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A guide for Americans seeking affordable medical treatment abroad

Improving quality and bargain prices are luring U.S. patients to developing countries for increasingly sophisticated procedures.
By Marla Dickerson

source: Los Angeles Time


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When Andy Dijak injured his right knee playing tennis, he wasn't surprised that he needed surgery. "It swelled up like a balloon," said the 50-year-old West Lake resident. ¶ The real shocker was the price tag: $12,000 to $15,000 to repair tattered cartilage. Dijak, a creative director for an entertainment company, has no health insurance, so he started shopping for a deal. ¶ He found it in the northern Mexico city of Monterrey at Christus Muguerza High Specialty Hospital, owned by Dallas-based Christus Health. Here, the staff treated him more like a big shot than a bargain hunter. An English-speaking employee picked him up at the airport. Dijak recuperated in a private hospital room with a flat-screen television and a view of the peaks of the Sierra Madre. His surgeon recorded the operation on video and gave Dijak a DVD copy for his peace of mind. ¶ Total cost, including airfare: $4,500. ¶ "I got better care there than I would have in the United States, unless I were a billionaire," he said. ¶ Americans have long been willing to leave the country for bargain face-lifts and cut-rate dentistry. But now the availability of top-notch medical services at low cost is enticing a growing number of U.S. patients to developing nations for more sophisticated procedures. Most, like Dijak, are obtaining elective surgeries for ailments that aren't life-threatening. Increasingly, they are seeking treatment for more serious conditions, including heart maladies and cancer.

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 bargain第四級[動詞] 討價還價; [名詞] 交易;廉價
 DVD第四級[縮寫] 光碟
 entertainment第四級[名詞] 招待,款待; 演藝界
 including第四級include(包含) 的現在分詞; [介系詞] 包括
 insurance第四級[名詞] 保險;保險契約
 luring第六級lure(誘惑;以誘餌吸引) 的現在分詞
 obtaining第四級obtain(得到,獲得) 的現在分詞
 operation第四級[名詞] 手術;操作
 procedures第四級procedure(程序;手續;步驟) 的複數
 resident第五級[形容詞] 居住的,定居的;常駐的; [名詞] 居民;住院醫生
 sophisticated第六級[形容詞] 老於世故的;精通的;精密的
 specialty第六級[名詞] 專業;專長
 surgeon第四級[名詞] 外科醫生
 surgeries第四級surgery((外科)手術) 的複數
 surgery第四級[名詞] (外科)手術