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characterize, decisively, dedicate, dedication, dwelling, inquiry, penetrating, recommend, scraping, script

The Life and Work of Professor Roy Millen

Robert Penn Warren (1905 - 1989)

source: The Circus in the Attic (1948)

Robert Penn Warren 於 1905 誕生於肯塔基州。他是唯一能夠在「小說」與「詩」兩大領域裡贏得普立茲獎的人。他最有名的著作是1946年寫的 "All the King's Men"。 這本書在1949年被拍成電影《當代奸雄》,並獲得當年奧斯卡最佳影片、最佳男主角和最佳男配角等三大巨獎。 本文則是摘錄自他1968年寫的短篇小說集 "The Circus in the Attic ".

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Professor Roy Millen had loved his wife devotedly, and now she was dead. ..... He made his plans to go abroad, to England, to work in the libraries there, as he and his wife had planned. It was what she should have him do, he told himself. And the book would be a kind of monument to her. He would dedicate the book to her. As he walked slowly back from the campus to his house in the late afternoons or early evenings of spring, he would try to compose the dedication. saying the words aloud to himself as he looked up at the paling, peach-colored sky beyond the newly leafed branches. He had decided to sail in June, as soon as he could leave after commencement.

"had loved" 用過去完成式,表示在他太太過逝之前。 devotedly 是由動詞 devote (奉獻) 的過去式 devoted (把自己奉獻給),化成的副詞。

"...should have him do" 假如她活著的話,“她該會使他這樣做的",指到英國圖書館去研究。

"monument" 紀念碑, 他的書將用以紀念他的妻子。 "a kind of" 好像是。 "dedicate" 獻給。"The book would ...", "He would dedicate..."這兩句的 would 表示將來。 "He would try ..."的 would 表示他的習慣:那年春天,每當黃昏薄暮,他慢慢步行回家的時候,"他總要..."。

"compose" (在心裡)擬(稿子)。dedication (卷首的)獻詞。"paling" pale 的現在分詞,"顏色在淡下去" 形容"sky"。"newly leafed" 剛長出樹葉的。 介系詞 "beyond"用得非常好, 來形容:天在樹外,紅綠相映,夕陽春光,各得其所。"commencement" 畢業典禮。 "sail" 搭船去(英國)。

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 compose第四級[動詞] 作(詩,曲等);構(圖)
 dedicate第六級[動詞] 奉獻;獻身於;舉行落成典禮
 dedication第六級[名詞] 奉獻;揭幕儀式;獻身
 monument第四級[名詞] 紀念碑,紀念塔,紀念館
 professor第四級[名詞] 教授