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Look at the picture. What is the dog doing?
Biting the man.
Crossing the street.
Running after the bus.
Sitting on the sidewalk.

Chris: Which      looks better on me?

Penny: I think purple's better. You look great in purple.

My cat got excited when it saw the boy      the birds.
to catch
Mr. Jackson is a very      writer; people of all ages enjoy his stories.
Carol sounded happy when we talked on the phone; I could feel joy in her     .
Mark studies very hard and never     classes. He goes to school even when he is sick.
Have you got anything for Joe     ? He'd be happy to get your gift on his birthday.
Susan bought      bread in the supermarket, but she did not buy anything to drink.
Playing sports at least three times a week      good for your health.
My parents have different hobbies. One enjoys baking;      enjoys taking pictures.
the next
the other
the second
My mom told me to take care of      in England. She worried that I couldn't eat or sleep well there.
The paint on the wall is not as      as it was ten years ago. It has changed from white to gray.
I told you this road went the wrong way, but you just wouldn't listen. Now we have to      and take another road.
go ahead
move away
pass by
turn back
The last five years have not been      to Jennie. Her face is covered with lines and she looks much older than she is.
My dog Jimmy loves      with a comb. Every time I comb his hair, he will close his eyes and fall asleep.
to brush
to be brushing
being brushed

Our Pinky Street, one of the oldest streets in the world, was almost lost to a big fire last night. Most of the old houses on Pinky were burned down. The living history we are proud of is dying. But we should never give up. Pinky is like a parent, always there caring for our town. Now we must do something together to get the old Pinky back. There will be a meeting at 2:00 this Saturday afternoon at Town Office. Anyone who wants to help is welcome. Let’s see what we can do.

Adam Bolton, Town Office

March 9

What is the reading for?
Finding out why the old street was on fire.
Inviting people to do business on the old street.
Getting people to find ways to save the old street.
Asking for help for people who got hurt in the fire.
Which is NOT used in the reading to talk about the old street?
A good friend.
The old Pinky.
A parent.
A living history.

No idea where to spend your vacation? If you are a big fan of sun, beach, and water sports, then you must join FunGana 2016!

Over the years, FunGana has taken people to many places in Gana. This year, we are taking you to Piso Island, one of Gana’s beautiful islands. Piso Island is adjacent to Wako Island, the biggest island in Gana, so it is only 15 minutes away by boat from Wako Island. The best time to visit? All year around, the weather on Piso Island is just wonderful for a vacation. You can sail out to watch whales, or enjoy one of the best mud springs in the world. We will also show you around the island in a special car, the Cocoon Rider. It’s our pleasure to help you enjoy your stay on Piso Island.

Find out more about FunGana 2016 at

What is FunGana 2016 for?
Studying sea animals in Gana.
Giving courses in water sports.
Giving weather reports in Gana.
Helping people experience Gana.
What does the reading say about Piso Island?
It makes the best cars in Gana.
It has nice weather in every season.
It is the most popular island in Gana.
It has the most mud springs in the world.
What does adjacent to mean?
Bigger than.
Warmer than.


  • The school restaurant is closed during the summer school (7/4~7/31). Please bring your own lunch. If you need to order lunch, please tell your class leader the day before.
  • Dancing shoes can be borrowed with your summer school card. Please find Mr. Shum in Room 117.
  • During the third week, the gym will be used for the High School Ball Games. Please go to the playground for the basketball classes of the week.
schedule 課表
What do we know from the notice?
The summer school is three weeks long.
Students can order lunch from the school restaurant.
There are basketball classes in the gym every week except the third week.
Those who need to borrow dancing shoes must tell Mr. Shum the day before.
Below is what Tina told her friends about the classes in her summer school schedule.

Mr. Reed was really crazy to give us so many new words at one time. Who can possibly remember all of them in a night? In our art class, when Ms. Grant asked us to draw a picture, I just drew a mad me looking at Mr. Reed. But then I totally forgot about Mr. Reed after two hours of PE classes in the afternoon. I was just too tired to think! Luckily, there was no computer class today to make it a really bad day.

Which day was Tina talking about?

The wind keeps blowing.
The door keeps opening.
Will you be with me, my dear Lucy,
When I look for candy
Down there in the dark, dark kitchen?

The wind keeps crying.
The door keeps shaking.
Will you be with me, my dear Lucy,
When I pick up my toy puppy
Out there on the high, high balcony?

Wish you could always be with me
And make them go away with your Do-Re-Me.
I remember last Halloween
They ran away when you started to sing,
Dear Tommy, my little king,
Close your eyes and have a sweet dream.

So please stay with me and sing
To stop them kicking the door, riding the wind,
And pulling me down to their house under the ground.
They’ll go away if you sing here for me,
In a voice that gets a black cat’s hair standing,
The strongest legs shaking, and the window glass breaking.

(ideas from Matthew Sweeney’s poem)

Which is most likely true about the speaker in the reading?
likely 可能
He thinks a black cat is hiding somewhere in the house.
He feels lonely because he is the only child in his family.
He is looking for something he left somewhere in the house.
He is afraid of being by himself when he feels ghosts around.
What can we learn about Lucy in the reading?
She keeps opening the door.
Her voice makes the speaker feel safe.
Her candy was hidden in the kitchen.
She was away from home last Halloween.
What does IT in picture 7 mean?
Rule 22 is easy to follow.
Anyone can die at any time.
Flying airplanes is dangerous.
The soldier has become crazy.
What can we learn from the comics?
The doctor tried several ways to help the soldier.
The soldier cared about his life more than his job.
The soldier went to ask the doctor about Rule 22.
The use of “catch-22” appeared before Joseph Heller’s book.
From the comics, which is most likely an example of “catch-22”?
likely 可能
I need to go to hospital, but there are no hospitals near my house.
I need my key to open the door of my house, but I left my key at school.
I need some special experience to get this job, but I can’t get this kind of experience except from this job.
I want to go out with Jennifer on New Year’s Day, but I’m not sure whether she wants to go out with me that day.

Alec: So, what do you think about it?

Ellie: It’sinteresting.

Alec: Oh, no, don’t say that.

Ellie: The first thing you should know about Olivia is that she’s scared of anything with six legs. I don’t think she’ll be able to walk past the gate of Buzzing World.

Alec: But she loves butterflies! Well, she loved the photos of butterflies I took last time I was there.

Ellie: Only when they’re not moving.

Alec: Fine. I’ll just take her somewhere else, and that’d be OK. Right?

Ellie: Umm, you’re taking her to Wavelength for dinner?

Alec: What’s wrong with that?!

Ellie: I wouldn’t say a dead fish is really her idea of a nice dinner, and this restaurant sells seafood

Alec: Now you’re wrong about this one. She loved my mom’s fish balls. She had several last time!

Ellie: OK, let’s ask someone else. Oh, there’s Lori. Hey, Lori, could you look at Alec’s plan? He’s taking Olivia out.

Lori: Wow! Everything’s written down on paper! Hmmm… I thought you wanted her to be your girlfriend.

Alec: I do!

Lori: If you follow this plan, I’m sure it’ll be your only date with her.

seafood 海鮮
What does it in the first line mean?
The gate of Buzzing World.
Alec’s butterfly photo.
Alec’s plan for his date.
Anything with six legs.
What does this one mean in the dialogue?
What food Wavelength sells.
Why Olivia does not like seafood.
What Alec thinks about Wavelength.
What food Olivia does not like to eat.
What can we learn about Alec?
He was told that Olivia likes nice surprises.
He decided to cook Olivia a nice seafood dinner.
He was happy that Olivia was finally his girlfriend.
He gave up the idea of taking Olivia to Buzzing World.
Emily is a friend of Olivia’s. If she agrees with Lori, what would she most likely say to Alec?
likely 可能
This is just what Olivia would want!”
You never know what a girl like Olivia would want.
Make a different plan or have a date with a different girl!”
She never cares what she does on a date; she cares who she has a date with.

Since the first case ofCow Coldwas reported in Kirk State in June, this killer cold has moved up north faster than we thought it would. By July, almost every part of the country had been attacked by Cow Cold. In only two months, the number of dead cows has risen to 5,000. Though Cow Cold started in the south, the east of the country is the worst hit area. By this week, 80% of the farms in Osten State have reported cases of Cow Cold.

The sale of milk in Osten State has slumped because of Cow Cold. Before Cow Cold, the sale of milk in Osten State was $2.5 million each week; now it is less than $500,000.

Odin State is the only area in the north without cases of Cow Cold. Before we know how to deal with Cow Cold, we can only hope Odin State will be lucky enough not to experience the power of this killer cold.

(Elaine Baker, City Post)

case 案例
area 區域
What can we learn from the news report?
How to deal with Cow Cold.
Whether people may catch Cow Cold.
How fast Cow Cold has hit the country.
How to find out if cows have Cow Cold.
Which map will most likely appear with the above news report?
If a store’s sales keep slumping, what would the sales chart look like?
chart 圖表

It was 11 p.m. and Molly walked out of her bakery. She turned and looked at her store one last time. She wanted to remember what it 35 at the moment. A few hours later, people would come and clean out everything in the store. A young man had bought it. He 36 it into a flower shop.

Before it was a bakery, this place 37 a small coffee shop. Molly worked in the shop as a waitress. But taking orders was never Molly’s dream; baking was. When she knew her boss planned to sell the shop, she borrowed money and bought it.

Her bakery had been open for thirty years. Thirty very wonderful years. However, it would all come to an end tonight. Molly 38 the bakery to be a family business. But her daughter was never interested in baking. Molly did not want her business in a stranger’s hands, so after some serious thinking, she decided to close it.

Goodbye, my dear old friend,” Molly looked at the store, whispering.

whisper 低語
had looked like
looked like
would look like
has looked like
had changed
was going to change
has changed
used to be
would be
has been
had wanted
has wanted
would want
will want

What does the word family mean to you? An American study in 2006 showed that people today 39. Over 99% of the people who were interviewed agree that a husband, a wife, and a child are a family. At the same time, 94% see a parent with a child as a family, 91% say a husband and a wife, without children, are a family, and 81% think a man and a woman, with a child, but not married, are a family too.

The study also found that 40 is very important in the modern thinking on family. Though 81% think a man and a woman, not married, with a child, are a family, the percentage (%) drops to 40% if the couple doesn’t have a child. This is also true with same-sex couples. About 60% see two men, or two women, with a child, as a family, but only 32% think so when the couple doesn’t have a child.

In the study, those who see two men or two women that live together as a family often find it OK for same-sex couples to get married. 41. However, not everyone opens their arms to same-sex couples: the study said 30% have no problem seeing pets as part of one’s family, but they do not think a same-sex couple is a family.

couple 伴侶
same-sex 同性
think differently about when to start a family
do not find family as important as their parents did
want many different things when they start a family
have several different ideas about what makes a family
whether people are married or not
whether people have a child or not
whether people live together or not
whether people love each other or not
This is not surprising
This is not possible everywhere
It is no good news for everyone
It cannot be this way for very long

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