Help 91年第一次基測

It was very hot when we got to Kenting National Park,      we still had a good time there.
My husband      send me flowers every week before we got married. But now he never does.
used to
was going to
was afraid to

Angela: Do you know Oscar?

George: Of course. I know him very     .


Eva: What's your ideal mate like?

Ada: Well, I want a husband who      well. I enjoy eating, but I hate kitchens.

to cook

Simon: Why      Jerry and Lisa play cards with us?

Henry: Because they want to go to the movies.


Susan: Oh, no! The door and the window     !

Victor: Who could have done this?

Susan: Go in quickly and see if we've lost anything.

are breaking
have broken
were broken
will break

Bruce: When did Roger change his job?

Laura: He hasn't changed his job. He still works in the same computer store.

Bruce: But I saw him      watches on the street corner.

to sell
have sold
I live      my office, so I walk to work every morning.
out of
Victoria's little daughter has beautiful big eyes. Everyone says she is just like a pretty     .

Mark: I've got a lot of exercise these days, but still can't lose weight.

Doris: Exercise is not enough. You should also     . Eating the right foods is very important for weight control.

quit eating
start an exercise class
take some medicine
go on a diet

Louise: How does the dress look on me?

Debbie: Well, not bad, but it's a little too long. Why don't you      one in a smaller size?


Nana: Come on, let's have dinner together.

Alice: But I'm not      yet. I think I'll eat later.


Fred: That's a great song! Who      it?

Jean: Arnie did. He's my favorite singer.


Jason: When's your     ?

Lydia: At two o'clock.

Jason: Then you have to hurry! It's one-thirty already. It takes about 25 minutes to get to the station!

lunch time
new semester

Mrs. Kao: Raymond, there was a phone call for you.

Raymond: Oh? Who was it?

Mrs. Kao: I don't know, but it was a girl's     .


Ted sat next to me when we were in elementary school. He had serious problems in communicating with people. One always had to guess what he was saying. Besides, most of my classmates did not like to be with him because his hands and shirts were always dirty. I 16 let him know the importance of being clean by telling him several times a day to wash his hands. But he just could not understand.

One day, our teacher Miss Hsieh walked up to Ted. Without saying anything, she took Ted to the washroom. Slowly, Miss Hsieh washed his hands and told him that he should keep himself clean. She 17 that every day for one month. Finally, Ted understood.

Miss Hsieh's love has given me a good example to follow when I 18 my job. I always remember to teach my students by showing them the right ways to do things. And most important of all, I always remember to give them more time to learn and to grow up.

guess 猜測
washroom 盥洗室
finally 終於
tried to
am trying to
have tried to
will try to
was doing
has done
was going to do
am doing
have done
am going to do

Weight-training has become very popular all over the world in the past few years. Many years ago, weight-training classes were usually for men only, but today 19. Weight-training is now a fashionable sport for people who are interested in becoming stronger and healthier. Books and videos about weight-training 20. Any sports fan can get copies of them easily.

Before you start a weight-training class, you should remember two important things: first, you have to wear the right size clothes. It's impossible for you to enjoy weight-training if your clothes are too big or too small. 21, never show off, even to yourself. Start with a weight that is not too heavy for you. Showing off is the easiest way to get hurt. Remember, you want to be stronger and healthier. You don't want to 22 after your weight-training class.

weight-training 重量訓練
copy 一本;一份
clothes 衣服
many women can also be seen in these classes
both men and women have given up the sport
only married women spend their time on the sport
more and more men are attending weight-training classes
do not sell well in big cities
sell like cold drinks on a hot summer day
are sold only to people older than eighteen
can be found only in those bookstores next to a gym
In fact
After all
gain weight
become dangerous
be proud of yourself
be taken to the hospital

John got a letter from his girlfriend, Mary.

Dear John,

I hate to write this letter, but I think it's time for us to say goodbye. I have a new boyfriend. My love for you has died. In fact, I'm going to get married next week. With this letter I give your pictures back to you. Would you also send back mine?


After John finished reading this letter, he was sad and angry. He then collected pictures of his sisters, cousins, and some friends. He put these pictures in an envelope with a letter in it.

Dear Mary,

I'm sorry, but I have too many girlfriends. I don't remember which pictures are yours, so I send you all these. Please find yours yourself.


collect 收集
What does Mary tell John in her letter?
She wants a picture of John.
She does not love John anymore.
She wants John to write her a letter.
She decides not to get married with her new boyfriend.
Why does John send Mary the pictures of his sisters and cousins?
He wants Mary to feel bad too.
He wants Mary to know them.
He wants Mary to collect their pictures.
He wants Mary to find boyfriends for them.

Amy: Sandy, look! I've got a driver's license.

Sandy: You do? That's great! Are you going to buy a car?

Amy: Joe has ordered one for me. An AUX.

Sandy: Wow! That's a luxurious car! You've got a good husband. I've heard that it's really fashionable now to drive a blue AUX.

Amy: But mine is beige.

Sandy: Beige is beautiful too, but it's hard to keep clean, isn't it?

Amy: Don't worry. I'll have Joe wash the car every day!

driver’s license 駕照
luxurious 豪華的
What is "beige"?
A car.
A color.
A car brand.
A driver's license.
Who will keep Amy's new car clean?
Sandy's husband.
Amy herself.
Amy's husband.

Look at the bulletin board of Class 3B and answer the questions.

bulletin board 布告欄
safety 安全
What does Elsa want?
To find a cute cat.
To buy a good house.
To give a cat to a classmate.
To make friends with someone who has a cat.
David cannot find his wallet. What should he do?
Go to the police station.
Ask Ms. Chang about it.
Meet Jack in music class.
Wait at the front door of the classroom on Jan. 5.

Arnold: Hey, Julie, what's in your hand?

Julie: A book about dinosaurs. My son is a big fan of Brachiosaurus.

Arnold: Brachi... what?

Julie: Brachiosaurus. B-R-A-C-H-I-O-S-A-U-R-U-S.

Arnold: Wow, it must be a BIG animal.

Julie: It is. It's the biggest dinosaur.

Arnold: Then, what does the smallest dinosaur look like?

Julie: Here! The Compsognathus is the smallest in the dinosaur would. It's about the size of a chicken!

Arnold: Well, I'm starting to feel interested in these animals. How many kinds of dinosaurs are there?

Julie: Oh, there are so many kinds of them. For example, the Tyrannosaurus rex is very terrible because it eats other dinosaurs. And the Pterodactylus can fly like a bird! Some people say it's not a dinosaur, but it's my favorite.

Arnold: Ha! It looks very funny. What would the world look like with so many interesting dinosaurs?

Julie: Interesting? You should feel lucky that they can be seen only in the museum, not on the streets!

dinosaur 恐龍
What is the biggest dinosaur in the world?
Tyrannosaurus rex.
What is true about Arnold?
His son is a dinosaur fan.
He sells books about dinosaurs.
He is interested in knowing more kinds of dinosaurs.
He invites Julie to go to a dinosaur museum with him.
What might the Pterodactylus look like?

Read the poster and answer the questions.

rental 出租
route 路線
artist 藝術家
What does the poster want people to do?
To enjoy the town by bike.
To build a beautiful bike route.
To work in Garden Town as an artist.
To follow the traffic rules to avoid accidents.
After a nice afternoon tea in Sunny Park, Howard wants to take the bicycle back to Long Leg. What is the shortest route for him?
Go along Fifth Street, and turn left at QAC corner.
Go along First Street, and turn right at Blue Square.
Go along River Road, and turn left on Second Street.
Go along Spring Road for three blocks, and turn right on Fifth Street.

Here is an examination notice Mrs. Dickson gave to her students last week. Read it and answer the questions.

notice 公告
held (原形為 hold) 舉行
Who could not take the English exam?
Nancy. She wore her sports shoes on June 22.
Richard. He did not have breakfast before the exam.
Wendy. She forgot to take an English dictionary with her.
Tony. He went to school at 9:50 on the morning of June 22.
Where was Class 3A at 8:30 A.M., June 23?
In the gym.
In their classroom.
In the Piano Room.
At the Teachers' Office.
When were the written tests held?
Only on the morning of June 22.
Only on the morning of June 23.
On the morning and afternoon of June 22.
On the morning and afternoon of June 23.

October 12

Dear Bill,

Long time no see!

I just came back to Taipei from Europe. 20 hours on the plane really made me tired.

I knew about Typhoon Melissa from the TV news. On TV, I saw many houses in Kaohsiung were damaged. Are you O.K. down there?

The weather in the mountains of Europe was very different from the weather in Taiwan. It was just early October, but it started to snow in the places I stayed.

Still, my trip to Europe was great fun. Before I went, I was worried about the language. I can't speak German or French. But I was surprised to find that English was still useful there! I spoke to people without any problem, and I even made some new friends on the train!

Perhaps I will go to Spain next summer. Will you join me?

Your friend,


damage 毀損
snow 下雪
Where does Bill live?
In Spain.
In Taipei.
In Germany.
In Kaohsiung.
What was the weather like in the mountains when Alex was there?
It rained a lot.
It changed a lot.
It was winter already.
There was a terrible typhoon.
What is true about Alex's experience in Europe?
He was always worried about the weather.
He enjoyed it and would like to go there again.
He was invited to the homes of his new foreign friends.
He learned some English from a language school there.

Reading is an activity people enjoy a lot in their free time. Some like reading newspapers, and others enjoy novels or comic books. I like reading about the lives of great people. This always gives me a lot of ideas on how to make my own life better.

Great people are remembered not because they were handsome or beautiful, but because they did not give up when their lives were difficult. They used every opportunity to change their lives and make the world better.

One good example is Orville and Wilbur Wright, the two brothers who invented the airplane. The plane has made the world into a small village. Hard work, not good luck, is the reason why the Wright Brothers could invent this convenient machine and become remarkable people. Today we still remember them when we see planes in the sky.

When I feel sad, stories of great people always help me feel better. This is why I enjoy reading about great people's lives.

invent 發明
reason 原因
What does "This" mean in the first paragraph?
paragraph 段落
Being a great person.
Living in a special way.
Reading about the lives of great people.
Reading newspapers, novels, or comic books.
Which book might the writer be most interested in?
writer 作者
How to Build a Strong Plane
Ten Books That Have Made Our World Better
Use Every Opportunity to Read in Your Free Time
Michael Jordan: The Man Who Changed Basketball History
What does "remarkable" mean in the third paragraph?
Nice and polite.
Tall and handsome.
Special and famous.
Lucky and interesting.

Karen Finley was born in the U.S. in 1956. When she was only fourteen, she became interested in performing. She graduated from a performing arts school in 1981 and then began to perform in theaters. In her performances, she showed people some of the problems in the world.

Karen's The Constant State of Desire was first performed at The Kitchen in New York City in 1986. In this performance she wanted people to notice some of the difficult experiences women have because of men. It soon became controversial. Many people did not feel comfortable with the performance. They thought that Karen hated men too much and was out of control. She was strongly criticized by the newspapers. But some other people thought differently and spoke for her. They said that they felt the experiences Karen showed in this performance were true to life.

Karen hoped that people would think about the sad stories that happen every day. She believed people would understand her and learn some lessons if they could "read" her performances more carefully.

perform, performance 表演
controversial 備受爭議的
According to the reading, what might "The Kitchen" be?
according to 根據
A theater.
A restaurant.
A newspaper.
A performance.
According to the reading, why would The Constant State of Desire be controversial?
It seriously criticized men.
Karen was not well prepared.
The women who performed with Karen were out of control.
Karen said something bad about newspapers during the performance.
What did Karen Finley want to do by performing?
To make more friends.
To become a superstar.
To show people her ideas.
To make money for poor women.

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