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Andy is very fond of having parties, so he often      his friends to his house on the weekend.
I love sports and enjoy playing baseball with friends      the school team.

Teacher: Does anyone know      the famous writer was born?

Mei-ling: I know! In Taitung, right?

Teacher: You got it!

I planned to fly to Hong Kong today. But when I got to the     , I found it was closed because of the heavy rain.
train station
bus top
Henry does well at school and is always polite to his teachers. His friends like him, and his parents are      him.
worried about
proud of
interesting to
good at

Simon: Why      Jerry and Lisa play cards with us?

Henry: Because they want to go to the movies.

All the excuses Nick made      a lot about how much he hates to do the job.
which say
to say
Every time Grandpa forgets where he puts his cellphone in the house, he always calls his own number with my cellphone to      it.
We don't have enough toys for each child, so they will have to      them with each other.
The woman who lives next door to Ken is a      to him. They have never met and he doesn't even know her name.
You need not only good luck but also hard work to become a      baseball player.
Somewhere along the road,      a shop which sells things from foreign countries.
that is
there is
it has
it is
The singer sings beautifully. I cannot think of anyone with a      voice.
I write down everything about work in my pink notebook;      it, I'd forget the things I should do.
To avoid accidents, we have to drive      all the time.
Betty      fake watches when the police came.
was selling
is selling
has sold
Candy has decided to move to Taipei next year. When she studies in an art school there, she      with her aunt for five months.
will live
has lived

Judy: I'm thirsty. Can we get something to drink?

Terry: Sure. There's a      just one block away from here. Let's go there and buy some juice.

fire station
post office
There's something wrong      Gina and Greg. They haven't talked to each other for over one month.
B&J Café      known as the tallest building in town. However, O&G Restaurant became the tallest building in 2010.
had been
has been
would be

Forever Takes a Bow

Actor Nathan Lang, 78 years old, died in his sleep last night in his house. Nathan Lang started his acting life in the 1970s. He was most known for playing Justin Maud in Young Hours. The movie made the world swoon over him. Women wanted a husband like him; men wanted a brother like him. Forever Justin, his fans called him. After Young Hours, Nathan Lang was seen in several big movies: Fallen, After Tonight, and Killing Jules. The last one won him a best actor award. In the 1980s, Nathan Lang lost his shine on the big screen. During this time, his movies never entered the top 20 list. Nathan Lang’s last movie was Dreams. Though the movie won him two best actor awards, it did not bring his fans back to the theater.

This Saturday morning, 10 o’clock at St. Peter’s Church, there will be amovie party,” as Lang wished. Friends and family will get together and enjoy once again the good times he brought to the world.

award 獎項
What is this reading mostly about?
The good and bad about Nathan Lang’s movies.
Nathan Lang’s life before and after he became an actor.
Nathan Lang’s love and hate for his family.
The rise and fall of Nathan Lang in show business.
What does swoon over mean in the reading?
Try hard to deal with.
Go crazy about.
Share the joy with.
Close the door on.
Here are reviews about Nathan Lang’s movies. From the reading, which is most likely a review for Dreams?
review 評論
likely 可能
nothing new in the story; Nathan Lang clearly didn’t do enough homework about his part in the movie. It was no surprise that the movie didn’t make it into the top 10 list the first week it was out
it became Nathan Lang’s second best-selling movie and also this year’s third best-selling movie in the country and may even get him another best actor award
the story is fresh and interesting, but the acting is not. However, it has been the country’s best-selling movie for the past three weeks. Clearly Nathan Lang’s fans cared less about his acting than his handsome face
see him not as the actor Nathan Lang anymore but as the poor old man in the movie. However, good acting does not always help with the ticket sales

LIFE WATER® helps bring back a clear head.

LIFE WATER® is made from special high-mountain flowers.

You need LIFE WATER® when you

feel thirsty after exercise,
work in the office a long time, or
party all night.

For only a little money, you will feel great again!

Get LIFE WATER® at the stores near your house NOW!

If you are taking any special medicine or have stomach problems, please check with the doctor before buying LIFE WATER®.

What is LIFE WATER® for?
Making people feel better and fresher.
Taking care of the sick in the hospital.
Helping children grow better and faster.
Keeping people away from heart problems.
Which is said about LIFE WATER®?
It is not expensive.
It is also good for the stomach.
It cannot be sold without a doctor.
It is made from spring water in the mountains.

These are the cards for the Chen family. Read them carefully and answer the questions.

get well 康復
snow 下雪
When do people have ahouse warming party”?
On their birthday.
When they come back home from hospital.
After they just moved.
On Christmas Eve.
Who will join Betty's party?
Maria and Johnson.
David's dad and mom.

Pam: Wow! You look great today! Is that a new dress?

Elsa: Yeah! My dad bought it for me.

Pam: Well, it's pretty. It shows good taste.

Elsa: Thank you. Virgos are famous for their taste.

Pam: Oh? Is your dad a Virgo?

Elsa: No, I am a Virgo. I love the dress; he just paid the bill. And he said the dress looked strange.

taste 品味
Virgo 處女座
What does Pam think about Elsa's dress?
It is too large.
It is beautiful.
It is strange.
It is good for Virgos.
Which is true about Elsa and her father?
They have different tastes in women's dresses.
They are both Virgos.
They both love strange dresses.
They both enjoy shopping.

We’re soon going back to Taiwan, and have to say goodbye to Mr. Brown, the excellent helper for our family since we came to the U.S. Mr. Brown helps us clean the house, prepare dinner and take care of our two little girls. The girls call himUncle Billand have a good time with him. Mr. Brown lives near the train station with his wife. If you need somebody to help around your house, he can work for you from 1:00-6:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday. Please call him at 388-5566. If you need him to stay later, feel free to talk to him. Mr. Brown can speak a little Chinese and will be the best helper for your family.

ad 廣告
What is the ad for?
To look for someone to work for a family.
To find a missing man.
To find a new job for a man.
To look for a Chinese teacher.
Which is NOT said about Mr. Brown?
His phone number.
The place he lives around.
The person he lives with.
His age.

Heartland is a beautiful town in which cars and motorcycles are not allowed. The town is famous for its blue sky and fresh air. The weather there is nice and warm all the year, so trees and flowers grow well in all seasons.

I went to Heartland last month and stayed there for five days. Every morning I woke up to the songs of birds. Then I would take a walk or ride a bicycle along the country roads. Orchards and gardens were everywhere. Flower shops and coffee houses were also on the way. Every night from my window I could see bright stars in the sky, and I would go to sleep with the smell of grass.

The five-day holiday in Heartland gave me a lot of surprises. I hope I can go there again some day and spend more time there.

allow 允許
orchard 果園
everywhere 到處
Why did the writer go to Heartland?
To give a surprise party.
To work as a farmer.
To spend a vacation.
To build a house.
If the writer is talking to friends about Heartland, what will she/he say?
The sky in Heartland is very clear.
The Christmas snow in Heartland is beautiful.
Taxis in Heartland are very convenient.
Life in Heartland is fast and modern.
Which is most UNLIKELY to be found in Heartland?
unlikely 不可能
A factory that makes motorcycles.
A market that sells fresh fruit.
A shop that fixes bicycles.
A coffee shop that also sells flowers.

Cecilia: Eddie’s having a tasting party this Saturday.

Gloria: No!

Cecilia: And we’re both invited.

Gloria: No! I told you I’d never go to any of his tasting parties again !

Cecilia: He said he wanted to share his newest cakes with his dearest friends.

Gloria: If he sees us as his dearest friends, he should stop having tasting parties!

Cecilia: Well, looks like baking really brings joy to his life.

Gloria: But it takes joy away from mine! Last time I was in bed for three days after his party.

Cecilia: If you hate it so much, you can just tell him.

Gloria: Why do I always have to be the bad person? Remember when I woke him up from his dream of making clothes? There was a lot of crying, and he wouldn’t talk to me for a month. You do it this time.

Cecilia: I can’t. How am I going to face him in our dancing classes if I tell him?

Gloria: So we still have to lie at his party again?

Cecilia: I’m afraid so.

What can we learn about Eddie?
He is taking baking classes with Cecilia.
His friends think he is a great dancer.
His friends did not like the clothes he made.
He did not know how to say no to his friends.
Which is true?
Cecelia has not talked to Eddie for a month.
Gloria shared Eddie’s cakes with other friends.
Gloria does not want to go to Eddie’s tasting party.
Cecelia had a good time at Eddie’s last party.
What does it mean?
Tell Eddie how to find joy in baking.
Tell Eddie about his baking.
Tell Eddie to stop telling lies.
Tell Eddie to stop crying over small things.
Here is a poster of the Youth Sports Club. Read it and answer the questions.
poster 海報
event 活動
Mr. Brown, a PE teacher, took his students to the club. There they watched early tennis games and learned about the history of the sport. When did they most likely visit the club?
likely 可能
February 13.
February 27.
February 6.
February 20.
Mr. Brown paid $1,050 for the tickets. How many students did he take with him?

Tony: What birthday present did you buy for Grandmother?

Mary: A cell phone.

Tony: A cell phone? Why? She already has one, doesn't she?

Mary: Yes, she does. But I think that one is old-fashioned. What did you buy for her?

Tony: I bought a dancing machine.

Mary: A dancing machine! It's not cheap.

Tony: It's very expensive, of course, but I asked Mom and Dad for help. It's a great present because all of us can enjoy it together!

old-fashioned 過時的
What is the relationship between Tony and Mary?
relationship 關係
Brother and sister.
Why did Mary buy a new cell phone for her grandmother?
Because she wants to give her grandmother a fashionable cell phone.
Because she broke her grandmother's cell phone.
Because her grandmother has given Tony the old cell phone.
Because her grandmother does not like the old cell phone.
Why does Tony think the dancing machine is a great present?
Because his parents paid for it.
Because it is not expensive.
Because Grandmother has wanted it for a long time.
Because all the family can use it.

Gisele: My dad’s taking me to play the Dye-Out game this Saturday. He asked if you would like to come.

Opal: 43.

Gisele: It’s a popular game these days. The game is played by two teams and can be played inside or outside. You win the game by taking the other team’s castle orkillingall the players on the other team.

Opal: 44?

Gisele: You use balls filled with oil paint to attack the players on the other team. Their clothes will be covered with paint when they are hit by the balls. This way, they arekilledand have to leave the playground.

Opal: Sounds exciting.

Gisele: It is, but 45. For example, you have to buy the clothes, the balls, the masks, and many other things. Also, it can be dangerous sometimes.

Opal: Well, then I have to ask my parents first.

I’d love to join you this Saturday
But I’ve never heard of it before
But I’m not good at it
Your dad has already invited me
How do you take the castle
What do you mean bykillinga player
What do you do after youkilla player
How do you know where the players are hiding
it hurts when you get hit
your clothes will get dirty with the paint
you need a big space for the game
it’s an expensive hobby

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