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I have to catch the bus right now,      I'll miss my brother's birthday party.
Oliver      with joy when he saw his favorite band. He kept saying loudly, “I love you guys!”
Ms. Lee is a(n)      businesswoman. Just now in her shop, she gave me back the wallet I left on the table last week.
Lexie      reading maps. Even with a map, she still cannot find her way when she is in a foreign city.
is careful about
is good at
has fun
has trouble
More and more cows on this farm are getting sick. The problem is so      that the farm will be closed from tomorrow on.
Some songs are forgotten very quickly. A really good song can pass the test of      and be remembered for many, many years.
I'm not sure if Kevin      this morning, but if he does, I'll tell him that you called.
will come in
comes in
has come in
came in
I think the road ends here; it won't go any     . Shouldn't we turn back?
Jogging is the only exercise I enjoy. I find      other kinds of exercise boring.
Smart Head, one of the hottest TV programs these days,      people free plane tickets to Hawaii if they can answer 20 questions correctly in 15 minutes.
have given
to give

Helen: Can you turn off the TV? I can't study with the     .

Troy: You can just go back to your room so you won't hear it.


Carson: Bye, girls. See you tomorrow, Phoebe.

Shirley:      did Carson say he would see you tomorrow?

Phoebe: We're going out for a picnic. Do you want to come?


Do you eat meat? Well, if you do, then you might find our next news interesting. A study says that the world has a 13 need for meat. In 1960, the world ate 64 million tonnes of meat, about 21 kg for each person. In 2007, the number rose to 268 million tonnes, about 40 kg for each person. At the same time, 14. In the 1960s, beef was high on the menu. Of the meat that was eaten, 40% was beef. In 2007, pork became the star. Poultry also became popular, going up from 12% to 32%, thanks to people’s worries about their health these years. And 15? You’re guessing the U.S.A., right? The answer is Luxembourg! In 2007, each Luxembourger ate about 137 kg of meat! Second to Luxembourgers are Americans. In 2007, each American ate about 126 kg! Now, enough with the numbers. I’m playing you a song called Currywurst. The singer sings his love for the meat dish of the same name. Enjoy!

tonne 公噸
poultry 家禽(肉)
we have changed our way of cooking meat
new kinds of meat have come on the market
there have been changes in the list of favorite meats
doctors have been worried that we eat too much meat
where does the world’s best meat come from
which country is the world’s biggest meat maker
where can you eat the world’s most delicious meat
which country uses up the most meat for each person

My dear friends,

My family and I moved into our country house one month ago. The kids are planning to give a party at our new house. I hope all of you can come. The party will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. There will be lots of food and drinks.

Together with this letter is a map to our house. After you get off the train, take the road in front of the station. Follow it and you’ll see a chicken farm. Don’t make any turns. Keep going and you’ll see a bridge. Cross the bridge and there will be a big tree on your left. Walk past the tree, take the first right turn, and then walk for five more minutes. You’ll see several houses. My house is at the end of the road, next to the river.


Why did Angelica invite her friends?
To see her new home.
To visit the chicken farm.
To take a train trip.
To have a picnic.
Look at the map. Where does Angelica live?

Words from readers

I couldn’t put the book down after I read some pages at my friend’s home. I borrowed it and read it over that night. I think it can help someone who is afraid to face family problems. — Sam Lee

The book saved my life. It opened a door that led me into a world of true love. I was able to look at the world around me with fresh new eyes.Candy Vigor

The first part of the book really touched my heart and made me want to read on. However, I was getting bored when I came to the second part. In fact, I didn’t finish the book.Rod Green

The book helped me forget about my worries. I laughed and cried with those people in the book. With its simple and clear language, people of all ages can enjoy it. — Vivian Lu

Which is NOT said about the book in the reading?
It tells a true story.
It is cheaper now.
A reader thinks it is easy to understand.
A reader thinks its second part is boring.
What can readers most likely learn from the book?
likely 可能
A new way of seeing the world.
How to be a comic writer.
A smart way to face work problems.
How to buy a book on the Internet.
Read the homepage of Cheetah Car Racing 2014.

Who will NOT find this homepage useful?
homepage 網頁(首頁)
Abby, who wants to know the ticket prices.
Betty, who wants to get around in Finn City.
Cindy, who wants to share her ideas about car racing.
Debby, who wants to collect news about the car racers.
Linda is reading the page of Cheetah Car Racing 2014 below.

Where did Linda click on the homepage of Cheetah Car Racing 2014 to get to this page?

click 點擊(網頁)
🚗 2014 Game Programs.
🚗 City Planning for Cheetah Car Racing 2014.
🚗 Shop in the City.
🚗 Join Our Work Team.

Cecilia: Eddie’s having a tasting party this Saturday.

Gloria: No!

Cecilia: And we’re both invited.

Gloria: No! I told you I’d never go to any of his tasting parties again !

Cecilia: He said he wanted to share his newest cakes with his dearest friends.

Gloria: If he sees us as his dearest friends, he should stop having tasting parties!

Cecilia: Well, looks like baking really brings joy to his life.

Gloria: But it takes joy away from mine! Last time I was in bed for three days after his party.

Cecilia: If you hate it so much, you can just tell him.

Gloria: Why do I always have to be the bad person? Remember when I woke him up from his dream of making clothes? There was a lot of crying, and he wouldn’t talk to me for a month. You do it this time.

Cecilia: I can’t. How am I going to face him in our dancing classes if I tell him?

Gloria: So we still have to lie at his party again?

Cecilia: I’m afraid so.

What can we learn about Eddie?
His friends think he is a great dancer.
He is taking baking classes with Cecilia.
His friends did not like the clothes he made.
He did not know how to say no to his friends.
Which is true?
Cecelia has not talked to Eddie for a month.
Cecelia had a good time at Eddie’s last party.
Gloria shared Eddie’s cakes with other friends.
Gloria does not want to go to Eddie’s tasting party.
What does it mean?
Tell Eddie about his baking.
Tell Eddie to stop telling lies.
Tell Eddie how to find joy in baking.
Tell Eddie to stop crying over small things.

Below is what Josie wrote in her notebook.

Dec. 15

A very sad day. A school bus was hit by a truck. Many kids were badly hurt. A little boy lost his life. His mom was the kids’ teacher. We couldn’t bring her back, either.

Dec. 22

Lonnie said she’ll wear all white to the Christmas party. I said she’s lost her mind. We wear white all the time. Who would still want to wear white on Christmas Eve?

Dec. 25

People kept coming in and asked for our help because they got hurt. Why do people always do stupid things on holidays?

Dec. 31

The police brought in a young man who broke his leg when he was trying to enter a house. When taking care of his leg, I asked him why he wanted to enter another person’s house, and he said he just wanted to borrow a pot. But Officer Clarke said he’s been borrowing many pots from strangers’ houses.

Jan. 3

I knew my lunchtime was over when Howell came to my table. He’s a nice guy. But how many heads he’s cut open is the last thing I’d want to know when I’m eating beef sandwiches.

Where does Josie work?
In a school.
In a hospital.
In a restaurant.
In a police station.
Which is true about Josie?
She did not work on Christmas because she got hurt.
She does not like what Howell talks about at lunchtime.
She lost her little boy when the school bus was hit by a truck.
She liked Lonnie’s idea about what to wear for the Christmas party.
What do we know from the reading?
The truck driver who hit the school bus died.
Howell loves to have beef sandwiches for lunch.
Lonnie did not want to go to the Christmas party with Josie.
Officer Clarke did not think what the young man said was true.

Forever Takes a Bow

Actor Nathan Lang, 78 years old, died in his sleep last night in his house. Nathan Lang started his acting life in the 1970s. He was most known for playing Justin Maud in Young Hours. The movie made the world swoon over him. Women wanted a husband like him; men wanted a brother like him. Forever Justin, his fans called him. After Young Hours, Nathan Lang was seen in several big movies: Fallen, After Tonight, and Killing Jules. The last one won him a best actor award. In the 1980s, Nathan Lang lost his shine on the big screen. During this time, his movies never entered the top 20 list. Nathan Lang’s last movie was Dreams. Though the movie won him two best actor awards, it did not bring his fans back to the theater.

This Saturday morning, 10 o’clock at St. Peter’s Church, there will be amovie party,” as Lang wished. Friends and family will get together and enjoy once again the good times he brought to the world.

award 獎項
What is this reading mostly about?
Nathan Lang’s love and hate for his family.
The good and bad about Nathan Lang’s movies.
The rise and fall of Nathan Lang in show business.
Nathan Lang’s life before and after he became an actor.
What does swoon over mean in the reading?
Close the door on.
Go crazy about.
Share the joy with.
Try hard to deal with.
Here are reviews about Nathan Lang’s movies. From the reading, which is most likely a review for Dreams?
review 評論
likely 可能
nothing new in the story; Nathan Lang clearly didn’t do enough homework about his part in the movie. It was no surprise that the movie didn’t make it into the top 10 list the first week it was out
it became Nathan Lang’s second best-selling movie and also this year’s third best-selling movie in the country and may even get him another best actor award
see him not as the actor Nathan Lang anymore but as the poor old man in the movie. However, good acting does not always help with the ticket sales
the story is fresh and interesting, but the acting is not. However, it has been the country’s best-selling movie for the past three weeks. Clearly Nathan Lang’s fans cared less about his acting than his handsome face

Here is this year’s report on the Top Ten Cities of Animal Island by Best Living.Com

①Goosetown: Climbing up from last year’s second place, Goosetown comes in first for its lovely parks, cultural centers, and comfortable living space.
②Tigerville: Losing its top place to Goosetown, Tigerville is still a beautiful city, and as green as ever.
③Duckland: The only city staying in our top three for five years, Duckland is now cleaning itself up for next year’s Football World Cup.
④Oxtown: Not just a famous business city, Oxtown has turned itself into a garden city.
⑤Lionville: Famous for its culture and beautiful gardens, Lionville is the first city in the north to enter our top five.
⑥Sharkville: With winter sports as good as Oxtown’s, this exciting city is our second best pick in the east.
⑦Foxiand: This city with white beaches could rise higher in the rankings if there were fewer traffic problems.
⑧Goatville: Dropping two places, Goatville should now think more about parks than shopping centers.
⑨Turtleland: New in our top ten, this old fishing town is full of surprises.
⑩Cowtown: Dropping from number seven, Cowtown must clean up the air.
culture(-al) 文化(的)
ranking 排名
Which is NOT true about the report?
It tells us what some cities are known for.
It tells us what some cities need to deal with.
Green space plays an important part in the report.
It is the second year that Best Living.Com did the report.
What can we learn about the cities in the report?
One city in this year’s top five is in the east.
Few people come to Oxtown to do business.
No city in the north entered this year’s top ten.
Goosetown is Animal Island’s second biggest city.
Which is the most likely ranking of LAST year’s top ten cities of Animal Island?
likely 可能

Six people are being interviewed about the garden on the roof of their building.

Jasmine: I loved the idea when Wilber first told me about it. We had lots of meetings with our neighbors, trying to make them understand why it’s good to build a garden on the roof. Now people love coming here, and it’s helped many of us become friends!
Wilber: The whole thing wasn’t easy at first. But Jasmine helped a lot. And she was really good at making people happy to give money for the roof garden.
David: My kids love going up there. They sit there watching butterflies and birds. The roof garden brings them closer to nature.
Samuel: You want something green? Visit the park! It’s only one block away! After the roof garden was built, bugs started flying into my apartment! And the kids leave mud on the stairs when they come down from the roof!
Rosie: Our building is now cooler in the summer. My baby sleeps well even on hot summer days!
Flora: Guess where these tomatoes are from! Not from the supermarket. They’re from our roof! Isn’t that wonderful?
roof 屋頂
What do we know about the six people in the interview?
They all said good things about the roof garden.
Some of them were paid to help build the roof garden.
They all talked about the roof garden before it was built.
Some of them worked on the plan to build the roof garden.
Which of the good things about the roof garden is NOT talked about in the interview?
It brings people in the building closer together.
It uses the rainwater that falls on the top of the building.
It makes the building a more comfortable place during summer.
It gives people in the building a chance to grow their own food.
What does the whole thing mean in the interview?
Having meetings at the roof garden.
Taking care of the roof garden every day.
Having people agree to the idea of the roof garden.
Inviting people to make more use of the roof garden.

It’s never comfortable to take a bus during rush hour on a hot summer day. All my friends hate it. And I..., well, I 37 it too.

The story happened two months ago. I was on a bus that was packed with almost everyone in the city. I 38 my friend Neal to see a show. And then he called and said he couldn’t come.This is not what I planned for Friday!” I thought. The air on the bus was terrible; the man in front of me smelled like dead fish. While I was feeling sorry for myself, a girl called my name. I didn’t recognize her at first. Then I was surprised to find that she was Hui-ting, my old neighbor. I 39 Hui-ting in years. We used to play together every day when we were kids. We were happy to see each other, so we decided to have dinner together. And that was the start of many dinners after.

With Hui-ting, the bus ride 40 something I love. The bus is still packed with people, but I enjoy the ride every day.

(Xiang Chang, Taipei)

have hated
used to hate
would hate
used to meet
was going to meet
have met
had met
won’t see
wouldn’t see
haven’t seen
hadn’t seen
has become
had become
will become
would become

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