Help 99年第一次基測

Here's Mary's plan for one week during her summer vacation. What kind of plan is this?
A trip plan.
A party plan.
An eating plan.
An exercise plan.
I put the fish in the ice box to keep it     .
The pants I bought last year are too small now. I think I need a new     .
How can you study in the living room when other people are watching TV? I think you need a      place.
Marsha thought her friends would do something      to celebrate her birthday, but they just gave her a little card.
When I heard my baby girl say her first word, my heart was      with joy.
It's      me a lot of time to find out what I really want to do in the future.
The fishermen knew little about the island when they      there.
would arrive
have arrived
I cannot understand why Steven bought so many watches but never wears      of them.
In this five-person game, the one who finds      hidden balls will win the last free ticket for the movie A Born Player.
the more
the most
EIsa hates going shopping,      she went last night when her grandpa asked her to buy some medicine for him.

Gary: I can't find my pen.

Nina: Is the one on Jack's desk     ?

Gary: Yes. Thank you.


Lucy: Does Aunt Tara enjoy     ?

Mark: Yes. She has three dogs, two rabbits, four birds, and some fish in her house.

collecting dolls
keeping pets
visiting the zoo
working on the farm

Sandy: How was your vacation in America?

Linda: It couldn't be worse! I don't      want to talk about it!


Teacher: Does anyone know      the famous writer was born?

Mei-ling: I know! In Taitung, right?

Teacher: You got it!


Alex: Why are you still here? It's already eight o'clock.

Tom: Because I      my work. Don't worry. It's almost done.

wasn’t finishing
wouldn’t finish
haven’t finished
won’t finish

Mike: I always forget what I want to buy when I go to the market.

Oscar: Well, you can make a      of things you want to buy.


Billy: I've been fixing the computer for over three hours, but it still doesn't work.

Nana: Why don't you take a rest and try     ? Maybe you'll do better then.


Mr. Hutman owns a restaurant. One day, one of his two cooks ran away with some money. Mr. Hutman was sad and worried because the next day was Saturday, and the restaurant 19 very busy then. So that night he called his friends, but could not find anyone to help.

On Saturday, many people came to the restaurant for lunch. 20 cook got so busy that he wanted to leave, too. 21 , one of the waiters, Henry, told Mr. Hutman that he could help in the kitchen. People who had lunch in the restaurant that day enjoyed the food Henry cooked. Mr. Hutman was very happy and made Henry a new cook of the restaurant.

would be
has been
will be
The only
In fact
For example
(In an English class)

Teacher: Let’s play a game with 3-letter words. The game is easy to play. First, a 3-letter word is spoken. Then the next person has to say a different 3-letter word that starts with the last letter of the spoken word. Anyone who cannot speak a right 3-letter word in two seconds will have to 22. Any questions?

Brian: Yes. Can we try again if we say a wrong word?

Teacher: No, you 23. That’s why the game is exciting and fun. Now let’s try it!

Brian: OK! Let me try first. MAP.

Amy: PUT.

Jane: TEA.

Ken: 24

Carl: EAR.

Sam: RAIN.

Carl: Ha! I got you.

Sam: Oh, no! I forgot it has to be a 3-letter word.

Teacher: Sam, it’s your show time. Here’s the book. Pick out any story you’d like. Now everybody, let’s listen to Sam.

sing a song
read a story
draw a picture
make a funny face
have just one chance
have to give a different word
may look it up in the dictionary
must ask your classmates for help

Stanley was a person who loved singing to himself in the bath. One cold winter night, he went into the bathroom to have a hot bath. He took off his clothes and turned on the tap, but there was no hot waterthe water from the tap was cold!

Stanley didn’t know what was wrong, but he finally decided to take a bath without hot water. He started to sing as usual, one song after another. Stanley was surprised that the water felt warm this way. So he kept singing, louder and louder, until he finished his bath.

The next morning when Stanley was going to work, he saw a piece of paper on his door:

tap 水龍頭
What does the mother think of Stanley?
He gets up too early.
He is a helpful person.
He should see a doctor.
He makes too much noise.
What does this way mean?
Singing to a crying baby.
Singing when taking a cold bath.
Taking a cold bath in the morning.
Taking a bath before going to bed.
Here is a poster of the Youth Sports Club. Read it and answer the questions.
poster 海報
event 活動
Mr. Brown, a PE teacher, took his students to the club. There they watched early tennis games and learned about the history of the sport. When did they most likely visit the club?
likely 可能
February 6.
February 13.
February 20.
February 27.
Mr. Brown paid $1,050 for the tickets. How many students did he take with him?
Can the Time Go Slower?
by Joanna Pitt
Can the time go slower?
I’m still thinking of
The answers.
Can the time go slower? My head is not Yet clear.
Can the time go slower? For me the rules of math are Too hard to remember.
Can the time go slower? My grade is what my father Really cares about.
So can the time go slower? My dear teacher, I don’t want to run behind others.
. . .
Oh NO! There are still lots of questions To be answered!
What is the reading about?
Taking a test.
Teaching math.
Learning driving.
Running at the school.
Why does the writer keep askingCan the time go slower?”
She is missing her good old times.
She does not want to get old with time.
She is worried that there’s not enough time.
She is afraid that her father will be home soon.


My family and I have ridden bikes around the island several times. My friends often ask me questions about biking with their families. I’m sorry to learn that some of them don’t really enjoy biking or get hurt on the road because they don’t prepare well. Here I want to share some things that I think are important before you start off:

  1. Get a bike of the right size for everyone in your family.
  2. Check every part of your bike carefully.
  3. Learn to fix some easy bike problems.
  4. Check the traffic and weather news.
  5. Pack maps, warm clothes, raincoats, snacks and enough water.
What is the writer talking about?
How to fix a bike on the road.
How to save money on a bike ride.
Things to do for a safe and happy bike ride.
Things to remember when you get hurt on the road.
Which is said in the reading?
Biking is good for health.
More and more people go to work by bike.
Biking around the island is getting popular.
The size of the bike is important for biking.

(At the beach)

Ben: Hi, Judy! I can’t believe you came to join us!

Judy: Hello, Ben. I came because I like your idea: when you give, you’re rich. I’m happy that I can do something for the Earth.

Ben: Right. That’s why we had this plan to get our clean beach back. Do you know if Paul’s coming? I remember he had the same idea and said he would try his best to come over.

Judy: But he just called and said he wouldn’t come today because it’s too hot.

Ben: I can’t believe it! He always says, “We can do this and that . . . .”

Judy: Don’t you know him? He only pays lip service to what should be done but seldom does anything.

Ben: I see. Let’s forget about him. We’ll have Tony and Sophie to help us soon.

Judy: That’s great. So where should we start now? Should we pick up those bottles first?

Ben: Sure, let’s go.

Why are Ben and Judy at the beach?
To go swimming.
To clean up the beach.
To have a beach party.
To learn about sea animals.
What does Judy mean by saying Paul pays lip service?
He enjoys eating.
He is good at singing.
He talks a lot but does little.
He kisses people to show his thanks.
Which is true?
Paul comes to the beach in the end.
Judy feels bad about going to the beach.
Ben is surprised to see Judy at the beach.
Tony and Sophie will not come to the beach.

Alice: Hi, Jerry, I heard you had fun with Peggy in Merry Park yesterday.

Jerry: Yes. We had a great time there. Why didn’t you come with us? We got there by bus in only ten minutes.

Alice: I know, but the ticket is more expensive on the weekend. Also, I’ve been there many times since it opened five years ago. Did you try the Dandelion Seat there? It’s so popular that people have to wait for over an hour to get a ride.

Jerry: You mean those flower-like umbrellas that fly high in the sky?

Alice: Yes. I enjoyed riding on the Dandelion Seat and looking over the city. It was a great experience.

Jerry: Eh... I liked taking the train to get around the park better. I don’t think it’s fun to ride in the air. I’d feel like I could fall down any time.

Alice: Maybe you would like it more at night. It’s wonderful to see the beautiful lights below your feet.

Jerry: Well . . . I’m afraid of high places.

Alice: Oh, I see. That’s too bad.

What can we learn about Merry Park?
It is newly opened.
It is also open at night.
It is across from Jerry’s house.
It has the same ticket price every day.
What may the Dandelion Seat look like?
Which is NOT true?
Alice went to Merry Park before.
Jerry enjoyed going around Merry Park by train.
Jerry would like to try the Dandelion Seat next time.
Jerry and Peggy went to Merry Park on the weekend.

Below are the comments on the book The Flying Hat.

comment 評論
Which is said about The Flying Hat?
A movie about the story is coming out.
The story is about a boy who has a magic hat.
The writer started the book because of a dream.
People can buy the book in different languages.
What does sidesplitting mean?

Read the play and answer the questions.

Place: A child’s room with white walls, a white door, and a white bed. On the bed, there are some clothes.

Character: A doll, who looks very old and dirty, is sitting on the bed and speaking.

The doll: She should be here soon. We will play some games today.

(Three hours pass. NO ONE knocks on the door.)

The doll: Just a few more seconds. We might play “try-on-new-clothes” today.

(Five hours go by. NO SOUND is heard.)

The doll: Maybe the school bus is late. Soon she’ll be here, and we will sing and dance together.

(One day has flown away. The doll is still sitting on the bed, waiting.)

The doll: Maybe tomorrow.... I’m sure she’ll come tomorrow, and then we will play.

(There in the room, the doll repeats the same story every day …)

play 劇本
character 角色
What happens in the play?
A doll is changing clothes.
A doll is talking to herself.
A doll is singing and dancing.
A doll is waiting for the bus to school.
What can we learn about the doll?
She likes to play by herself.
She is good at telling stories.
She lives in a room full of colors.
She has been forgotten for some time.

Dear Mom,

I’m sorry that I can’t go back home for Mother’s Day next week. On that day, I’ll have to go to an important meeting for my boss, who helps me a lot with my work and life here. But I’ll find time to see you at home soon.

Mom, thank you for everything you’ve done for Tim and me. After Dad died ten years ago, you had to work in a supermarket in the daytime and in a restaurant at night. But you always gave us two your love and care. Though you don’t have to work now, I still remember your coming home late and feeling tired many evenings.

Tim is going to finish his studies next month. He said he would move back from school and look for a job near home. I’m glad you won’t live by yourself anymore. Let’s plan to take a trip in the near future, It’s been years since the three of us took a trip together.

Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, Mom.

Best wishes,


What can we learn about John's mother?
She lives by herself now.
She still works day and night.
She will make a plan to save money.
She used to be too busy to care for her children.
What do we know from the letter?
John has two brothers.
John is unhappy with his boss.
John has to work on Mother’s Day.
Tim will leave home for his job soon.
Which is said in the letter?
John’s father died at work.
Tim will look for a teaching job.
John bought a gift for his mother.
John hopes to take a trip with his family.

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