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accessories, blurring, feminine, sneaker, sneakers, transition, yoga

Fit into fashion: sports-inspired clothes for more than just workouts

By Melissa Magsaysay

source: Los Angeles Times


Fit into fashion, 好漂亮的雙關語! fit 是動詞,取名詞 fitness 「健身」之意,fit into fashion 既時尚, 又健康。

Don’t be surprised to see people break out of the pack this spring by wearing satin shoes in step class or reflective-foil marathon jackets at the mall. Several designers are infusing fashion into clothing and accessories that are meant for the street, but inspired by sport. The result? Multipurpose pieces that make a chic transition from running on the treadmill to running errands and maybe even fill the bill for a casual business meeting.

Sergio Rossi Puma sneaker, $225

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 accessories第六級accessory(附件;配件;從犯) 的複數
 errands第四級errand(差事,差使) 的複數
 foil第五級[動詞] 貼箔;打破(計謀); [名詞] 箔;花劍劍術
 inspired第四級inspire(鼓舞) 的過去式及過去分詞
 marathon第四級[名詞] 馬拉松賽跑
 reflective第六級[形容詞] 反射的;沈思的;反映的
 sneaker第五級[名詞] 運動鞋
 transition第六級[名詞] 過渡;過渡時期;轉變