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accusation, clarity

Daughter's 'crashing' habit clashes with dad

Ask Amy | Amy Dickinson
July 23, 2009

source: Chicago Tribune

Dear Amy: My daughter turned 18 in May. She has recently met a guy who is also 18 and lives with his 21-year-old brother in an apartment.

My daughter has been spending the night there several times a week.

When I voiced my displeasure, she explained that I'm old-fashioned. She says this is what kids do when they turn 18: "They crash at each other's apartments."

She still lives at home and will leave for college in September.

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 clashes第四級clash(砰地相碰撞) 的第三人稱單數現在式; clash(碰撞聲,鏗鏘聲) 的複數