Forever Takes a Bow

Actor Nathan Lang, 78 years old, died in his sleep last night in his house. Nathan Lang started his acting life in the 1970s. He was most known for playing Justin Maud in Young Hours. The movie made the world swoon over him. Women wanted a husband like him; men wanted a brother like him. Forever Justin, his fans called him. After Young Hours, Nathan Lang was seen in several big movies: Fallen, After Tonight, and Killing Jules. The last one won him a best actor award. In the 1980s, Nathan Lang lost his shine on the big screen. During this time, his movies never entered the top 20 list. Nathan Lang’s last movie was Dreams. Though the movie won him two best actor awards, it did not bring his fans back to the theater.

This Saturday morning, 10 o’clock at St. Peter’s Church, there will be amovie party,” as Lang wished. Friends and family will get together and enjoy once again the good times he brought to the world.

award 獎項
What is this reading mostly about?
Nathan Lang’s love and hate for his family.
Nathan Lang’s life before and after he became an actor.
The rise and fall of Nathan Lang in show business.
The good and bad about Nathan Lang’s movies.
What does swoon over mean in the reading?
Close the door on.
Go crazy about.
Share the joy with.
Try hard to deal with.
Here are reviews about Nathan Lang’s movies. From the reading, which is most likely a review for Dreams?
review 評論
likely 可能
the story is fresh and interesting, but the acting is not. However, it has been the country’s best-selling movie for the past three weeks. Clearly Nathan Lang’s fans cared less about his acting than his handsome face
it became Nathan Lang’s second best-selling movie and also this year’s third best-selling movie in the country and may even get him another best actor award
nothing new in the story; Nathan Lang clearly didn’t do enough homework about his part in the movie. It was no surprise that the movie didn’t make it into the top 10 list the first week it was out
see him not as the actor Nathan Lang anymore but as the poor old man in the movie. However, good acting does not always help with the ticket sales