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Look at the pictures. Which sign should be put on the bench?
It is      for me to go to work by bus. My office is very near the bus stop.
The      called the police after he caught the girl who took a pair of shoes out of his store without paying.
     Annie knows fast food is not good for her health, she still eats it.
Bill never carries a bag or a wallet when shopping. Every time he has to pay, he takes out money from his     .
I don't have      workers to finish painting the office in two days. Can you find some more to do the job?
When the kid was trying to pick up the plate, it      from the table, hit the floor, and broke into pieces.
Johnny had been talking about going to England, but never got to go. This summer, he      did it.
Little Jenny was not sure if the strange old man was still following her, but she was just     .
too angry to talk
too difficult to be with
too tired to follow
too scared to look back
I was told to interview three guys at different times today. The first was on time. The second was late, and      never came.
the last
the only one
Somewhere along the road,      a shop which sells things from foreign countries.
that is
it is
it has
there is
I was surprised to know from the newspaper yesterday      flowers do not always smell sweet; some can smell like dead fish.
Are you dating anyone special now?” is a question that popular movie stars      in an interview.
to be often asked
are often asked
being often asked
who are often asked

Jean: Thanks for driving me to the station. You didn't have to.

Sam: But I wanted to. It's my     . And I had a good time talking with you.


Mom: Peter, be sure to finish your school report before you go to bed.

Peter: OK, Mom, I     .


Roy: Why didn't you eat your cake?

Kay: I'm still full. Can I      it for later?

Roy: Sure.


Denny: I guess Alice likes you. Her face always turns red when you talk to her.

David:      She's just shy with boys.

Why not?
I’m really surprised!
That’s right!
I don’t think so.

Lily: When will Uncle Tom come to see me?

Mom: He'll visit us this weekend. He      me that by e-mail.

will tell
was going to tell

Dear Sir,

I’m sorry that I have to write this letter, but if I 19, you’ll never see what your problem is.

On Saturday evening, my family and I went to your restaurant for my birthday. Many people 20 in the restaurant. We were very hungry and didn’t want to wait, but your waiter said we 21 served in twenty minutes. We believed him, but we ended up waiting for ONE HOUR!

I have to say the steak was delicious, but it was still wrong to keep people waiting for so long.

Julia Wu

Serve 服務
were already
are already
have already been
will already be
would be
have been
are going to be

Gisele: My dad’s taking me to play the Dye-Out game this Saturday. He asked if you would like to come.

Opal: 22.

Gisele: It’s a popular game these days. The game is played by two teams and can be played inside or outside. You win the game by taking the other team’s castle orkillingall the players on the other team.

Opal: 23?

Gisele: You use balls filled with oil paint to attack the players on the other team. Their clothes will be covered with paint when they are hit by the balls. This way, they arekilledand have to leave the playground.

Opal: Sounds exciting.

Gisele: It is, but 24. For example, you have to buy the clothes, the balls, the masks, and many other things. Also, it can be dangerous sometimes.

Opal: Well, then I have to ask my parents first.

But I’m not good at it
Your dad has already invited me
But I’ve never heard of it before
I’d love to join you this Saturday
How do you take the castle
What do you mean bykillinga player
What do you do after youkilla player
How do you know where the players are hiding
it’s an expensive hobby
it hurts when you get hit
you need a big space for the game
your clothes will get dirty with the paint
12/30 opening night at King’s Theater from 12/31 on playing at all theaters * * * Before 12/30, go to Readers’ Bookstore to buy the movie ticket package.
For only $400, you get all of these: - 2 movie tickets (Each costs $260 after the movie opens) - 2 special notebooks - A chance to fly to New York for free!
What can we learn from this ad?
The movie does not play at King’s Theater after 12/31.
Nancy Watt has won a prize for her acting in the movie.
Those who buy the movie ticket package may win a plane ticket.
All theaters sell the movie ticket package before the movie opens.
Owen and his wife went to see Sleeping Hill yesterday. They were late and bought the tickets ten minutes after the movie started. How much did they pay for the tickets?

Sarah: Hey, try this! It took me two hours to buy the cheesecake.

Justin: Why two hours? The store is only one block away from your place.

Sarah: I know! But the line was terribly long, and a man behind me was trying to cut in. So I took some time totake care ofhim.

Justin: You hit him?

Sarah: Please! I’m a friendly, sweet lady! I just talked to him, well, maybe a little loudly. AndI used some words that were a little strong. When I wastalkingto the man. I didn’t know I was off the line. So I had to wait all over again!

Justin: It was really hard work, huh?

Sarah: It WAS! So why don’t you try some?

Justin: Well, in fact, I’m a little sick of it. Rebecca bought one last Saturday. She found it too sweet, so she took only one bite. Guess who cleaned it up?

lady 淑女
How did Sarah “take care ofthe man behind her?
She hit him hard.
She spoke angrily at him.
She shared the cheesecake with him.
She lent him money to buy a cheesecake.
What can we learn from the dialogue?
Rebecca liked the cheesecake a lot.
Justin had tried the cheesecake before.
Sarah spent two hours getting to the store.
Justin wanted to know where the store was.

Dear Aunt Tara,

I have a problem with my homework. We have to do It in a group. It has to be finished this Friday, but Gary, the boy in our group, has done nothing helpful. He just keeps rocking the boat.

Every time we talk about the work with him, he always says, “Don’t worry. I’ll do it later.But he seldom does his job. And when he does, he does it the wrong way. Someone has to do it for him again. What’s worse is when Ms. Lin asks about our group, Gary always tells her that we others don’t work hard enough. I’m really mad at Gary about this. We’re in the same group. Shouldn’t we help each other to do a better job?


Dear Kate:

It is important for students to learn how to work together in a group. Maybe you should talk to Gary about the problem and tell him you all need his help. If he still doesn’t change, go talk to your teacher. I believe she can make Gary do his job.

Aunt Tara

What does rocking the boat most likely mean in Kate's letter?
likely 可能
Doing easy jobs.
Telling people what to do.
Working without thinking.
Stopping things going well.
What does this mean?
Speaking at the wrong time.
Talking too much about himself.
Saying something bad about the group.
Making excuses for being late for group meetings.
What do we know from Aunt Tara’s letter?
Gary has decided to change himself
Kate is the leader of Ms. Lin’s class.
Gary should be put in another group.
Kate should let Gary know how she feels.

(In a night market)

Larry: Come and find something special for yourself. Everything here costs you only NT$ 100.

Grace: What do you have?

Larry: I have DVDs of all the latest movies. They’re as good as those showing in the theaters, but cost much less.

Grace: But where are the DVDs? I only see a notebook here.

Larry: All the movies are listed in the notebook. Just check the list and tell me what you want. Then I’ll pack them for you.

Grace: I see.

(Grace checks the list.)

Grace: Wow! You have Black Beauty! It just started playing in the theaters last night!

Larry: Yes. I’ve copied it as DVDs. Don’t worry. I’ve sold them to several people. Why don’t you buy one and enjoy it at home?

Grace: That’s not going to happen. I’m a police officer. Because of what you’ve done, you must come with me to the police station right now!

What is Larry doing wrong?
Taking away DVDs without paying.
Selling movie tickets at higher prices.
Making money by copying others’ movies.
Seeing a movie in the theater without a ticket.
What do we know from the dialogue?
Larry lives near a movie theater.
Larry did not know Grace before.
Grace does not like seeing movies at home.
Grace bought a notebook in the night market.

Look at the clinic hours of a hospital and answer the questions.

clinic hours 門診時間
Cary made an appointment to see Dr. Brown on the afternoon of June 15. But the hospital told him that Dr. Brown could not see him that day because of an important meeting. Cary was told that he could still come to the hospital at that time, but he would have to see Dr. Walsh in Room 202. On what day is June 15?
appointment 預約
Gillian came to see her eye doctor in the morning. After checking her eyes, her doctor told her to come back next Monday evening. But Gillian has to work evenings, so her doctor told her to come back next Wednesday afternoon. Which doctor did Gillian see?
Dr. Webb.
Dr. Walsh.
Dr. Brown.
Dr. Carter.

Here is Danny’s science report for summer vacation.

7/1I planted some beans in the flowerpot Mommy used to grow sunflowers in.
7/6Nothing happened. I dug out the seeds, and they all were dark and smelled bad. Mommy said I gave them too much water. She helped me plant new seeds.
7/10Something green in the pot!
7/13Leaves! Leaves on five bean plants!
7/18Leaves or another three!
7/19The biggest one is like a giant looking down at his shorter brothers.
7/20One bean plant looks sick. Its leaves turned yellow.
7/23So HOT today! I wanted to move the pot into the living room, but Mommy said it was ok to leave it outside.
7/26Almost all the bean plants grew taller and bad more leaves. The biggest two stand together like they are holding hands.
7/28The sick bean plant died.
8/1Daddy helped me move my bean plants to the flowerbed in our backyard. Their old home is too small now.
8/17Flowers! Flowers! They are starting to have flowers!
8/20Bugs and bees and butterflies are flying around!
leaf (複數 leaves) 葉子
What do we know from the report?
Danny’s bean plants had yellow flowers.
Danny planned to grow sunflowers at first.
Danny failed the first time he planted the seeds.
Some of Danny’s bean flowers were eaten by bugs.
What does Their old home mean?
The backyard.
The flowerpot.
The flowerbed.
The living room.
There are some MISTAKES in one of the pictures Danny drew for his bean plants. Which is the picture he needs to draw again?

In the art world, many artists withweakbodies have shown us astrongpower in their great works of art. Take Frida Kahlo for example. She was a healthy girl until she was knocked down by a bus at the age of twelve. Much of her body was seriously hurt, but her mind wasn’t. In her paintings, we can feel her strong love of art and life. Another example is Christy Brown. He was born in bad health, and the only part of his body that could move was his left foot. However, using his only foot, he still was able to write and draw wonderfully. In his autobiography, Brown wrote what happened in his life and how he began to draw pictures with his left foot. And don’t forget Stevie Wonder. He became blind soon after he was born, but he is now a popular singer and songwriter.

These artists withweakbodies bring us many good things and much hope with theirstrongminds. Their stories tell us that the most important thing in life is not what we have, but what we make of it.

artist 藝術家
What is the writer trying to say?
History always repeats itself.
Art is the best medicine for a weak mind.
We should try to make the best use of our lives.
It takes more than hard work to make a great artist.
What does autobiography mean?
A movie about great writers’ lives.
A book of a person’s life by that person.
A videotape that teaches how to write stories.
A picture with the painter’s name on the bottom.
Which is true about the three artists in the reading?
They all died at a young age.
They are all famous painters.
They all had problems with their bodies.
They were all in bad health when they were born.

Here is what Matt said about his life changes in an interview.

It’s like getting a new life, I mean, living with the Tragers.

Being the oldest kid in Rosario Landing isn’t something you’d be proud of. People who go there usually want younger kids, babies even, because babies remember little about their real parents, and it’s easier for them to become close to their new parents. I felt happy for those who left with their new families. I really did. But it got harder to be happy for them when you were never the one to go.

I never thought Nicole and Thomas would pick me. They said they felt like they had known me for many years. After spending a few afternoons with me, they decided to take me home.

It’s never easy to have a stranger in your life. Lori is nice, but she’s too polite, like I was just one of her parents’ friends. We talk, but not very warmly. Sean deals with it better than his older sister. I slept in his room before I had my own, and we got to play tricks on each other three nights later, like real brothers.

If there’s anything I can do to make them feel easier with me. I’ll try. I Want to, because, for the first time in my life, I feel that I belong somewhere.

From the interview, what do we know about the children at Rosario Landing?
They do not live with their parents.
They are not treated kindly.
They have serious learning problems.
They were born there.
What can we learn about Matt from the interview?
He shares a room with Sean now.
He hopes to get close to Lori and Sean.
He misses his friends in Rosario Lauding.
He finds his new life is easier than he thought.
Which is true about the Tragers?
Sean is the oldest child in the family.
There were two children in the family before.
Nicole and Thomas decided to have another baby.
Thomas thinks Matt looks just like him at a young age.
What does it in the fourth paragraph mean?
paragraph 段落
Living with a stranger.
Being polite to a stranger.
Playing tricks on one’s brother.
Talking to one’s parents’ friends.

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