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Medical Tourism: Everybody's Guide to Affordable World-Class Medical Travel

At least 28 countries cater to international health travelers. Why it's a growing trend
By Josef Woodman

source: U.S. News & World Report

Last year, more than 180,000 Americans packed their bags and headed overseas for nearly every imaginable type of medical treatment: tummy tucks in Brazil, heart valve replacements in Thailand, hip resurfacing surgeries in India, addiction recovery in Antigua, fertility diagnosis and treatments in South Africa, thalassotherapy in Hungary, or restorative dentistry in Mexico.

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 addiction中高級[名詞] 沈溺;上癮
 cater中高級[動詞] 承辦宴席;迎合
 diagnosis中高級[名詞] 診斷;診斷書;調查分析
 fertility中高級[名詞] 肥沃;繁殖力
 imaginable中級[形容詞] 能想像的
 India中級[名詞] 印度
 last中級[形容詞] 最後的; [動詞] 持續; [副詞] 最後地; [名詞] 最後的人(或東西);最後;上回
 medical中級[形容詞] 醫學的;醫術的;醫療的
 packed中高級[形容詞] 塞得滿滿的,擁擠的; pack(包裝) 的過去式及過去分詞
 recovery中級[名詞] 恢復,復甦;復元,痊癒
 replacements中高級replacement(取代;接替) 的複數
 surgeries中級surgery((外科)手術) 的複數
 tourism中級[名詞] 旅遊,觀光
 travelers中級traveler(旅客;遊客) 的複數
 trend中級[名詞] 趨勢,傾向;時尚
 tucks中高級tuck(把...塞進;使有褶襉) 的第三人稱單數現在式; tuck((衣服等的)褶襉;打褶) 的複數
 valve中高級[名詞] 活門;瓣膜;活栓