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belongings, contestant, organizer, outfits, restrained, supplemented, swap, wardrobe, wig, wigs

What's in Your Closet:

Sara Blakely walks us through her colorful and whimsical wardrobe

source: WSJ Digital Network

Sara Blakely, in a red Zac Posen dress and cowboy hat made by Spanx CEO Laurie Ann Goldman, stands in her closet in front of her shoe collection.

"You won't see very many clothes in my closet because I give so much away," says Ms. Blakely, who has also created the Sara Blakely Foundation to support female entrepreneurs.

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 foundation第四級[名詞] 建立,創辦;基礎;基金會
 very第四級[形容詞] 正是;恰好是;僅僅; [副詞] 很;非常
 wardrobe第六級[名詞] 衣櫃;(個人的)全部服裝