I was jogging with my dog this morning when I saw John Archer at a street corner. He was sitting on a bike with one of his feet on the ground. "He's waiting for someone," I thought. John and I were both in the ninth grade. He was a basketball player on our school team and was very popular with many girls. But I never talked to him before. He was not my type.

John saw me, too. He smiled. For a moment I thought he was smiling at someone else. But he was not. "Hi, Mary Jones," he said to me. "You have a cute little dog." I smiled but did not say anything, because I did not know what to say. "I'm here waiting for you. Would you...would you like to go to the movies with me?" he asked. I was very surprised. I never thought he would do this, and I never thought about going out with him.

I said "no," of course. But he seemed nice and friendly. Maybe I would go to watch him play basketball some day.

corner 角落
my type 我喜歡的類型
seem 似乎
What was John doing on the street when Mary saw him?
Waiting for someone.
Talking to a girl.
Riding a bicycle.
What does this mean in the second paragraph?
paragraph 段落
Smiling at Mary's dog.
Being surprised to see Mary.
Asking Mary to go to a movie.
Playing basketball with Mary.
What do we know about John and Mary from the reading?
They are both interested in movies.
They are in the same school.
They both enjoy jogging in the morning.
They like each other very much.