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Providing an edge in college admissions

Like many high school teachers, Rod Ziolkowski has spent weeks writing recommendations for his students. His letters can help make the difference between acceptance and rejection.

source: By Carla Rivera, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer


college admissions -- 大學入學許可。 edge -- 優勢。

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Science teacher Rod Ziolkowski is spending his winter break working, just as he did Thanksgiving and practically every evening and weekend since the fall. Ziolkowski, dedicated as he is, is not preparing lesson plans but writing college recommendations for his students at Whitney High School in Cerritos. He expects to crank out 100 or more letters by the time admissions deadlines arrive in January.

"fall" 秋天,學校一般在九月初開學。"crank out" 指機械式地、快速地生產。

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 acceptance第四級[名詞] 接受;領受;(票據等的)承兌,認付
 admissions第四級admission(進入許可;入場費;承認) 的複數
 college第三級[名詞] 學院;大學
 deadlines第四級deadline(最後限期) 的複數
 practically第三級practical(實用的) 的衍生的副詞
 rejection第四級[名詞] 拒絕;退回