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adapted, happily, might, nonsense, saw, tales, transformed, tucked, up, way

The Frog Prince

The information and images on this page were adapted for on-line use from the book Once Upon a Time...Collection of Favorite Fairy Tales published by Tormont Publications

source: Kid's Zone



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Once upon a time, there lived a princess who adored objects made of gold. Her favorite toy in the world was a golden ball.

On hot days, she liked to sit beside an old well in the cool forest, tossing the ball in the air. One day, the ball slipped from her fingers into the well, which was so deep that the princess could not see the bottom.

"Oh dear! I'll never find it!" the princess said, and she began to cry.

Suddenly, a voice called out from below.

"What's the matter, beautiful princess? Why are you crying?"

The princess looked all around but couldn't see anyone.

"Down here, " said the little voice.

The princess looked down and saw a green frog poking its head out of the water.

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 adapted中級adapt(使適應;使適合,改編;改造) 的過去式及過去分詞
 adored中高級adore(崇拜;愛慕) 的過去式及過去分詞
 fairy中級[形容詞] 小妖精(似)的;優雅的; [名詞] 小妖精;仙女
 oh中級[感歎詞] 哦,啊,哎呀;喂,噢
 poking中高級poke(戳;捅;撥弄) 的現在分詞
 publications中級publication(出版;發表,宣佈) 的複數
 published中級publish(出版;發行;刊載) 的過去式及過去分詞
 saw中級[動詞] 鋸;鋸開; see(看見) 的過去式; [名詞] 鋸子;鋸條
 tales中級tale(故事,傳說;謊話) 的複數
 tossing中級toss(拋,扔,投) 的現在分詞
 well中級[形容詞] 健康的; [副詞] 很好地;充分地; [感歎詞] 啊;那麼; [名詞] 井,水井;採光井;通風井