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administration, assets, bolts, crumbling, generated, lest, mastery, purchase, ultimately, understandable

Paul Krugman

By Mark Zandi

source: Times Inc.


Zandi is the chief economist at Moody's

Fast Fact: Krugman, a cat lover and literature lover, named one of his cats Doris Lessing, after another Nobel laureate


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Not since the Great Depression has our nation suffered such financial hardship. We are angry, depressed and scared. And we want to know how we are going to get out of this mess. No one is better at giving voice to all this than Paul Krugman.

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 depressed第四級[形容詞] 沮喪的,消沈的,憂鬱的; depress(使沮喪) 的過去式及過去分詞
 depression第四級[名詞] 沮喪,意氣消沈
 financial第四級[形容詞] 財政的;金融的
 hardship第四級[名詞] 艱難,困苦