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In the picture, the lamp is hanging      the table.
You're really      to go swimming in the lake on a cold winter day. Don't you feel cold?
Every night at 7:00, the garbage truck appears on the streets to      the garbage that people take out of their houses.
There is no      near the theater, so let's take the bus there.
bright light
great food
fresh air
parking space
I want to go camping in the mountains this afternoon, but a typhoon is coming. I'm not sure      the road to the mountains will be closed.
All the dresses are pretty but I think      black one is the best for the party tomorrow.
Joseph was painting the wall when the phone rang. He quickly      his brush and ran to answer it.
gave up
handed in
put down
took away
The boss called from the airport an hour     , so I guess he will arrive at the office soon.
I can't find my history book,      I know it's somewhere in the living room.
The most convenient way to get around this small town is      a bike.
to ride
to have ridden
The pie at your party      good. Where did you buy it?
This kind of animal is      seen in everyday life because it lives 4,000m under the sea and is hard to find.
     the dog that bites people yours? You should keep it home.
Alice doesn't take medicine when she has a cold. She believes the body is able to      the cold by itself.
I think      is more fun to go to the movies with my friends than with my family.

Jason: Dear, dinner's almost     . Are you hungry?

Joyce: Yes! I can't wait to eat!


Henry: Don't you think fishing is     ? You just sit by the water and wait all day long.

Grace: No, I enjoy the quiet time of fishing.


Mom: Oh, no! Your sister forgot her sports shoes. When      she have PE class? Can you take the shoes to her school?

Peter: It's in the afternoon. Don't worry. I'll bring them to her.


Jane: Ned hasn't talked to me for two days because I laughed at his hair color. What should I do?

Lois: You should go and tell him that you're sorry. He's nice, and I'm sure he'll give you another     .


Nana: Did you mail the cards to your teachers?

Annie: No, I want to check them again. I      them after dinner.

have mailed
will mail

Monica 21 the thin old man who lives next to her must be very poor and lonely. She often saw him wearing old clothes and sitting in the park by himself.

Last Christmas, when Monica was jogging in the park, the old man came up to her with a large bag on his shoulder. Monica guessed the old man 22 her for some money or help. But she was surprised to find many children following him. The old man took out a box from his bag and said to her with a big smile.Merry Christmas! I bought presents for everybody. This one is for you.At that moment, Monica understood her mistake and changed her idea about the old man. Since then, she 23 not to judge people by how they look. She now knows how people look is not the same as what they really are.

judge 判斷
used to think
is thinking
will think
would ask
is asking
has asked
is trying
has tried
will try

Ted and Ben are talking to each other on their cellphones in the Town Market.

Ted: Where are you? I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes.

Ben: How could that be? I came very early.

Ted: Aren’t we meeting each other at the Toy Store, next to Gate C?

Ben: No, at the 24, near Gate B.

Ted: Oh, no. I made a mistake. How can I get to you now?

Ben: I’m on the other side. Just 25. You’ll see me next to the Internet Café.

Ted: OK, but I want to 26 first. Do you know where to go?

Ben: Yes. Walk past the Music Shop and the Key Store. Then you’ll find the right place on your side of the market.

Shoe Store
Post Office
Men’s Wear
find Gate A
pass the Flower Shop
go to the Steak House
turn left to the Candy Shop
find a belt
look for a CD
buy some bread
go to the restroom

LIFE WATER® helps bring back a clear head.

LIFE WATER® is made from special high-mountain flowers.

You need LIFE WATER® when you

feel thirsty after exercise,
work in the office a long time, or
party all night.

For only a little money, you will feel great again!

Get LIFE WATER® at the stores near your house NOW!

If you are taking any special medicine or have stomach problems, please check with the doctor before buying LIFE WATER®.

What is LIFE WATER® for?
Taking care of the sick in the hospital.
Making people feel better and fresher.
Helping children grow better and faster.
Keeping people away from heart problems.
Which is said about LIFE WATER®?
It is not expensive.
It is also good for the stomach.
It cannot be sold without a doctor.
It is made from spring water in the mountains.

Little Secretary

When I do my math homework,
David likes to watch me.
Sometimes when I don’t know what to do,
He will count out loud.
Though my brother only knows 1, 2, 3,
He still tries to help me.

When I do my English homework,
David likes to watch me.
Sometimes when I don’t know what to write,
He will spell out loud.
Though my brother only knows A, B, C,
He still tries to help me.
Now I see it is his love
That makes him do all these for me.

John N.

What can we learn about the little secretary?
He is a junior high school student.
He does not like to be with his brother.
He knows more about English than about math.
He cannot do his brother’s homework very well.
Which is said about theI”?
He is called David.
He feels his brother’s love for him.
He has taught his brother a lot of math and English.
He is smart enough to make his brother work for him.

Bill is an American. He visited his friend Da-wei in Taiwan. Below is Bill’s diary about how the two friends spent their vacation.

July 10, 2008

Today is my first day in Taiwan. Da-wei’s family are very nice to me. They took me to Shiling Night Market for dinner. I bought some presents there for my family.

July 11, 2008

We went to a small town, Bali, and saw many things there. I also tried some interesting snacks. They were very delicious.

Da-wei knows a lot about birds. He showed me several kinds.The Japanese White-eye is my favorite, because it looks cute and sings well,” he said.

July 12, 2008

We spent the day at Fulong Beach. The weather was nice. We went swimming at the beach under the sunny blue sky.

We will go biking at Guandu tomorrow. I can’t wait!

What is the Japanese White-eye?
A kind of bird.
A famous singer.
A small town.
A kind of snack.
Bill took a lot of pictures during his trip in Taiwan. Which one is the picture he took on July 12?

One hot summer afternoon, a rabbit went down to a river to drink some water. He saw himself in the river when he was drinking.

Look at my beautiful long ears!” the rabbit said to himself.I’m so proud of them. But my legs! They’re short and make me look stupid.

When the rabbit finished drinking, he raised his head and found a tiger was jumping on him. With his short legs, the rabbit began to run as fast as the wind. The tiger could not catch up with him.

I’m so lucky.said the rabbit happily when he stopped running. Five minutes later, the tiger appeared again. Just at the moment when the rabbit saw the tiger, the tiger caught him by his long ears. That was the end of the rabbit.

imply 隱喻; 暗示
Which idea is NOT implied in the reading?
Beautiful things may bring trouble.
Even things we do not like can be useful.
Ask others’ ideas before taking any action.
People often fail to understand what may be important.
What do we know from the story?
The tiger was proud of running fast.
The rabbit was finally killed in his sleep.
The tiger caught the rabbit’s tail in the end.
The rabbit was able to run away the first time.

Bee and Butterfly live in Apple City on Fruit Island. There are five train lines on this island. Below is a map in the Apple Station. The number inside each station circle is the ticket price from the Apple Station to that station.

Bee and Butterfly are now at the Apple Station. They are going to Strawberry for the Honey Festival. What is the total cost they have to pay for their train tickets?
Bee and Butterfly will spend the night in Strawberry for the Honey Festival. The next day, they plan to visit a friend in Peach. How many train lines will they need to take that day?

Kelly: Have you read the news about the Ciné Prize nominations?

Eunice: Yeah. I can’t believe Took Off got the most nominations. It’s not that good.

Kelly: Please! It’s the best movie of the year! The actors are great, and the story is wonderful. Tony Baker is so great in it! I believe he will finally win the Best Actor this time.

Eunice: Well, I like Hugh Wayne better. He’s so cute in Morning Star.

Kelly: He’s lucky enough to get the nomination. But a pretty face can only get him so far.

Eunice: At least Morning Star is selling more tickets than Took Off!

Kelly: OK. Let’s not talk about Wayne. Who do you think will win the Best Actress?

Eunice: Julia Adams, that’s for sure! She’s really the star in Roses. Even Laura Harper does not shine as much. Before this movie, I thought no one else was better than Laura.

Kelly: I’m glad we’re on the same page about this. Many people think Julia does very well in Roses, and she has become the talk of the Internet these days. I’m sure she’ll be the winner!

nomination 提名
What can we learn from the reading?
Kelly likes the story of Morning Star.
Kelly thinks Hugh Wayne will win the Best Actor.
Eunice has seen Laura Harper’s other movies before Roses.
Eunice is surprised that Morning Star is selling more tickets than Took Off.
Which is said in the reading?
Morning Star is Hugh Wayne’s first movie.
Julia Adams is noticed for her acting in Roses.
Took Off has already won Tony Baker many prizes.
Laura Harper has won the Best Actress more than once.
What does we’re on the same page about this mean in the reading?
Kelly and Eunice both agree who will win the Best Actress.
Kelly and Eunice are both reading news about Roses on the Internet.
Kelly and Eunice are both excited about the Ciné Prize nominations.
Kelly and Eunice both read the book Roses before it was made into a movie.

Marcel Proust (1871-1922) is one of the greatest French writers. He is famous for his great book À la Recherche du Temps Perdu, which meansremembering the past.

In this book, Proust writes many stories of rich but unhappy people. These rich people think they should be well liked or loved. When they learn that they are not as popular as they think, they feel sad and try hard to be important in the eyes of others. That is why they always feel troubled and can never really enjoy their lives.

In contrast to the lives of those people in his book, the last fifteen years of Proust’s life shows one can still find joy in hard times. During those years, he was very sick and had to stay in bed most of the time. But in his sickroom he found most joy in writing À la Recherche du Temps Perdu and ended up being a great writer because of the book.

What can we learn about Proust from this reading?
He became poor and sick because of writing.
He got a lot of pleasure from writing in his later life.
He often wrote about how people get stronger in hard times.
He started writing À la Recherche du Temps Perdu when he was fifteen.
Which is said about the rich people in Proust’s book?
They try to forget their past.
They try to get what they do not have.
They are sick and stay in bed most of the time.
They are rich enough to have their stories written.
What does In contrast to mean?
Ahead of.
Worse than.
Important to.
Different from.

Lingua Today

May 5, 1995

There are about 6,000-7,000 languages spoken in the world. However, almost one language dies every two weeks. It means many languages are getting near the end of their lives. Take Navajo for example. It is one of the languages spoken by the native people of North America. Today, more and more Navajo children grow up learning and speaking only English. Most of them do not even know what the 3,000-year-old Navajo language sounds like.

Chart 1 below shows that from 1980 to 1990, the percentage (%) of young Navajos (Age: 5-17) who speak only English grew quickly. Chart 2 shows that in 1992, many Navajo children under the age of six spoke English well, but not many of them spoke their parents’ language well. Clearly, the Navajo language may soon be lost if we don’t do something about it.

native 原生的;原住(民)的
chart 圖表
What is the reading mostly about?
Plans to save the Navajo language.
Why more and more Navajos learn English.
Facts that show the Navajo language is dying.
What makes the Navajo language different from English.
Which is NOT said or implied in the reading?
Many languages die every year.
The Navajo language is still spoken in North America.
The Navajo language has been spoken for 3,000 years.
About 6,000-7,000 languages around the world are now dead.
From the charts, which is true?
In 1980, less than 10% of young Navajos could speak only English.
In 1990, less than 30% of young Navajos could speak their native language.
In 1992, more than 70% of Navajo children under six could speak English well.
In 1992, more than 30% of Navajo children under six could speak both Navajo and English well.

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