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Diamonds: A Girl’s Best Path to Selflessness?

Published: September 5, 2008

source: The New York Times

“It’s the story of 13 women who transformed a symbol of exclusivity into a symbol of inclusivity and, in the process, remapped the journey through the second half of their lives,”

"The Necklace" 此書描寫:有13個女人將一條鑽石項鍊,原本是獨享、排他性的代表,轉變為分享、包容性的物品;並且在轉變的過程中,改變了自己的人生。

One day at a mall in Ventura, Calif., a real estate agent named Jonell McLain had a retail epiphany. She had just sold a house and wanted to buy her clients a box of candy. Honestly that was all. That was the only reason she was out shopping.

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 agent第四級[名詞] 代理人;代理商
 estate第五級[名詞] 地產
 published第四級publish(出版;發行;刊載) 的過去式及過去分詞
 retail第六級[形容詞] 零售的; [動詞] 以零售方式;以零售價格; [副詞] 以零售方式;以零售價格; [名詞] 零售