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3-D printers are beginning to make an impression

3-D printers, which can make plastic objects, have long been used in industry but are creeping into the consumer market.
By Shan Li

source: Los Angeles Times

Diego Porqueras' Deezmaker store in Pasadena is a geeky version of Santa's workshop, brimming with action figures, chess pieces and jewelry.

But instead of relying on elves, Porqueras has built his own one-man factory using 3-D printers capable of churning out plastic objects within a few hours. He sells the printers, which go for as little as $650, at the shop, which opened in September in a strip mall.

The 37-year-old entrepreneur is part of an emerging industry for affordable 3-D printers. The technology has long been used in the aerospace and automotive industries, among others, to create prototypes, but has slowly crept into the consumer market with simplified printers that can be had for a few hundred or thousand dollars.

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 consumer第四級[名詞] 消費者;消耗者
 emerging第四級emerge(浮現;出現) 的現在分詞
 impression第四級[名詞] 印象
 simplified第六級simplify(簡化,精簡;使單純;使平易) 的過去式及過去分詞
 version第六級[名詞] 譯文;版本
 workshop第五級[名詞] 作坊;研討會