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_______ in the daytime is not good for you, You may not sleep well at night and feel tired the next day.
Have slept
Carol sounded happy when we talked on the phone; I could feel joy in her ______.
Mary had an accident and was badly hurt. The doctor says it is ______ for her to go to school today.
It is not safe to swim in the sea, so Susan's mother asked her to ____ it.
My father told me last night ______ we're going to the Food Festival this weekend. My brother and I felt very excited.
John has finished his studies at music school. Now with his good _______ of music, he can teach at school.
Most of the _______ along this road were knocked down during the typhoon. So make sure no cars are coming when you cross the street.
public phones
traffic lights
bus stops
If I finish my homework before eight o'clock, my parents will let me ______ TV for one hour.
to watch
have watched
Da-fa is cleaning the house ______ some of his friends are coming for dinner.
John is an active language learner. He always takes a ______ with him.

Susan: It's getting cloudy.

Jamie: I think it's going to rain.

Susan: I'm glad we have an ______ with us.

I was not home when the _____ brought the package, so I'll have to get it myself at the post office.
mail carrier
bus driver
police officer
Peter and his sister are asked to _____ their parents if they have to go home late.

Oscar: I'm going to the museum. Bus Number 286 goes there, ______?

David: Yes, but you can take a Number 287, too.

doesn't it
does it
is it
isn't it
Tina _____ hamburgers for lunch every day last week.
was having
has had
Learning foreign languages _____ me to know more about other countries.
to help

Paul: What did you find under his desk?

Tom: Oh, _______ all kinds of things: a basketball, pencils, a hat, and fries!

it had
it was
there were
there was
Victoria's little daughter has beautiful big eyes. Everyone says she is just like a pretty ________.

Susan: Oh, no! The door and the window ________!

Victor: Who could have done this?

Susan: Go in quickly and see if we've lost anything.

were broken
will break
are breaking
have broken
People in this small town are quite _____ to strangers; they always try to help out when strangers are in trouble.

Many people know Robert Schumann was an important musician, but they do not know that his wife, Clara Wieck Schumann, was in fact more famous than he in their time.

Clara was born in 1819. In her time, most women did not appear before the public. Clara, however, started to play the piano in public at the age of nine and was very successful.

In 1840, Clara got married. She became very busy with the housework and her children. It was hard for her to find time to practice the piano. But Clara could never forget her love for music; she felt she had to share it with other people. In 1842, Clara began to play in public again.

When Robert died in 1856, Clara had to make money for their seven children by herself. She taught music and played the piano around Europe. During this hard time, music always gave her comfort and joy. Clara died at 77. Now she is still thought to be one of the best musicians in history.

musician 音樂家
housework 家事
comfort 安慰
What is the reading mainly about?
mainly 主要
A musician and modern music.
A musician's family history.
A musician's husband.
A musician's life.
Which is true about Clara Wieck Schumann?
She became more famous after she died.
She began to play the piano at an early age.
She never played in public after she got married.
She didn't have to worry about money after her husband died.
How old was Clara Wieck Schumann when her husband died?
What does it mean in the third paragraph?
paragraph 段落
The love for music.
The housework.
Time to practice the piano.
Read the homepage of Cheetah Car Racing 2014.

Who will NOT find this homepage useful?
homepage 網頁(首頁)
Cindy, who wants to share her ideas about car racing.
Betty, who wants to get around in Finn City.
Debby, who wants to collect news about the car racers.
Abby, who wants to know the ticket prices.
Linda is reading the page of Cheetah Car Racing 2014 below.

Where did Linda click on the homepage of Cheetah Car Racing 2014 to get to this page?

click 點擊(網頁)
🚗 Join Our Work Team.
🚗 City Planning for Cheetah Car Racing 2014.
🚗 Shop in the City.
🚗 2014 Game Programs.

John sells hot dogs outside the flower market. Sometimes people come up to him and ask for directions. Look at the map and answer the questions.


Rose: Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the 27?

John: Of course. Just go down Market Road for two blocks and turn left. You’ll see a church. It’s next to the church, on First Street.

Rose: I see. Thanks.

John: You’re welcome.


John: Good morning. Would you like a hot dog?

Fred: Yes, one please. By the way, where can I find a bookstore near here?

John: Go down Third Street and 28. It’s between a shoe store and a music store.

Fred: Thank you.

directions 指引方向
by the way 順便問一下
train station
gas station
stop at the bike shop
turn left on Joy Street
walk past Main Street
turn to your right

When I was a little girl, my family lived in a small village. There was a very beautiful river near my home. The water was clean and cool. I liked to go fishing there with my mom. We would catch fish, look for clams and play in the water. There were also a lot of birds near the river. We would spend all day watching the birds. Life was beautiful and wonderful in the old days.

Now my family lives in the city. Last Sunday my daughter asked me to take her to see the beautiful river I was always talking about. "I want so much to go fishing there with you and grandma," she said.

When we went to the river, we only saw a factory and a mountain of garbage. My mom was surprised, my daughter was disappointed, and I was sad --- the river was my best friend; I grew up with it. Now there are no fish in it; the birds are gone, too. I hear it crying for help. But what can I do?

river 河流
clam 蛤; 蚌
disappoint 失望
When the writer went back to see the river, what did she find?
There were no fish in the river because too many people went fishing.
The river was a good place for children to play.
Bird-watching was more and more popular along the river.
The pollution in the river was very serious.
Who is the Grandma in the reading?
The writer's mom.
The writer.
The writer's grandmother.
The writer's daughter.
What did the writer mean when she said, "I grew up with it"?
She helped clean the garbage out of the river.
She had many friends who lived near the river.
She spent much time playing around the river.
She grew well by eating fish and clams from the river.

Read the evening TV schedule and answer the questions.

schedule 節目表
cartoon 卡通
Scott Rossi enjoys watching cartoons. Today he has a math class for one hour at five o'clock. On which TV channel can he watch a cartoon after his math class?
channel 頻道
Marian Rossi would like to relax and watch a movie on TV this evening. But she has to go to bed before 10:30 tonight. Which movie will she most likely watch?
most likely 最有可能
Ice Box.
Dreamer in the Wind.
Dance with Elephants.
Money Talks.

Here is an ad. Read it and answer the questions.

Do your children like their rooms? Do they feel comfortable and have fun in their rooms?

To children, play is very important because they learn when they play. Coco Boca keeps this in mind when we make tables, chairs, and beds. Here at Coco Boca, you will find things that are made not only for children's bodies but also for their minds.

Monday ~ Saturday, 9 a.m. ~ 10 p.m.

2 East Street, New City

Coco Boca

ad 廣告
What can be bought at Coco Boca?
Health food that helps kids grow well.
Pets that children can play with.
Uniforms for students.
Beds for children.
According to Coco Boca's ad, which is true?
according to 根據
Children learn from playing.
Parents should spend more time with their children.
A large space is good for children's health.
Children should sleep in their own rooms.

Read Amy's diary and answer the questions.

May 30, 2003

Today I met an American on my way home. He asked me some questions in English, but I couldn't understand him. I was nervous and couldn't say a word.

I felt so depressed.

I study English very hard and I usually get the best grades on the English tests. I am always looking for opportunities to practice speaking English. But when the opportunity comes, I can't do anything.

I think I have to study English much harder.

diary 日記
nervous 緊張
What does depressed mean in the letter?
What can we learn from Amy's experience?
English is the most difficult subject for most students.
Getting good grades in English does not mean we can use English well.
People who get nervous easily cannot get good grades in English.
It is dangerous to talk to strangers on the streets.

Words from readers

I couldn’t put the book down after I read some pages at my friend’s home. I borrowed it and read it over that night. I think it can help someone who is afraid to face family problems. — Sam Lee

The book saved my life. It opened a door that led me into a world of true love. I was able to look at the world around me with fresh new eyes.Candy Vigor

The first part of the book really touched my heart and made me want to read on. However, I was getting bored when I came to the second part. In fact, I didn’t finish the book.Rod Green

The book helped me forget about my worries. I laughed and cried with those people in the book. With its simple and clear language, people of all ages can enjoy it. — Vivian Lu

Which is NOT said about the book in the reading?
A reader thinks it is easy to understand.
A reader thinks its second part is boring.
It is cheaper now.
It tells a true story.
What can readers most likely learn from the book?
likely 可能
A new way of seeing the world.
How to buy a book on the Internet.
How to be a comic writer.
A smart way to face work problems.
What can we learn from the note?
note 便條留言
Dara works at All for Art.
All for Art has got what Mr. White wanted.
Mr. White has to call back.
Jack wants to see Mr. White soon.
What is Sweet Cookies?
A video.
A snack.
A light meal.
An art book.

(Thomas is visiting Randy.)

Randy: Here's my room, Thomas.

Thomas: Wow! It's like a toy store. I bet this really cost a lot of money!

Randy: No, it didn't.

Thomas: It didn't? Then, does your father sell toys?

Randy: No, it's my grandpa. He works in a toy factory. His boss always gives him toys with some defects. Look at this singing doll. It's pretty, but it can't sing.

Thomas: How about this truck?

Randy: See the driver in it? His hat is missing.

Thomas: I see. But I still like it. I love toys. I've always dreamed about having a room with lots of toys. You're so lucky.

Randy: If you like, you can come any time to play with them.

Thomas: Really? That's wonderful!

bet 猜想
defect 瑕疵
missing 不見
What does Randy's grandfather do?
He is a truck driver.
He is a singer.
He is a factory worker.
He is a shopkeeper.
Which is true about Thomas?
He loves Randy's room.
He needs a new house.
He is too old to enjoy toys.
He is Randy's cousin.

We’re soon going back to Taiwan, and have to say goodbye to Mr. Brown, the excellent helper for our family since we came to the U.S. Mr. Brown helps us clean the house, prepare dinner and take care of our two little girls. The girls call himUncle Billand have a good time with him. Mr. Brown lives near the train station with his wife. If you need somebody to help around your house, he can work for you from 1:00-6:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday. Please call him at 388-5566. If you need him to stay later, feel free to talk to him. Mr. Brown can speak a little Chinese and will be the best helper for your family.

ad 廣告
What is the ad for?
To look for someone to work for a family.
To find a new job for a man.
To look for a Chinese teacher.
To find a missing man.
Which is NOT said about Mr. Brown?
The person he lives with.
His phone number.
The place he lives around.
His age.

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