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Last night a garbage truck hit a tree and turned over. Now the street is      with lots of garbage.
Mr. Green was very angry with his daughter      she always put her dirty socks on the dining table.
If you want to be      in this job, you need to work harder than other people.
I can      you the book, but you have to give it back to me in three days.
I was surprised to know from the newspaper yesterday      flowers do not always smell sweet; some can smell like dead fish.
It was very      this morning. My hat was blown away when I was walking on the street.
Everyone in the class enjoys playing chess      Bill; he thinks the game is boring.
When I heard my baby girl say her first word, my heart was      with joy.
The baby birds were still hungry so their parents had to fly out to      more food.
look for
give up
get off
put on
Look at the picture. The mother duck is      the baby ducks across the street.
I      swimming for several years before I went to this high school. I gave it up because of heavy schoolwork.
am practicing
have practiced
would practice
If the weather is fine this weekend, my family      to the beach for two days.
have gone
will go

Philip: Is that red car Miss Brown's?

Walter: Yes, it's     . Beautiful, isn't it?


Lucy: Does Aunt Tara enjoy     ?

Mark: Yes. She has three dogs, two rabbits, four birds, and some fish in her house.

working on the farm
keeping pets
collecting dolls
visiting the zoo
I cannot understand why Steven bought so many watches but never wears      of them.
You should think      before taking the job; don't do it just for fun.
I'm not sure if Kevin      this morning, but if he does, I'll tell him that you called.
came in
comes in
will come in
has come in
Ed and Jill      camping this weekend, so they have to finish their homework by Friday.
are going
have gone
were going
I usually carry a camera on my trips; taking pictures      a good way for me to remember the experience.
to be

Ren-jie: Hi, Dad, I’m back.

Mr. Lin: How was school?

Ren-jie: Not bad. We played basketball in PE class today. And guess what! You won’t believe it! Our teacher, Miss Chang, can play basketball really well!

Mr. Lin: Miss Chang? Is her name Shu-zhen Chang?

Ren-jie: Yes, it is. Do you know her? Is she famous?

Mr. Lin: MORE than famous! When she was young, she was one of the best basketball players on the national team. Thanks to her, the team won many games. You’re so lucky to be her student! Hey, let’s go to the park, and you can show me what you learned in class!

Ren-jie: No, I’m still afraid of that big basketball!

Which is true about Miss Chang?
She was a famous basketball player.
She helped her students win many games.
She was one of Mr. Lin’s students.
She is young and beautiful.
What do we know about Ren-jie?
He cannot find his basketball.
He wants to join the school basketball team.
He cannot play basketball very well.
He is afraid of his PE teacher.

Darrell: Marina…Marina…MARINA!

Marina: Oh, sorry. I didn’t hear you. I was thinking about my homework.

Darrell: What’s it about?

Marina: Well, I need to draw a future house for my art class, but I haven’t got any

ideas. Maybe I should go to the library and look for something useful.

Darrell: Or you can try Pinterest.

Marina: Isn’t it a shopping app?

Darrell: Not really. Many people share their works on Pinterest and tell you how

they made them. I’m sure you can get some ideas there.

Marina: Sounds like you use it often.

Darrell: Yeah. Just last week I went there and found the A to Z of making

chocolate cakefrom choosing good chocolate to baking the cake to making

sugar flowers on top.

Marina: Really? I’ll check it out later. Thanks a lot.

Why did Darrell tell Marina to go to Pinterest?
To meet new friends who have the same interests.
To share her works and tell people how they are made.
To shop for things that are needed for art classes.
To find some examples for her homework.
What does it mean when you learn something from A to Z?
You learn everything about it.
You spend all your life learning it.
You learn it in a baking class.
You can learn it at any time.

Kivalina, an island village in Alaska, USA, is known by only a few people. It cannot be found on most maps of Alaska because it is only 10 km2 . This small Arctic village is home to 400 Inuit people*. However, their home will become uninhabitable because the island could be covered by the Chukchi Sea by 2025. These Inuit people will have to leave their home.

But life now is already difficult. Over the past twenty years, winters have become warmer, the Arctic ice has kept melting, and the sea has been rising. These changes have made it harder to live by hunting and fishing than before. What’s worse, there is no Arctic ice thick enough to keep them safe from terrible wind and rain.

These Inuit people think it is the oil and power companies in Alaska that have brought all these troubles, but they are the ones who are paying the price. It would cost hundreds of millions to move their village, and they have no idea where to get the money. Groups like ReLocate are working together with the Inuit people to save Kivalina, but nobody is sure if their hard work will come to anything. All the Inuit people can do now is to pray the rising sea will not cover their home too soon.

* The Inuit people are a group of people who live in the Arctic.

melt 融化
hunt 打獵
company 公司
What can we learn about Kivalina?
It is fighting for one last hope.
It has given up its chance to rise.
It has become history.
It is waiting to shine.
What does it mean when we say a place is uninhabitable?
It is not big.
It cannot be bought.
It cannot be lived in.
It is not popular.
What does the writer think about the Inuit people in Kivalina?
There are better ways than to move their village to somewhere else.
Their way of living has been hurting the earth.
They should make the oil and power companies fix their problems.
They might not be able to get enough money to move their village.
What does the reading say about the Arctic ice?
The melting Arctic ice has given the Inuit people enough water to use.
The Arctic ice covered 10 km2 of Kivalina.
The Arctic ice helped the Inuit people in Kivalina during bad weather.
The melting Arctic ice kills about 400 Inuit people each year.

I had a horrendous experience last Saturday.

That day, my family went camping near a big lake. While my parents were preparing dinner, my brother and I were playing by the lake. A dirty man appeared from somewhere, and his face was half covered by his hair. He walked to us and asked for some water.

When I gave him water, the bag he carried dropped, and things inside fell out on the grass. I saw a rope, a knife, and a baseball bat. The strangest thing was that there were also a woman’s shoe and a ring, and I’m sure they were not his. The man quickly put all his things back in the bag and looked at us angrily. At that moment, the picture of a man the police was looking for came to my mind. He was the crazy killer! I was so afraid that I could not move at all.

Luckily, before he could get any closer, my mom shouted from far away, and the man hurried off into the dark.

while 當……之時
What happened in the story?
The writer’s family invited a stranger to dinner.
A man ran away after he heard the writer’s mother’s voice.
The writer’s brother ran to their parents for help.
A killer was caught by the police.
What can we learn about the writer and the man with a bag?
The writer did not find out who the man was in the end.
The man attacked the writer.
The man did not want the writer to see things in his bag.
The writer followed the man into the dark.
How do people feel when they experience something horrendous?

Mrs. Kao couldn't sleep well. How could she? Winnie said she would be home before eleven, but it was almost twelve. Where was she? Mrs. Kao called her on her cell phone. No one answered. She got out of bed, put on a jacket, and went to the living room.

Terry walked out of his room and asked, “What's wrong, Mom? Oh, is Dad coming home tonight?” “No. Tomorrow. I'm waiting for your sister.” Terry went back to his room and studied. He had a very important exam the next day.

“Terry is a good boy,” Mrs. Kao thought.He's three years younger, but I seldom need to worry about him.

Ten minutes later, the telephone rang.I'm so happy to hear your voice. Where are you? …I'm happy that you called. No, don't take the taxi. Stay at the door of the theater with Maggie. I'll come and drive you and Maggie home. Don't worry. I'll be there in about ten minutes.Mrs. Kao took the car key and went out.

wrong 不對勁
key 鑰匙
How did Mrs. Kao feel before Winnie called?
Where did Winnie go?
She went to a morning class.
She went to a baseball game.
She went swimming with Maggie.
She went to a night movie.
What can we infer from the story?
infer 推論
Winnie is three years younger than Terry.
Mrs. Kao cannot drive a car.
Mr. Kao was not home.
Maggie is Mrs. Kao's daughter.
What lesson does the story give us?
lesson 教訓; 啟示
Children should not have their own cell phones.
Children should not go out before an important exam.
Children should always let their parents know where they are.
Children should always stay home and study hard.

This is a letter by Selena Bieber to the students in her school.

Later Is Better!

Selena Bieber
Northville High School

Do you feel it’s hard to get up early for school and even harder to listen well in the first class at 8 a.m.? Well, this happens to most of us and is not helpful for our learning!

Some studies show that teenagers’ brains make melatonin, the hormone that helps sleep, between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. So it’s better for us to sleep during these nine hours. But here comes the problem. We’re asked to get to school by 7:30 a.m. That means we have to get up before 7, when our brains should still be sleeping. That’s why we’re always so tired and can’t think clearly in early morning classes. No clear head, no good learning, right?

If we can’t change how our body works, why can’t school start later? In this way, we can not only sleep more but also learn better!

Want to help us make it happen? Visit to learn more.

brain 大腦
hormone 荷爾蒙
What problem is Selena Bieber trying to fix?
Lunch break is too short for taking a rest.
High school lessons are too difficult.
Classes start too early in the morning.
Too many students are late for school.
What can we learn from the letter?
Sleeping longer helps the body make more melatonin.
It is easier to fall asleep when the brain is making melatonin
Too much melatonin can hurt teenagers’ brain.
The brain stops making melatonin after 11 p.m.
Below is some information from another study.

We studied 48 high school students and found that the students who went to bed earlier did better on their school tests. This is not only true for those who slept nine hours, but also true for those who slept less. And some of them agreed that they learned better in early morning classes.

Do the ideas in Selena Bieber’s letter agree with the information?
Yes, because her letter says it is better to sleep from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.
Yes, because her letter says getting up early is not helpful for learning.
No, because her letter says teenagers’ brains do not work well in early morning classes.
No, because her letter says students are asked to get to school by 7:30 a.m.

Here is an ad. Read it and answer the questions.

Do your children like their rooms? Do they feel comfortable and have fun in their rooms?

To children, play is very important because they learn when they play. Coco Boca keeps this in mind when we make tables, chairs, and beds. Here at Coco Boca, you will find things that are made not only for children's bodies but also for their minds.

Monday ~ Saturday, 9 a.m. ~ 10 p.m.

2 East Street, New City

Coco Boca

ad 廣告
What can be bought at Coco Boca?
Beds for children.
Pets that children can play with.
Uniforms for students.
Health food that helps kids grow well.
According to Coco Boca's ad, which is true?
according to 根據
A large space is good for children's health.
Children learn from playing.
Parents should spend more time with their children.
Children should sleep in their own rooms.
(In an English class)

Teacher: Let’s play a game with 3-letter words. The game is easy to play. First, a 3-letter word is spoken. Then the next person has to say a different 3-letter word that starts with the last letter of the spoken word. Anyone who cannot speak a right 3-letter word in two seconds will have to 40. Any questions?

Brian: Yes. Can we try again if we say a wrong word?

Teacher: No, you 41. That’s why the game is exciting and fun. Now let’s try it!

Brian: OK! Let me try first. MAP.

Amy: PUT.

Jane: TEA.

Ken: 42

Carl: EAR.

Sam: RAIN.

Carl: Ha! I got you.

Sam: Oh, no! I forgot it has to be a 3-letter word.

Teacher: Sam, it’s your show time. Here’s the book. Pick out any story you’d like. Now everybody, let’s listen to Sam.

make a funny face
draw a picture
sing a song
read a story
have just one chance
have to give a different word
must ask your classmates for help
may look it up in the dictionary

Here is Danny’s science report for summer vacation.

7/1I planted some beans in the flowerpot Mommy used to grow sunflowers in.
7/6Nothing happened. I dug out the seeds, and they all were dark and smelled bad. Mommy said I gave them too much water. She helped me plant new seeds.
7/10Something green in the pot!
7/13Leaves! Leaves on five bean plants!
7/18Leaves or another three!
7/19The biggest one is like a giant looking down at his shorter brothers.
7/20One bean plant looks sick. Its leaves turned yellow.
7/23So HOT today! I wanted to move the pot into the living room, but Mommy said it was ok to leave it outside.
7/26Almost all the bean plants grew taller and bad more leaves. The biggest two stand together like they are holding hands.
7/28The sick bean plant died.
8/1Daddy helped me move my bean plants to the flowerbed in our backyard. Their old home is too small now.
8/17Flowers! Flowers! They are starting to have flowers!
8/20Bugs and bees and butterflies are flying around!
leaf (複數 leaves) 葉子
What do we know from the report?
Danny failed the first time he planted the seeds.
Danny’s bean plants had yellow flowers.
Danny planned to grow sunflowers at first.
Some of Danny’s bean flowers were eaten by bugs.
What does Their old home mean?
The living room.
The flowerbed.
The backyard.
The flowerpot.
There are some MISTAKES in one of the pictures Danny drew for his bean plants. Which is the picture he needs to draw again?

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