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Networking? Here's How to Stand Out

source: The Wall Street Journal

Fans of Bruce Mount sang his praises to BzzAgent before he applied to become vice president of engineering of the Boston word-of-mouth marketer.

In late June, the software-development manager asked nearly two dozen present and past colleagues to tout his abilities. "Even one sentence will help!" he assured them. Their testimonials ranged from a brief haiku to a multipage missive dubbing him "a freakin' goldmine of knowledge, ingenuity and kindness."

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 assured第四級[形容詞] 確定的;得到保證的;自信的; assure(向...保證,擔保) 的過去式及過去分詞
 colleagues第五級colleague(同事,同僚) 的複數
 engineering第四級[名詞] 工程;工程學
 ingenuity第六級[名詞] 心靈手巧;獨創性;足智多謀
 mount第五級[動詞] 登上;騎上;鑲嵌;發動(攻勢); [名詞] 騎;可乘騎的東西;底座;山丘
 software第四級[名詞] 軟體
 vice第六級[名詞] 惡;罪行;惡習