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Tina: The bread looks delicious! You want to buy some?

Carl: I'd love to, but I don't have      money with me now.

My grandmother believes that young children in big cities get sick easily      the air is dirty.
Jim always forgets my birthday. He has asked me many times and still can't      it.
I saw a traffic      on my way to school. Many people got hurt.

Ryan: Would you like to play tennis with me?

Dara: No, thanks.      it for three hours already. I'm tired now.

I'll play
I play
I'm playing
I've played
The old man is looking at his granddaughter     . He has not seen her for a long time.
the happiest
Diane had a bad cold last week. She is still too      to go mountain climbing with you.
John has finished his studies at music school. Now with his good      of music, he can teach at school.
This sweater looks pretty, but I don't like its     . Do you have a black one?

Alice: Have you ever been to a baseball game?

Jamie: No, never.     

Alice: Sure. Baseball is my favorite sport.

Do you?
Don't you?
Have you?
Haven't you?

Jenny: How many countries      in Europe?

Betty: I'm not sure.

is it
are they
is there
are there
I was told to interview three guys at different times today. The first was on time. The second was late, and      never came.
the last
the only one
The      at Linda's supermarket is very good, so she makes a lot of money.

Oscar: I'm going to the museum. Bus Number 286 goes there,     ?

David: Yes, but you can take a Number 287, too.

is it
doesn't it
does it
isn't it

George:     do you practice playing the piano?

Tommy: When my mom is at home, I have to practice EVERY DAY, but she's away on a business trip this week!

How much
How long
How often
How about
When the teacher was not in the classroom, the students talked loudly and made a lot of     .
My brother doesn't live with us. He      out after he got married.
has moved
will move
was moving
Young boys really grow fast. Both my sons are already      than I am.
the tallest

Yi-fen: My      doesn't feel very well.

Maria: Maybe you ate too much for breakfast.

Yesterday I went to the beach with my brother. The sun was so      that it hurt my eyes!

Allen: Everybody is talking about Burt's Dream. Let's go see the movie on Friday.

Jason: We can't see the movie. We need to be eighteen to see it.

Allen: Oh...that's too bad.

Jason: But we can watch White Star.

Allen: I saw it last month. It's boring.

Jason: Really? How about A Cat's Life or The Roses? I heard they're good.

Allen: A Cat's Life? It sounds like fun. O.K. Let's go see it on Friday.

Jason: Then I'll ask my mom if she is free that day.

Allen: Your mom? Why?

Jason: She said I can't go to the movies without her before I'm fifteen.

Allen: What? So we're going to the movie with your mother?

Jason: Or with my dad, you know.

Allen: Oh, no!

Why does Jason's mother want to go to the movies with him?
She likes to go shopping near the theater.
She does not think Jason is old enough.
She wants to meet Jason's friends.
She loves watching movies.
If Allen and Jason are going to the movies together on Friday, which movie will they see?
A Cat's Life.
The Roses.
Burt's Dream.
White Star.
Which is true about the basketball club?
The club is looking for people to play in a national game.
People can join the club without paying.
People in the club play the sport in the early morning.
Bob Miller is the person who started the club.
Who CANNOT join the club?
Josh, an elementary school teacher who can play basketball well.
Steven, a high school student who is a basketball fan.
Barbara, a taxi driver who has been interested in basketball since she was young.
Maggie. a ten-year-old girl who enjoys playing basketball on the computer.

Allen: Your new watch looks cool! May I take a look?

Lynn: Sure.

Allen: Wow! Look at the monkey on the face of it.

Lynn: Monkeys are one of my favorite animals. But the watch shows a different animal every month. Tomorrow is May 1, and it’ll be another kind of animal.

Allen: That sounds great! I want something like that. Where did you get it?

Lynn: Well, my uncle gave it to me last week. He bought it on a business trip in London.

Allen: Oh, that’s too bad.

Lynn: Maybe you can go check on the Internet.

Where was Lynn's watch bought?
At a gift shop near her house.
On the Internet.
In an English city.
In the zoo near her school.
What may Lynn’s watch look like on May 1?

(Carol talks to Jason on the phone.)

Carol: Hello, are you ready to come?

Jason: I’m sorry, but I can’t go today.

Carol: Why not? What happened?

Jason: You know, it started raining last night. It rained so hard that the water came into our house.

Carol: That’s too bad. Is everything fine?

Jason: Well, there’s water almost everywhere, and the house is very dirty now. Luckily, the rain has finally stopped. Now we have a lot of work to do. That’s why I can’t go out with you today.

Carol: It’s OK. I can understand. But I heard that we’ll have this bad weather for another week. That’s really strange for November!

everywhere 到處
Why CAN'T Jason meet Carol?
He doesn’t like to go out on rainy days.
He has to clean the house.
He has a cold.
He doesn’t like Carol.
Which is true about the weather?
It has rained heavily for a week.
It is not raining when Carol talks to Jason.
It is always rainy in November.
It will not become fine until tomorrow.

Weight-training has become very popular all over the world in the past few years. Many years ago, weight-training classes were usually for men only, but today 29. Weight-training is now a fashionable sport for people who are interested in becoming stronger and healthier. Books and videos about weight-training 30. Any sports fan can get copies of them easily.

Before you start a weight-training class, you should remember two important things: first, you have to wear the right size clothes. It's impossible for you to enjoy weight-training if your clothes are too big or too small. 31, never show off, even to yourself. Start with a weight that is not too heavy for you. Showing off is the easiest way to get hurt. Remember, you want to be stronger and healthier. You don't want to 32 after your weight-training class.

weight-training 重量訓練
copy 一本;一份
clothes 衣服
only married women spend their time on the sport
many women can also be seen in these classes
both men and women have given up the sport
more and more men are attending weight-training classes
do not sell well in big cities
sell like cold drinks on a hot summer day
are sold only to people older than eighteen
can be found only in those bookstores next to a gym
After all
In fact
be taken to the hospital
become dangerous
gain weight
be proud of yourself

October 31 is Halloween. It is the end of summer and the start of the long, cold winter. Two thousand years ago, people believed that the spirits of dead people would come back to the living world on this day. They also believed that these spirits could help the living people see their future.

The day after Halloween, November 1, was known as “All-hallows.” On this day people went to church to remember the great people who died for their religion. The night before “All-hallows” was called “All-hallows' Eve.The name later becameHalloween.

spirits 靈魂; 鬼魂
religion 宗教
What is the reading mainly about?
mainly 主要地
The famous people who died on Halloween.
The different ways to celebrate Halloween.
The history of Halloween.
The terrible spirits on Halloween.
According to the reading, which is true about Halloween?
It is celebrated at the end of winter.
It is the first day of November.
It is about dead people and their spirits.
It is also called “All-hallows.”

I was jogging with my dog this morning when I saw John Archer at a street corner. He was sitting on a bike with one of his feet on the ground. "He's waiting for someone," I thought. John and I were both in the ninth grade. He was a basketball player on our school team and was very popular with many girls. But I never talked to him before. He was not my type.

John saw me, too. He smiled. For a moment I thought he was smiling at someone else. But he was not. "Hi, Mary Jones," he said to me. "You have a cute little dog." I smiled but did not say anything, because I did not know what to say. "I'm here waiting for you. Would you...would you like to go to the movies with me?" he asked. I was very surprised. I never thought he would do this, and I never thought about going out with him.

I said "no," of course. But he seemed nice and friendly. Maybe I would go to watch him play basketball some day.

corner 角落
my type 我喜歡的類型
seem 似乎
What was John doing on the street when Mary saw him?
Talking to a girl.
Riding a bicycle.
Waiting for someone.
What does this mean in the second paragraph?
paragraph 段落
Being surprised to see Mary.
Asking Mary to go to a movie.
Smiling at Mary's dog.
Playing basketball with Mary.
What do we know about John and Mary from the reading?
They both enjoy jogging in the morning.
They like each other very much.
They are both interested in movies.
They are in the same school.
12/30 opening night at King’s Theater from 12/31 on playing at all theaters * * * Before 12/30, go to Readers’ Bookstore to buy the movie ticket package.
For only $400, you get all of these: - 2 movie tickets (Each costs $260 after the movie opens) - 2 special notebooks - A chance to fly to New York for free!
What can we learn from this ad?
Those who buy the movie ticket package may win a plane ticket.
The movie does not play at King’s Theater after 12/31.
All theaters sell the movie ticket package before the movie opens.
Nancy Watt has won a prize for her acting in the movie.
Owen and his wife went to see Sleeping Hill yesterday. They were late and bought the tickets ten minutes after the movie started. How much did they pay for the tickets?

My Uncle Jim does not talk much. He is always painting when be is at home. He paints after work and on weekends. Painting is his best friend and his life.

Uncle Jim does not paint for money; he has never sold any of his pictures. There are no people in his pictures. He only draws trees and mountains, but they are not like the ones we see in the real world. They have strange shapes and colors. I do not quite understand Uncle Jim's pictures, and he never tells us what he is trying to say with them. But I still like them a lot. To me, Uncle Jim has created a different but interesting world.

create 創造
What kind of person does the writer think Uncle Jim is?
Young and handsome.
Wise but lazy.
Rich and proud.
Quiet but special.
What does painting mean to Uncle Jim?
It is a hobby that gives him joy.
It is the way for him to forget about his bad health.
It is a chance for him to become famous.
It is a business that makes money for him.
What does they mean in the reading?
Shapes and colors.
The writer's family.
Uncle Jim's friends.
Trees and mountains.

Josh: Do you know aboutpay it forward coffeeat Flora Café?

Eric: You mean you pay for a cup of coffee for someone poor to have it later?

Josh: Yeah. A cup of coffee is not much, but on cold winter days like today, it might warm them up a little. And maybe their hearts too.

Eric: But will Flora Café really give this cup of coffee to someone later?

Josh: Come on. I’ve known the shopkeeper well. He’s an honest man. He’s got a blackboard in the shop that says how many cups are paid for and how many have been given out.

Eric: But how will they know who to give? Anyone can ask for it, even if they’re not poor.

Josh: True, but then I guess they’ll just have to believe in people.

Eric: Perhaps. But will poor people go and ask for a free coffee? Won’t they worry about losing face?

Josh: Why do you always say things like that?

Eric: Well, it may happen.

Josh: Yeah, I know, but I still think it’s a good thing to do, and it gets people to care about others.

What does things like that mean?
Trouble for people who go to Flora Café.
Ways to make the free coffee plan successful.
Good things free coffee will bring to Flora Café.
Problems about the free coffee plan.
What can we learn about Josh and Eric?
Josh was not able to change Eric’s mind about free coffee.
They found a way to make people feel OK to take free coffee.
Eric has more hope for the free coffee plan than Josh does.
They do not know whether Flora Café will do business honestly.
What do we know about Flora Café from the dialogue?
It has a way to know who really is poor.
Free coffee has brought it more business.
Its blackboard shows if there are free coffees to be taken.
People pay less for free coffee than other coffee.

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