Read Luke’s diary and answer the questions.
Weather: ☼
Date: Dec. 21, 2009

Today our teacher took us to the Mr. Chang’s farm. When we got there, we saw cows walking around and eating the grass. Mr. Chang let his cows walk freely outside. He even touched their faces and talked to them like a father. Also, Mr. Chang only fed his cows with fresh grass and spring water from nature. He took good care of his cows so he could sell people the best milk. When He milked the cows, he even let us try. It was really exciting to get fresh milk from the cows by myself! When we were going to leave, Mr. Chang gave each of us a bag of cheese. It tasted wonderful!

diary 日記
What did Luke do on the farm?
He helped to milk the cows.
He learned how to make cheese.
He collected fresh grass for Mr. Chang.
He sold milk for Mr. Chang.
What did Mr. Chang NOT do for his cow?
He let them walk freely on the farm.
He touched and talked to them.
He fed them with spring Water.
He played music when they ate.