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acutely, analysis, characterizes, China, era, even, largely, monitor, monstrous, trillion

Nouriel Roubini

By Paul Krugman

source: Time Inc.

Krugman, the winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Economics, teaches economics and international affairs at Princeton University

Fast Fact: Born in Turkey, Roubini has also lived in Italy, Iran and the U.S. He speaks fluent Farsi, Hebrew, English and Italian




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Nouriel Roubini was right. At a time when the likes of Alan Greenspan were dismissing concerns about excessive home prices and declaring that banks were stronger than ever, Roubini warned that there was a monstrous bubble in the housing market and that the bursting of that bubble would cause much of the financial system to collapse. And so it has turned out, with even the most seemingly outlandish of Roubini's predictions matched or even exceeded by reality.

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 bubble中級[動詞] 沸騰;冒泡; [名詞] 水泡,氣泡
 collapse中級[動詞] 倒塌; [名詞] 倒塌
 declaring中級declare(宣佈,宣告) 的現在分詞
 dismissing中級dismiss(解散,遣散;解雇;開除) 的現在分詞
 even中級[形容詞] 均勻的;偶數的;平手的; [動詞] 使平坦;弄平;使相等; [副詞] 即使
 exceeded中高級exceed(超過;勝過) 的過去式及過去分詞
 excessive中高級[形容詞] 過度的;極度的
 financial中級[形容詞] 財政的;金融的
 housing中級house(給...房子住) 的現在分詞; [名詞] 房屋,住宅
 monstrous中高級[形容詞] 怪異的;駭人聽聞的;巨大的
 predictions中級prediction(預言;預報) 的複數
 reality中級[名詞] 現實;真實
 seemingly中高級[副詞] 表面上;似乎是
 warned中級warn(警告) 的過去式及過去分詞