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Arthur Fry

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source: Wikipedia

Arthur Fry (born 1931) is a retired United States inventor and scientist. He is credited as the co-creator of the Post-it note, an item of office stationery manufactured by 3M. As of 2006, Post-it note products are sold in more than 100 countries.

Fry was born in Minnesota, and subsequently lived in Iowa and Kansas City. He received his early education in a one-room rural schoolhouse. During his childhood, he reputedly made his first foray into engineering by building toboggans from scrap lumber. He went on from those early efforts to study chemical engineering at the University of Minnesota. He has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

In 1953, while still enrolled in undergraduate school, Fry took a job at 3M (then called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company) as a new product development researcher. He worked in new product development throughout his career at 3M until his retirement in the early 1990s.

"schoolhouse" 校舍。 "reputedly" 據說;一般認為。 "toboggan" 平底雪橇。

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 career第四級[名詞] 職業;生涯;歷程
 childhood第三級[名詞] 幼時
 creator第三級[名詞] 創造者;創作者
 credited第三級credit(把...記入貸方) 的過去式及過去分詞
 engineering第四級[名詞] 工程;工程學
 fry第三級[動詞] 油炸; [名詞] 炸薯條; fry(炸薯條) 的複數
 inventor第三級[名詞] 發明家
 manufactured第四級manufacture((大量)製造,加工) 的過去式及過去分詞
 manufacturing第四級manufacture((大量)製造,加工) 的現在分詞
 product第三級[名詞] 產品
 products第三級product(產品) 的複數
 researcher第四級[名詞] 研究員;調查者
 retired第四級[形容詞] 退休的; retire(退休;退役) 的過去式及過去分詞
 retirement第四級[名詞] 退休
 rural第四級[形容詞] 農村的;田園的
 united第三級[形容詞] 聯合的; unite(統一;使團結) 的過去式及過去分詞
 university第四級[名詞] 大學