Here is the preface of Nick Foster’s new book Married to Food.


My mother was lousy at cooking. To her, cooking was more like an exciting experiment. You put some of this and some of that in a pot, and you wait and see what will happen.No experiments, no what she would say when her experiment did not turn out good, and I heard that a lot.

My father was a good cook, and he loved to cook, too. He often said that he got my mother to marry him with a table of delicious food, not with a beautiful ring.A family needs only one good cook,” he said.

Now I am a cook myself. And I have my own restaurant. I learned how to cook from my father, of course. From him, I learned the art of cooking. But I did learn one thing from my mother. It’s her famous saying: “No experiments, no experiences.

preface 前言
experiment 實驗
What does it mean when someone is lousy at something?
They think it is important.
They cannot do it well.
They are not interested in it.
They are famous for it.
What can we learn from the preface?
When Foster’s father married Foster’s mother.
How Foster learned the art of cooking from his father.
How Foster started his own restaurant.
What Foster’s mother taught him about cooking.