Cecilia: Eddie’s having a tasting party this Saturday.

Gloria: No!

Cecilia: And we’re both invited.

Gloria: No! I told you I’d never go to any of his tasting parties again !

Cecilia: He said he wanted to share his newest cakes with his dearest friends.

Gloria: If he sees us as his dearest friends, he should stop having tasting parties!

Cecilia: Well, looks like baking really brings joy to his life.

Gloria: But it takes joy away from mine! Last time I was in bed for three days after his party.

Cecilia: If you hate it so much, you can just tell him.

Gloria: Why do I always have to be the bad person? Remember when I woke him up from his dream of making clothes? There was a lot of crying, and he wouldn’t talk to me for a month. You do it this time.

Cecilia: I can’t. How am I going to face him in our dancing classes if I tell him?

Gloria: So we still have to lie at his party again?

Cecilia: I’m afraid so.

What can we learn about Eddie?
His friends think he is a great dancer.
He is taking baking classes with Cecilia.
His friends did not like the clothes he made.
He did not know how to say no to his friends.
Which is true?
Cecelia had a good time at Eddie’s last party.
Gloria shared Eddie’s cakes with other friends.
Gloria does not want to go to Eddie’s tasting party.
Cecelia has not talked to Eddie for a month.
What does it mean?
Tell Eddie to stop crying over small things.
Tell Eddie about his baking.
Tell Eddie to stop telling lies.
Tell Eddie how to find joy in baking.