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L.A. Affairs: Suddenly, it's unfriendly territory

Their love played out in Malibu, the Santa Monica Pier and other Westside spots. But after the breakup, that area became his no-man's land.
By Darren Manley
October 13, 2012

source: Los Angeles Times

affair - n. 戀愛事件, 風流韻事。affair 是可數名詞。 L.A. Affairs 是指在洛杉磯發生的戀愛事件集錦。

When you get dumped, not only do you lose the person you loved, you also lose the places where that love played out. Spots that once welcomed you become enemy territory — collateral damage that takes years to repair.

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 breakup第六級[名詞] 分裂;關係破裂;解體
 pier第五級[名詞] 碼頭;防波堤