Jerry Stevens has been unhappy these months. He 1 a proud businessman of a successful shaved ice shop. His highest sales numbers were 1,899 plates a week; people called himIce King.But all this changed when the cookie shop across the street started selling ice cream cookies. It took away half of his business.

And 2 when Dan, his dead sister’s only son, came to work for him.

Dan was a nice young man with a simple mind, too simple, maybe. He always let people try some shaved ice for free, but he never learned to see whensomebecametoo much.Many people came, but few bought. When the sales did not grow with the heat, Jerry started to worry. He wanted to send Dan home. But how could he? Dan had no family except him.

Then, one day, 3 . And it was from across the street. The cookie shop 4 a clerk. For Jerry, it was a great chance to get Dan out of his store without sending him home. After taking the shopkeeper to several nice dinners, Jerry got Dan the job.

Now Jerry could finally try and save his store. And maybe Dan would help by sending him a few people who are thirsty from eating too many cookies.

shaved ice 刨冰
was going to be
used to be
has been
the sales of shaved ice finally started to rise
he was ready to give up
things didn’t get better
the cookie shop was not successful for long
good news arrived
his only hope died
the hard time passed
worse trouble came
used to look for
has looked for
had looked for
was looking for