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Pomona students have everyone's ears now

Thanks to a speech by President Obama, a class video on the effects of the recession, 'Is Anyone Listening,' has the nation talking.

source: Los Angeles Times

Chris Schultz breaks down as he worries that his younger brothers will become homeless because his family is four months behind in rent.

Evelyn Aguilar's home was foreclosed, so her family is among a dozen people sharing a one-bedroom apartment.

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 homeless中高級[形容詞] 無家的;無家可歸的; [名詞] 無家可歸的人; homeless(無家可歸的人) 的複數; home(家) 的衍生的形容詞
 recession中級[名詞] 衰退
 will中級[動詞] 將;願,要;能;願意; will(將;願,要;能;願意) 的第三人稱單數現在式; [助動詞] 將; [名詞] 意志;決心;遺囑