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computing, fluid, magnifying, output, overlap, rugged, scan, series, specimens, suspended

Caltech researchers create a 'microscope on a chip'

The lensless device works with a light-sensing chip to construct two-dimensional images and could be rugged and portable.
By Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

source: L.A. Times


右圖: An on-chip implementation of the optofluidic microscope.
(Credit: Changhuei Yang, California Institute of Technology)

Caltech researchers have developed a "microscope on a chip" using an inexpensive lensless magnifying system that relies on a light-sensing chip to achieve the resolving power of a conventional microscope costing thousands of times more.

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 construct第四級[動詞] 建造,構成; [名詞] 構想;概念
 conventional第四級[形容詞] 習慣的,慣例的
 device第四級[名詞] 儀器,裝置
 magnifying第五級magnify(放大;擴大;誇張) 的現在分詞
 microscope第四級[名詞] 顯微鏡
 portable第四級[形容詞] 手提式的;輕便的; [名詞] 手提式製品
 researchers第四級researcher(研究員;調查者) 的複數
 resolving第四級resolve(解決,解答;使分解) 的現在分詞
 rugged第五級[形容詞] 高低不平的;粗糙的;粗線條的