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Mark: We can't enter the house. I can't find my key!

Billy: Is it possible that you      it in the car?


Ms. Cooper: Do you have this hat in a small size?

Shopkeeper: I'm afraid not. It only comes in     .

It was very hot when we got to Kenting National Park,      we still had a good time there.
Cell phones are convenient; every person in my family has     .
After a big party, it took me      time to clean the apartment. I'm tired now.
     exercise after work is a good way for me to forget the troubles in the office.
My brother enjoys having cold drinks, so he always puts his Coke in the      before he drinks it.
Karen began collecting toy cars at the age of nine. Since then, she has spent lots of time and money on this     .
My younger sister likes      best of all the animals.
Carol sounded happy when we talked on the phone; I could feel joy in her     .
It is very dangerous to play     . The train may come at any time.
on the railway
on the sidewalk
in the airport
on the playground
I cannot understand why Steven bought so many watches but never wears      of them.
Some songs are forgotten very quickly. A really good song can pass the test of      and be remembered for many, many years.
My husband      send me flowers every week before we got married. But now he never does.
was afraid to
used to
was going to

(In the teachers' office)

Miss Huang: Sue,      students in the classroom?

Miss Cheng: I don't think so. School's over.

Miss Huang: But I hear people talking over there.

is there
do they
are they
are there

Lucy:      is Ted doing in the kitchen?

Ryan: He's cooking dinner for us.

Ms. Smith is      at telling stories, so all of her students enjoy story time in her class very much.
The town looks very      now. It has changed a lot.
Simon is an interesting person. He gets excited     .

Charlie can’t remember when he lost his heart

Though he knows who took it.

The girl ran away with Charlie’s heart,

And he kept looking for her.

Years later Charlie met the girl on the road.

But she wasn’t the one he used to know.

He tried to talk to her the same way as before.

But nothing showed she was the one of years ago.

Now Charlie knows:

He can take his heart back and say goodbye to the girl.

It’s time for him to let her go, to let it go.

It’s time to find someone else to lose his heart to.

imply 隱喻;暗示
Which is NOT said or implied in the reading?
A life lesson.
A lost heart.
A forgotten land.
A past love.
What does Charlie decide in the end?
To stop thinking of the girl.
To take a long trip to a foreign country.
To find out where the girl had been.
To start to write love stories.

Here are the lyrics of a song.

Don’t Ask Him Why

by Tim Blair

He was afraid.
He was knocked on the head.
He was too little to know why Mom and Dad didn’t like him.
He was only five when he was sent to the hospital.

So don’t ask him why he did not cry for help
He was too little to answer the question.
He was too young to know he could ask for help.

Sometimes things go wrong in this world.
Still there must be something we can do
Something to give him hope and love.

So let’s do it. Do it. Do it.
Give him your hand.
Give him your love.
Only you and I can help him.

So don’t ask him why.
Never ever ask him why.

lyrics 歌詞
What can we know from Tim Blair's song?
Children lie without knowing why.
Children can do well at school with special help.
He wants to bring hope to children in need.
He believes children should speak for themselves.
Which is most likely to be true about the little boy in the lyrics?
likely 可能
He was hit by his parents.
He liked to ask questions.
He was afraid of singing in front of people.
He went to school at the age of five.

Look at the family tree and answer the questions.

family tree 家族譜系圖
Which of the following is Sharon's cousin?
the following 以下的

"My father is a Chinese teacher. He is tall and wears glasses. My mother is a business woman. They both are busy, so we children have to do the housework. Sometimes my sisters cook, and I help wash the dishes and vacuum the floor. My younger brother is only three years old. The only things he does are eating and playing."

Who wrote the paragraph?

paragraph 段落

Vivian sent a letter and a picture to Gloria.

Dear Gloria,

How have you been? I miss you very much. It's my second year in Burney. School is not a problem for me, and I have made some friends in my class.

Here's a picture of my classmates. The girl standing next to me is Sally. She has beautiful long hair. And the boy in the cap is the cutest person in the class; we all call him Jolly Jerry. The other boy is Jason. I think he is smart and nice. I'm thinking of asking him to a movie. What do you think? Please give me some suggestions on what I should do. Maybe I'll have a boyfriend when you see me next time!



suggestion 建議
Who in the picture is Vivian?
Which is true about Vivian?
She is Gloria's classmate in Burney.
She has lived in Burney for more than two years.
Studying is difficult for her.
She likes Jason.

Six people are being interviewed about the garden on the roof of their building.

Jasmine: I loved the idea when Wilber first told me about it. We had lots of meetings with our neighbors, trying to make them understand why it’s good to build a garden on the roof. Now people love coming here, and it’s helped many of us become friends!
Wilber: The whole thing wasn’t easy at first. But Jasmine helped a lot. And she was really good at making people happy to give money for the roof garden.
David: My kids love going up there. They sit there watching butterflies and birds. The roof garden brings them closer to nature.
Samuel: You want something green? Visit the park! It’s only one block away! After the roof garden was built, bugs started flying into my apartment! And the kids leave mud on the stairs when they come down from the roof!
Rosie: Our building is now cooler in the summer. My baby sleeps well even on hot summer days!
Flora: Guess where these tomatoes are from! Not from the supermarket. They’re from our roof! Isn’t that wonderful?
roof 屋頂
What do we know about the six people in the interview?
Some of them were paid to help build the roof garden.
Some of them worked on the plan to build the roof garden.
They all said good things about the roof garden.
They all talked about the roof garden before it was built.
Which of the good things about the roof garden is NOT talked about in the interview?
It brings people in the building closer together.
It gives people in the building a chance to grow their own food.
It makes the building a more comfortable place during summer.
It uses the rainwater that falls on the top of the building.
What does the whole thing mean in the interview?
Having people agree to the idea of the roof garden.
Inviting people to make more use of the roof garden.
Taking care of the roof garden every day.
Having meetings at the roof garden.

Read Charlie’s diary and answer the questions.

diary 日記
What did Charlie do on the bus?
He called his teacher.
He gave his seat to an old man.
He fell and got hurt.
He talked to the driver.
Who is He in the last paragraph?
paragraph 段落
Charlie’s classmate.
Charlie’s father.
Mr. Du.
The old man.

I saw this picture in this week’s Time magazine. A photographer named Gregory Heisler sent the picture to Time. The boys in the picture are all wearing different clothes, but they all share the same face. They do not just look like each other. In fact, they are the same person. Heisler ‘madethis funny picture on the computer. But in the future, with the science ofcloning’ (copying living things), a picture like this one may not just be a computer trick.

The idea of cloning began a long time ago. It became real when some animals like frogs were successfully cloned. At first, I didn’t care much about these studies. However, when some studies showed that evenpeoplecould be cloned, I felt the studies had gone too far.

I don’t know much about science, but I do know I would hate to live on a planet full of copies of me. I found myself scared by the smiles of the copied boys when I looked at the picture again. To me, a world of cloned people is a world where the rules of nature are broken, which may bring a lot of problems we’ve never thought of.

magazine 雜誌
photographer 攝影師
What is the writer trying to say?
Science and art can both help us look better.
Good simple things bring us the same joy.
A world of people with the same face is terrible.
People will share the same health problems some day.
Which is said about cloning?
It has been talked about for a long time.
Many rules have been made for its use.
It will make our living space smaller.
Most people do not think it is a good idea.
Which is said about the picture?
It first appeared in Gregory Heisler’s picture book.
It is an example of computer tricks.
The parents in it are in fact worried about their children.
It was taken of Gregory Heisler’s family.

(Thomas is visiting Randy.)

Randy: Here's my room, Thomas.

Thomas: Wow! It's like a toy store. I bet this really cost a lot of money!

Randy: No, it didn't.

Thomas: It didn't? Then, does your father sell toys?

Randy: No, it's my grandpa. He works in a toy factory. His boss always gives him toys with some defects. Look at this singing doll. It's pretty, but it can't sing.

Thomas: How about this truck?

Randy: See the driver in it? His hat is missing.

Thomas: I see. But I still like it. I love toys. I've always dreamed about having a room with lots of toys. You're so lucky.

Randy: If you like, you can come any time to play with them.

Thomas: Really? That's wonderful!

bet 猜想
defect 瑕疵
missing 不見
What does Randy's grandfather do?
He is a singer.
He is a truck driver.
He is a factory worker.
He is a shopkeeper.
Which is true about Thomas?
He is Randy's cousin.
He is too old to enjoy toys.
He needs a new house.
He loves Randy's room.
Six people are talking about two pie shops in a TV program.

Lily: I’ve been going to Pie House for twenty years. Now Marie’s son is taking care of the business, and he makes pie as good as his mother’s.

Olive: I went to Pie Corner once. Their pie were great, too. But I feel more comfortable at Pie House.

Ned: Uncle Roy used to work for my mom, later he opened Pie Corner on the next block after he got married.

Marie: Roy was already quite avant-garde when working with me. I mean he had different, sometimes even strange, ideas about pies. There were times I thought his pies wouldn’t taste good, but they turned out magically delicious.

Lee: Ned has done quite well with Pie House. His pies make you feel warm. But if you want to try something interesting, you should go to Pie Corner.

Chuck: If eating Roy’s pies is like taking an exciting trip, then Ned’s pies are just like a sweet home you go back to after a long trip.

What do we know about the six people?
They all talked about what the pies taste like.
Some of them talked about how the shopkeepers treated their workers.
Some of them are the shopkeepers of the pie shops.
They all have been to both pie shop.
Which is true about the pie shops?
Pie House is a family business.
Pie Corner has a longer history than Pie House.
Pie House gives people a place to stay for the night.
Pie Corner is next to Pie House.
What does avant-garde mean in the reading?
Trying to find out where the problems come from.
Trying to act like someone who knows everything.
Having many exciting and eye-opening life experiences.
Having a new and surprising way of thinking.

Dear Mark,

How is everyone? I'm now in Cork for 41. Life is very busy here. I have 42 hours of English class a week. From Monday to Friday, there are four classes every morning for listening, speaking, reading, and writing, one hour for each. In the afternoon, I have PE classes for different sports, and I really enjoy my time 43 , running and laughing with my new friends.

I'm flying back in August. I'll tell you more about my life here. See you then.

Best wishes,


a special art show
a summer school
visiting a friend of mine
doing some business
outside the classroom
on the Internet
for popular music
after breakfast

Andy: Sara, I’ve heard that you just moved into a new house.

Sara: Yes, finally. It took me a long time to decorate it.

Andy: What’s it like?

Sara: Well, I have a small garden in the front, a blue kitchen, a yellow living room, a green bedroom for John and me, and a purple bedroom for our children. We are also painting another room orange for people who come to visit us.

Andy: Wow, it sounds like a rainbow house. It must be a lot of fun to live in.

Sara: Yes, it’s our dream house. Hey. I’m planning a party next Saturday. Can you come?

Andy: I’d love to. But I have to check with Mary first.

Sara: Sure, just let me know before next Wednesday.

decorate 裝璜;佈置
Which is true about Sara's house?
It has four bedrooms.
It is in the shape of a rainbow.
It has a big garden.
It is full of colors.
What does Sara mean by saying it’s our dream house?
She doesn’t really own the house.
She loves her new house.
She wants to have a party at her house.
The house often appears in her dreams.

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