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boom, consumer, contributed, migrant, mostly, shuttered, spur, transform, utterly, vast

Chinese toy makers' struggles dim Christmas joy

In Dongguan, where many of Santa's gifts are really made, nearly half of the 3,800 toy factories have closed or plan to. That's left a vast number of workers, mostly migrants, without jobs.
By Barbara Demick
December 25, 2008

source: Los Angeles Times


Reporting from Dongguan, China -- Growing up in the Chinese countryside with only an elementary school education, Yang Yanjun had never heard of Christmas until she landed a job painting pink-cheeked cherubs to decorate trees.

But Christmas proved to be a miraculous holiday that would utterly transform her life. Over a decade, she worked in factories producing ornaments and toys that foreign children were told came from Santa's workshops. She earned up to $200 a month, unimaginable riches that allowed her to build a house for her family back home.

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 China第三級[名詞] 中國
 decade第三級[名詞] 十;十年
 dim第三級[形容詞] 微暗的;暗淡的; [動詞] 變暗淡;變模糊
 elementary第四級[形容詞] 基本的;初級的,基礎的
 mostly第四級[副詞] 一般地,通常
 transform第四級[動詞] 使改變;使轉化
 vast第四級[形容詞] 廣闊的,浩瀚的;非常的