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assembled, bouncing, crammed, emphasis, feast, invasion, lightened, mumbled, slamming, swarming

Rainbow Country

A war between rhinos and Rainbow Country animals is about to break out. Which side will win?

source: 台灣測驗中心

一場犀牛跟彩虹動物之戰即將展開, 哪一方將取得勝利呢?

A long time ago, deep in a beautiful forest beyond the horizon, there lived many animals called the Rainbow Animals. The Rainbow Animals looked ordinary, as you see anywhere in our land; the difference was that their fur was in rainbow colors. Also, they could talk.

The animals lived peacefully in Rainbow Country, but to the south there was a country that did not wish for peace. This was Rhino Country, and it was populated by some of the meanest rhinos you could ever find. They constantly sent raiding parties over the border.

After the latest raid had robbed several squirrels of the hard-earned nuts they had been storing for winter, a lion called for a meeting. All the Rainbow Animals gathered in a glade.

These attacks can’t go on much longer,” said the lion. “It’s time we fought back against Rhino Country.”

The larger animals chattered excitedly. The smaller ones looked at each other and gulped.

I don’t want to be trampled by rhinos!” squeaked an iguana. “I’d be scared to death, too!”

That’s the trouble with iguanas,” snorted an elephant. “They just want to lie around and bask in the sun all day.”

At least we don’t make the ground shake when we walk,” said the iguana. “The other day, I almost fell off my favorite rock because of you!”

The elephant beamed proudly.

Enough!” roared a bear.


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 beamed第三級beam(以樑支撐;用...照射) 的過去式及過去分詞
 border第三級[動詞] 毗鄰,接界; [名詞] 邊緣;邊境
 constantly第三級constant(固定的,不變的) 的衍生的副詞
 fur第三級[名詞] 軟毛;毛皮製品
 ground第四級[動詞] 使擱淺;使停飛;依靠,根據,基於; grind(磨(碎)) 的過去式及過去分詞; [名詞] 地面
 horizon第四級[名詞] 地平線
 roared第三級roar(吼叫;大聲叫喊;狂笑) 的過去式及過去分詞
 robbed第三級rob(搶劫) 的過去式及過去分詞