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ceremony, minimal, rotates, upgraded, upgrades

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

The cable cars take about 5-10 minutes to reach the top of the mountain and they travel at a speed of up to 10 meters per second.

source: Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Table Mountain 是一座上方平坦的山,因俯視南非開普敦 (Cape Town) 而成為著名的地標。它吸引了眾多遊客,可經由纜車,攀登山頂。

"cable way" - 空中索道。 Table Mountain的空中索道在1926年動工,1929年完成。至2008年11月20日,訪客已達一千八百萬人次。

History of the Cableway

  • The Cableway was first built almost 79 years ago. On 4 October 1929 the Cableway opened its doors to its first visitors. The opening ceremony, led by the then mayor of Cape Town, drew 200 guests.
  • Since then three upgrades have taken place, with the most recent in October 1997.

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 cape第四級[名詞] 岬,海角
 ceremony第五級[名詞] 儀式,典禮
 upgrades第六級upgrade(上坡; 使升級) 的第三人稱單數現在式; upgrade(上坡;升級) 的複數