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agenda, compassion, demonstrates, devotes, fortunate, hardship, heroic, intense, reform, tragedy

Edward Kennedy

By Arnold Schwarzenegger

source: Times Inc.

Schwarzenegger is the Republican governor of California and is married to Maria Shriver, the Senator's niece

Fast Fact: In a recent survey by the Hill newspaper, Kennedy's GOP colleagues ranked him No. 1 among Democrats for bipartisanship




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How do I describe Uncle Teddy? Everyone knows him as the Lion of the Senate, a liberal icon, a warrior for the less fortunate, a fierce advocate for health-care reform, a champion of social justice here and abroad and now even a Knight of the British Empire. But I know him as the rock of his family: a loving husband, father, brother and uncle. He's a man of great faith and character.

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 champion第三級[動詞] 擁護,支持; [名詞] 優勝者,冠軍
 empire第四級[名詞] 帝國
 faith第三級[名詞] 信念;信任,完全信賴
 fierce第四級[形容詞] 兇猛的;殘酷的
 fortunate第四級[形容詞] 幸運的,僥倖的
 justice第三級[名詞] 正義;公平
 knight第三級[動詞] 封...為爵士,授...以爵士位; [名詞] 騎士,武士;護衛者
 liberal第三級[形容詞] 自由主義的; [名詞] 自由主義者
 reform第四級[動詞] 改革,革新; [名詞] 改革,改良