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absolutely, aisles, commodity, consumers, including, layers, ounce, protest, setting, surging

On store shelves, stealthy shrinking of containers keeps prices from rising

Quantities of peanut butter, soap and other products are reduced to keep up with rising costs. Shoppers may not know they're getting less for their money.
By Jerry Hirsch

source: Los Angeles Times


It is hard to spot what happened this year in the peanut butter aisles of local supermarkets.

But a careful look at the jars of Skippy on the shelves may reveal a surprise. The prices are about the same, but the jars are getting smaller.

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 containers第四級container(容器) 的複數
 jars第三級jar(罐,罈) 的複數
 products第三級product(產品) 的複數
 reduced第三級reduce(減少;縮小;降低) 的過去式及過去分詞
 reveal第三級[動詞] 展現,顯露出
 shrinking第三級shrink(縮短,皺縮) 的現在分詞