. What should I do?


Dear Tim,

The problem with Angela is not that she does not study, but that she does not talk to people. If she can make some friends, her life will be more interesting.

Perhaps Angela has had this problem for a long time. It won’t be solved soon. You should spend more time with her and help her. This is the homework both you and your daughter need to do!


solve 解決
According to Luke, which will help solve Angela's problem?
according to 根據
Studying harder.
Doing more exercise.
Watching less TV.
Meeting more people.
What doeshomeworkmean in Luke’s letter?
Something that makes reading interesting.
Something that children always forget to do.
Work that teachers ask students to do at home.
Work that needs to be done in the family.

I was jogging with my dog this morning when I saw John Archer at a street corner. He was sitting on a bike with one of his feet on the ground. "He's waiting for someone," I thought. John and I were both in the ninth grade. He was a basketball player on our school team and was very popular with many girls. But I never talked to him before. He was not my type.

John saw me, too. He smiled. For a moment I thought he was smiling at someone else. But he was not. "Hi, Mary Jones," he said to me. "You have a cute little dog." I smiled but did not say anything, because I did not know what to say. "I'm here waiting for you. Would you...would you like to go to the movies with me?" he asked. I was very surprised. I never thought he would do this, and I never thought about going out with him.

I said "no," of course. But he seemed nice and friendly. Maybe I would go to watch him play basketball some day.

corner 角落
my type 我喜歡的類型
seem 似乎
What was John doing on the street when Mary saw him?
Talking to a girl.
Waiting for someone.
Riding a bicycle.
What does this mean in the second paragraph?
paragraph 段落
Smiling at Mary's dog.
Asking Mary to go to a movie.
Playing basketball with Mary.
Being surprised to see Mary.
What do we know about John and Mary from the reading?
They both enjoy jogging in the morning.
They like each other very much.
They are in the same school.
They are both interested in movies.

Here is an ad. Read it and answer the questions.

Do your children like their rooms? Do they feel comfortable and have fun in their rooms?

To children, play is very important because they learn when they play. Coco Boca keeps this in mind when we make tables, chairs, and beds. Here at Coco Boca, you will find things that are made not only for children's bodies but also for their minds.

Monday ~ Saturday, 9 a.m. ~ 10 p.m.

2 East Street, New City

Coco Boca

ad 廣告
What can be bought at Coco Boca?
Health food that helps kids grow well.
Pets that children can play with.
Beds for children.
Uniforms for students.
According to Coco Boca's ad, which is true?
according to 根據
A large space is good for children's health.
Children learn from playing.
Parents should spend more time with their children.
Children should sleep in their own rooms.

Small Rice, Big Dream

Central Taiwan News

May 13, 2008

Two years ago, a small town in Changhua started to grow healthy rice. The healthy rice was not grown by farmers but by students from a small elementary school of only about fifty people.

The idea of growing rice came from the school teachers. When making teaching plans, the teachers decided to teach students how to grow healthy rice on school land. They wanted the students to get closer to the land and learn to help each other when doing the rice farming outside the classroom.

What’s better, the school made money from selling the rice and giving farming classes to the public. With the money, the school could help students who wished to go to foreign countries some day. Today the dream is becoming realthe students are flying to Japan to share their special farming experiences, and have fun over there, of course!

"We all feel very proud that even students from a small town can make themselves seen in the world," said one of the teachers.

What is the reading about?
A language class for farmers.
A new way of cooking rice.
A successful teaching plan.
A famous teacher from a small town.
Which is said in the reading?
It is important for farmers to make good use of land.
Farming makes students healthy.
The school bought the land for the farming classes.
Farming helps the school make money.
What is the dream?
Visiting a foreign country.
Growing healthy rice.
Building more schools.
Learning outside the classroom.

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