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What gifts to bring to a nation that makes everything?

When Chinese Americans visit family and friends in their homeland, gifts from the U.S. are a must. But TVs and fashionable clothes aren't rare anymore, and anything 'Made in China' won't do.

source: Los Angeles Times

George Bao sifts through ginseng products to bring back to his 82-year-old mother in China. Vitamins and nutritional supplements are among a dwindling list of prized gifts people can bring from the U.S. for friends and relatives. (Ricardo DeAratanha, Los Angeles Times / June 20, 2010)

George Bao felt like a rich man the first time he flew back to China from America.

He had so many gifts for his family and friends, he was lugging eight cardboard boxes in addition to his suitcase. That was in the 1980s, when flights weren't crowded. The airline didn't even charge him for the extra luggage.

As for what the gifts were, the memory makes him laugh. He had brought secondhand clothes scavenged from yard sales

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 cardboard第五級[名詞] 硬紙板;卡紙板
 homeland第四級[名詞] 祖國;家鄉
 suitcase第五級[名詞] 小型旅行箱;手提箱