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Young, educated and jobless in China

With millions graduating from college each year and few jobs awaiting them, the country's central planners worry that a mass social experiment that created a class of professionals is backfiring.

source: Los Angeles Times

右圖: College graduates attend a job fair in Guangzhou, China, in December. China has about 3 million jobless or underemployed grads, whose growing restlessness is making Beijing nervous. (Associated Press)

Reporting from Beijing - Six months after graduating from university, Guan Jian was unemployed and living in an 8-by-8-foot rented room on the fringes of this sprawling capital.

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 awaiting第四級await(等候,期待) 的現在分詞
 capital第三級[形容詞] 可處死刑的; [名詞] 首都;首府;資本
 China第三級[名詞] 中國
 college第三級[名詞] 學院;大學
 educated第三級[形容詞] 受過教育的;根據知識或經驗的; educate(教育) 的過去式及過去分詞
 experiment第三級[動詞] 進行實驗,試驗; [名詞] 實驗;試驗
 graduating第三級graduate(畢業) 的現在分詞
 professionals第四級professional(專家,內行) 的複數
 rented第三級rent(租) 的過去式及過去分詞
 university第四級[名詞] 大學