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affirms, applaud, compassion, inhabit, marvel, presidency, salute, senator

Michelle Obama

By Oprah Winfrey

source: Times Inc.

Winfrey is a global media leader and international philanthropist

Fast Fact: Michelle Obama's undergraduate thesis for Princeton examined the sometimes isolating experience of being black in the Ivy League



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Michelle Obama doesn't just inspire us. She affirms us with her intelligence, authenticity, depth and compassion. We see the best of ourselves in her and marvel that no matter what she's doing, she brings 100% of herself to the experience.

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 affirms第六級affirm(斷言;申明;堅稱) 的第三人稱單數現在式
 compassion第五級[名詞] 憐憫;同情
 inspire第四級[動詞] 鼓舞
 intelligence第四級[名詞] 智能;智慧;理解力
 marvel第五級[動詞] 感到驚訝;感到好奇; [名詞] 令人驚奇的事物(或人物)