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Our teacher      the old lessons before starting a new one.
If you want to be      in this job, you need to work harder than other people.
I can't believe you ate the      piece of pizza and didn't even leave one bite for me.

Alice: Have you ever been to a baseball game?

Jamie: No, never.     

Alice: Sure. Baseball is my favorite sport.

Haven't you?
Have you?
Don't you?
Do you?
Nana and Fred are good friends, and      are baseball fans.
both of them
all of them
one of them
some of them
The traffic light turned red when I was going to cross the road. But I didn't      and was almost hit by a motorcycle.
In summer it is      to stay in my parents' room because it is air-conditioned.

Teacher: Does anyone know      the famous writer was born?

Mei-ling: I know! In Taitung, right?

Teacher: You got it!


Dad: Have you brushed your teeth yet?

Ann: No, but I      before I go to bed.


Ms. Cooper: Do you have this hat in a small size?

Shopkeeper: I'm afraid not. It only comes in     .


Emma:      umbrella is it?

Sherry: It's Ann's. She forgot to take it home.

My grandfather spends      of his free time reading newspapers.
     of the students in my school do not have the experience of going to a foreign country. Only a few do.
Andy is very fond of having parties, so he often      his friends to his house on the weekend.
My son has grown bigger and become too      for me to carry on my back.
Tina is getting married to a man she has known only      a month.
It is      to go out on a typhoon day. The sky is dark and the wind is strong.
Mr. Yang has worked in this factory      1968.

Jane: Ned hasn't talked to me for two days because I laughed at his hair color. What should I do?

Lois: You should go and tell him that you're sorry. He's nice, and I'm sure he'll give you another     .


What does the word family mean to you? An American study in 2006 showed that people today 20. Over 99% of the people who were interviewed agree that a husband, a wife, and a child are a family. At the same time, 94% see a parent with a child as a family, 91% say a husband and a wife, without children, are a family, and 81% think a man and a woman, with a child, but not married, are a family too.

The study also found that 21 is very important in the modern thinking on family. Though 81% think a man and a woman, not married, with a child, are a family, the percentage (%) drops to 40% if the couple doesn’t have a child. This is also true with same-sex couples. About 60% see two men, or two women, with a child, as a family, but only 32% think so when the couple doesn’t have a child.

In the study, those who see two men or two women that live together as a family often find it OK for same-sex couples to get married. 22. However, not everyone opens their arms to same-sex couples: the study said 30% have no problem seeing pets as part of one’s family, but they do not think a same-sex couple is a family.

couple 伴侶
same-sex 同性
think differently about when to start a family
do not find family as important as their parents did
have several different ideas about what makes a family
want many different things when they start a family
whether people love each other or not
whether people are married or not
whether people have a child or not
whether people live together or not
It cannot be this way for very long
It is no good news for everyone
This is not surprising
This is not possible everywhere

What kind of place do you usually choose to stay for the night during a trip? Expensive hotels that may make you feel like you don’t get what you pay for? Or cheap hostels that put you and five other strangers in the same bedroom? If both choices sound terrible to you, here’s something new: holiday apartments.

In a holiday apartment, you have more space than what a hotel room can give you. Everything in the apartment is at your disposal. The living room, the kitchen, the study, and, of course, the bedrooms are all for your own use. Some apartments even have a lovely garden or a game room. You’ll feel at home in the holiday apartment. The best thing is, a holiday apartment is not expensive. The price for a holiday apartment is for two people, and the apartment is often cheaper than a hotel room for two. You only need to pay a little more for a third or fourth person. If you travel with friends or your family, a holiday apartment will be your best choice!

hostel (提供廉價食宿的)旅舍
What is the reading mostly about?
Where to find a nice holiday apartment.
How one can change their house into a holiday apartment.
How to choose a nice holiday apartment.
Why one should choose a holiday apartment.
From the reading, what can we learn about holiday apartments?
They are good for people who travel in a group of three or more.
They are good for people who like to spend their holidays in the country.
They are good for people who want to make new friends when traveling.
They are good for people who like to take one-day trips.
What does it mean to say that something is at your disposal?
You can find it everywhere.
You know everything about it.
You can buy it at a lower price.
You are free to use it.

Marcel Proust (1871-1922) is one of the greatest French writers. He is famous for his great book À la Recherche du Temps Perdu, which meansremembering the past.

In this book, Proust writes many stories of rich but unhappy people. These rich people think they should be well liked or loved. When they learn that they are not as popular as they think, they feel sad and try hard to be important in the eyes of others. That is why they always feel troubled and can never really enjoy their lives.

In contrast to the lives of those people in his book, the last fifteen years of Proust’s life shows one can still find joy in hard times. During those years, he was very sick and had to stay in bed most of the time. But in his sickroom he found most joy in writing À la Recherche du Temps Perdu and ended up being a great writer because of the book.

What can we learn about Proust from this reading?
He got a lot of pleasure from writing in his later life.
He started writing À la Recherche du Temps Perdu when he was fifteen.
He became poor and sick because of writing.
He often wrote about how people get stronger in hard times.
Which is said about the rich people in Proust’s book?
They are sick and stay in bed most of the time.
They try to get what they do not have.
They are rich enough to have their stories written.
They try to forget their past.
What does In contrast to mean?
Ahead of.
Different from.
Important to.
Worse than.

Robert likes to take a walk in the park after work. One day when he was walking in the park, he heard a woman calling his name. He stopped to look around, but didn’t see anything 29 . Shortly after Robert saw it, it was gone.

Though Robert felt a little strange, he did not think about it too much and sat down for a rest on a bench in the park. Then he noticed the snake he had just seen 30. Robert was too afraid to move away from the bench. Right at this moment, a woman behind him shouted, “Come here, Robert. You can’t stay on the bench like that. 31.”

In surprise, Robert turned around and said to the woman, “Excuse me, but that’s not a very nice thing to say, and in fact some people say I’m handsome.

I’m not talking to you,” said the woman.I’m telling Robert, my pet snake, to get down from the bench, not you.

like a snake
that could move
that could make noise
except a little snake
falling down from a tree
running after a woman
stopping beside his feet
climbing up the bench
The bench is broken
People will be scared by you
The seat has been taken
The paint of the bench is still wet

There are some popular singers these days. Many of their fans enjoy getting together to share their love for the stars. My younger sister, Mei-ling, is one of these fans.

Mei-ling is crazy about Rye Kim. She has been in one of his fan clubs since last year. Mei-ling did not have any close friends before, and she always felt lost and lonely. But she has made many friends with the same interests since she joined the club. Now Mei-ling and her friends are planning a big party for Kim's birthday. Mei-ling is happy, but my dad is not. In fact, he is very worried. Rye Kim is a total stranger to him, and he cannot understand why a man who sings crazy songs can be so important to his daughter. He really hopes that Mei-ling can love her family as much as she loves Rye Kim.

close 親近的
total 完全的
Who is Rye Kim?
Mei-ling's father.
Mei-ling's brother.
A singer.
A crazy fan.
Which is true about Mei-ling?
She has changed a lot since she joined a fan club.
She always wants to be a movie star.
She is proud of her beautiful voice.
She is going to have a party on her birthday.
Why is Mei-ling's father NOT happy?
Mei-ling is not doing well at school.
Mei-ling does not have any friends.
Mei-ling is spending too much time on a stranger.
Mei-ling is crazy about playing computer games.

It’s never comfortable to take a bus during rush hour on a hot summer day. All my friends hate it. And I..., well, I 35 it too.

The story happened two months ago. I was on a bus that was packed with almost everyone in the city. I 36 my friend Neal to see a show. And then he called and said he couldn’t come.This is not what I planned for Friday!” I thought. The air on the bus was terrible; the man in front of me smelled like dead fish. While I was feeling sorry for myself, a girl called my name. I didn’t recognize her at first. Then I was surprised to find that she was Hui-ting, my old neighbor. I 37 Hui-ting in years. We used to play together every day when we were kids. We were happy to see each other, so we decided to have dinner together. And that was the start of many dinners after.

With Hui-ting, the bus ride 38 something I love. The bus is still packed with people, but I enjoy the ride every day.

(Xiang Chang, Taipei)

have hated
would hate
used to hate
used to meet
have met
had met
was going to meet
hadn’t seen
haven’t seen
wouldn’t see
won’t see
would become
will become
had become
has become

Dear Ann,

I am really worried about my daughter, Shirley. I don't know why, but she always thinks she is too heavy. She eats only a little rice and some vegetables. She refuses fish, beef and pork. "Cake" and "desert" are taboo words to her.

The problem is that she is NOT heavy at all. In fact, the doctor says she is skinny. But she still believes being thinner will make her prettier. I'm afraid she will get sick before she becomes any "prettier."

Worried father,


refuse 拒絕 all 一點也不...
What does "taboo wordsmean in the letter?
Words that make people happy.
Words that a father doesn't want to hear.
Words that should not be said.
Words that are hard to remember.
What does the doctor mean by saying Shirley is skinny?
She is very beautiful.
She should eat more vegetables.
She is seriously sick.
She is too thin.

Welcome to Music Ground, a radio show that gives you a wonderful Friday night. I’m Justin Young. It’s time again for the best-selling songs of the week. Stanley Brown’sPerhapsis a new song that comes in at No. 5 this week.Say Cheeseby OK Band stays in the same place at No. 4. “The Beesby Cindy Bear falls down from No. 2 to No. 3. And No. 2 is another new song calledAre You There?” by Broken Basket. Finally, there’s no change at No.1, withMagic Riverby Stupid Machine. Many people are calling in for this favorite song, so let’s listen to it right now. And don’t go away. Later we’ll talk over the phone with Stupid Machine about their plans for the coming year.

Which song does NOT change its place this week?
The Bees
Say Cheese
Are You There?”
How many songs listed above are new this week?
Which is NOT true about the radio show?
Stupid Machine is now in the radio station with Justin Young.
People can call in to hear their favorite songs.
You can listen to it once a week.
It talks about the most popular songs.

Froggie was a frog who never remembered where he had been. His biggest dream was to find the best pond to swim freely without worrying about water snakes. One day, Froggie hopped to a kitchen and jumped into a pot full of hot water. Froggie felt the burning heat and hurried out of the water as fast as his legs could carry him.I almost died there!” Froggie thought.


A few days later, Froggie went back to the same kitchen, totally forgetting he had been there. He again hopped into the same pot. This time, the water inside was cool. He looked around and thought, “There’s no water snake trying to eat me and I can have this place all to myself!” At that moment, Froggie knew it was his dream pond. What he didn’t know was that the water was warming up over a low heat.


After thirty minutes of swimming, Froggie felt the water was warmer but he thought of this as a nice surprise.This sure is the best place for swimming. I get to have a hot bath, too.During his comfortable bath, the water kept getting warmer and warmer. Froggie was so comfortable that he fell asleep. And he never woke up.

What lesson can we learn from Froggie's story?
People are blind to problems that slowly get worse over time.
Those who use their time well will win in the end.
It is difficult to give up old habits, but easy to pick up new ones.
Life is too short; one should live it to the fullest.
What do we know about Froggie?
He once almost lost a dear friend to a water snake.
He learned to share what he liked with others.
He wanted to go back to the same pot for a hot bath.
He thought what he had hoped for became real.

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