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See? The strange man I saw yesterday _______ around my house again. Should I call the police?
to walk
and walked
is walking

Bruce: When did Roger change his job?

Laura: He hasn't changed his job. He still works in the same computer store.

Bruce: But I saw him ________ watches on the street corner.

to sell
have sold
Look at the picture. The girl drew two ______ on the wall.
Melody has a great interest in planting flowers, but her sister _______. She can't even stay in the garden for one minute.
It was an exciting moment for Mr. and Mrs. Wang _____ they learned that they were going to have a baby.
My grandmother believes that young children in big cities get sick easily ______ the air is dirty.
Andrew spends long hours studying every night. He is a(n) _____ student.
EIsa hates going shopping, _______ she went last night when her grandpa asked her to buy some medicine for him.
The little boy jumped up and down happily when he saw a bee _______ into the house.
to fly
has flown

Mom: Peter, be sure to finish your school report before you go to bed.

Peter: OK, Mom, I _______.

The movie is about a true story ______ happened in Korea in 1945.
Jean is crazy about the color purple. The walls of her house are all ______ purple.
My brother enjoys having cold drinks, so he always puts his Coke in the ______ before he drinks it.

Mark: I've got a lot of exercise these days, but still can't lose weight.

Doris: Exercise is not enough. You should also ________. Eating the right foods is very important for weight control.

go on a diet
quit eating
take some medicine
start an exercise class

Tim: Can you see what the word is? The first ______ is not clear.

Ann: Oh, it's "r." The word is "ring."

Connie took off her ______. She wanted to feel the grass with her feet.
shoes and socks
sweater and jacket
shirt and pants
cap and gloves

Mike: I always forget what I want to buy when I go to the market.

Oscar: Well, you can make a ______ of things you want to buy.


Noah; I've had too many cookies. My throat is so dry.

Quinn: What would you like to drink then?

Noah: _____ you can get. Just get it now!

Jim grew up with many animals at home and knows well how to ______ pets.
wake up
get away from
take care of

Here is a map and a train schedule from West Town to South End.

schedule 時刻表
Elsa lives in Green Park. She took the train to the beach and met her friend there at 3:00 p.m. Which train did she take?
Class 2A of St. John High School went to the History Museum yesterday and spent all morning there. Later, they took the train and got back to school at 4:10 p.m. Which train did they take?

Heartland is a beautiful town in which cars and motorcycles are not allowed. The town is famous for its blue sky and fresh air. The weather there is nice and warm all the year, so trees and flowers grow well in all seasons.

I went to Heartland last month and stayed there for five days. Every morning I woke up to the songs of birds. Then I would take a walk or ride a bicycle along the country roads. Orchards and gardens were everywhere. Flower shops and coffee houses were also on the way. Every night from my window I could see bright stars in the sky, and I would go to sleep with the smell of grass.

The five-day holiday in Heartland gave me a lot of surprises. I hope I can go there again some day and spend more time there.

allow 允許
orchard 果園
everywhere 到處
Why did the writer go to Heartland?
To build a house.
To spend a vacation.
To give a surprise party.
To work as a farmer.
If the writer is talking to friends about Heartland, what will she/he say?
Life in Heartland is fast and modern.
The Christmas snow in Heartland is beautiful.
Taxis in Heartland are very convenient.
The sky in Heartland is very clear.
Which is most UNLIKELY to be found in Heartland?
unlikely 不可能
A factory that makes motorcycles.
A market that sells fresh fruit.
A shop that fixes bicycles.
A coffee shop that also sells flowers.

There are some popular singers these days. Many of their fans enjoy getting together to share their love for the stars. My younger sister, Mei-ling, is one of these fans.

Mei-ling is crazy about Rye Kim. She has been in one of his fan clubs since last year. Mei-ling did not have any close friends before, and she always felt lost and lonely. But she has made many friends with the same interests since she joined the club. Now Mei-ling and her friends are planning a big party for Kim's birthday. Mei-ling is happy, but my dad is not. In fact, he is very worried. Rye Kim is a total stranger to him, and he cannot understand why a man who sings crazy songs can be so important to his daughter. He really hopes that Mei-ling can love her family as much as she loves Rye Kim.

close 親近的
total 完全的
Who is Rye Kim?
A singer.
A crazy fan.
Mei-ling's brother.
Mei-ling's father.
Which is true about Mei-ling?
She always wants to be a movie star.
She is proud of her beautiful voice.
She has changed a lot since she joined a fan club.
She is going to have a party on her birthday.
Why is Mei-ling's father NOT happy?
Mei-ling is spending too much time on a stranger.
Mei-ling does not have any friends.
Mei-ling is crazy about playing computer games.
Mei-ling is not doing well at school.

Lin-hua: Mom, can I put my pet fish into the river?

Mom: No! When you bought it, you told me you’d take care of it, remember?

Lin-hua: But now I want it to live free.

Mom: I think you’re just tired of keeping it. Also, if your pet fish comes from another country, it may bring some problems for the living things in our country after you put it into our river. Haven’t you heard about the fire ants from South America? Since they were brought to Taiwan, they’ve made lots of trouble for the animals and plants here.

Lin-hua: But I read a newspaper report which said that in New Zealand, animals and plants from other countries aren’t always trouble-makers. With these new friends, New Zealand has become a country with many different kinds of animals and plants.

Mom: Well, I just want you to think twice before you do anything. Now, the floor is dirty because of your jumping fish. Please go mop the floor.

What is talked about in the newspaper report?
Some animals and plants from New Zealand are very popular in Taiwan.
In Taiwan, some animals and plants from New Zealand do not grow well.
In New Zealand, some animals and plants from abroad do not hurt nature.
Some animals and plants from abroad grow better in New Zealand.
What does the reading say about fire ants?
They will attack each other for food.
They come from South America.
They look as bright as burning fire.
They are afraid of light.
What does Lin-hua’s mother ask her to do now?
Clean the floor.
Feed her fish.
Check where her fish comes from.
Find out whether the report is true.

The wind keeps blowing.
The door keeps opening.
Will you be with me, my dear Lucy,
When I look for candy
Down there in the dark, dark kitchen?

The wind keeps crying.
The door keeps shaking.
Will you be with me, my dear Lucy,
When I pick up my toy puppy
Out there on the high, high balcony?

Wish you could always be with me
And make them go away with your Do-Re-Me.
I remember last Halloween
They ran away when you started to sing,
Dear Tommy, my little king,
Close your eyes and have a sweet dream.

So please stay with me and sing
To stop them kicking the door, riding the wind,
And pulling me down to their house under the ground.
They’ll go away if you sing here for me,
In a voice that gets a black cat’s hair standing,
The strongest legs shaking, and the window glass breaking.

(ideas from Matthew Sweeney’s poem)

Which is most likely true about the speaker in the reading?
likely 可能
He is afraid of being by himself when he feels ghosts around.
He feels lonely because he is the only child in his family.
He thinks a black cat is hiding somewhere in the house.
He is looking for something he left somewhere in the house.
What can we learn about Lucy in the reading?
She keeps opening the door.
She was away from home last Halloween.
Her voice makes the speaker feel safe.
Her candy was hidden in the kitchen.

Read the play and answer the questions.

Place: A child’s room with white walls, a white door, and a white bed. On the bed, there are some clothes.

Character: A doll, who looks very old and dirty, is sitting on the bed and speaking.

The doll: She should be here soon. We will play some games today.

(Three hours pass. NO ONE knocks on the door.)

The doll: Just a few more seconds. We might play “try-on-new-clothes” today.

(Five hours go by. NO SOUND is heard.)

The doll: Maybe the school bus is late. Soon she’ll be here, and we will sing and dance together.

(One day has flown away. The doll is still sitting on the bed, waiting.)

The doll: Maybe tomorrow.... I’m sure she’ll come tomorrow, and then we will play.

(There in the room, the doll repeats the same story every day …)

play 劇本
character 角色
What happens in the play?
A doll is changing clothes.
A doll is talking to herself.
A doll is waiting for the bus to school.
A doll is singing and dancing.
What can we learn about the doll?
She likes to play by herself.
She has been forgotten for some time.
She lives in a room full of colors.
She is good at telling stories.

Look at the poster and answer the questions.

CRAZY FOOT is coming to town
with a new show!

1/12 ~ 1/17 3:00 p.m. at the Art Theater

A dance you can't miss!

Get your tickets at Towel Music Store
Price: NT$300

poster 海報
A TV program.
A dance group.
A music band.
A movie.
Linda works 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day except Sunday. Look at the calendar. When can she go to the show?
calendar 月曆
Jan. 20.
Jan. 13.
Jan. 14.
Jan. 7.
Which is true about the basketball club?
People can join the club without paying.
People in the club play the sport in the early morning.
The club is looking for people to play in a national game.
Bob Miller is the person who started the club.
Who CANNOT join the club?
Steven, a high school student who is a basketball fan.
Maggie. a ten-year-old girl who enjoys playing basketball on the computer.
Barbara, a taxi driver who has been interested in basketball since she was young.
Josh, an elementary school teacher who can play basketball well.

Charlie can’t remember when he lost his heart

Though he knows who took it.

The girl ran away with Charlie’s heart,

And he kept looking for her.

Years later Charlie met the girl on the road.

But she wasn’t the one he used to know.

He tried to talk to her the same way as before.

But nothing showed she was the one of years ago.

Now Charlie knows:

He can take his heart back and say goodbye to the girl.

It’s time for him to let her go, to let it go.

It’s time to find someone else to lose his heart to.

imply 隱喻;暗示
Which is NOT said or implied in the reading?
A forgotten land.
A lost heart.
A past love.
A life lesson.
What does Charlie decide in the end?
To stop thinking of the girl.
To find out where the girl had been.
To start to write love stories.
To take a long trip to a foreign country.

Clerk: Good afternoon. Can I help you?

Mr. Lai: I would like to pick up a present for my son.

Clerk: 41?

Mr. Lai: Eighteen. He's a student.

Clerk: I think he'd love a cell phone. We have all the fashionable colors.

Mr. Lai: Well, but I don't want him to use a cell phone too early.

Clerk: Or you can buy one for yourself. 42. See? This was 5,000 dollars last week but only 3,000 today. It's the best price you can get!

Mr. Lai: 43. I don't think I need a cell phone now.

pick up 挑選
How old is he
What would you like to give him
How tall is he
How much money do you have
Cell phones are very cheap now
You have spent a lot of money
They will become more and more expensive
It's the best present for your son
Of course
No, thanks
You're welcome
That's true


My family and I have ridden bikes around the island several times. My friends often ask me questions about biking with their families. I’m sorry to learn that some of them don’t really enjoy biking or get hurt on the road because they don’t prepare well. Here I want to share some things that I think are important before you start off:

  1. Get a bike of the right size for everyone in your family.
  2. Check every part of your bike carefully.
  3. Learn to fix some easy bike problems.
  4. Check the traffic and weather news.
  5. Pack maps, warm clothes, raincoats, snacks and enough water.
What is the writer talking about?
Things to remember when you get hurt on the road.
Things to do for a safe and happy bike ride.
How to fix a bike on the road.
How to save money on a bike ride.
Which is said in the reading?
More and more people go to work by bike.
Biking around the island is getting popular.
Biking is good for health.
The size of the bike is important for biking.

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