Small Rice, Big Dream

Central Taiwan News

May 13, 2008

Two years ago, a small town in Changhua started to grow healthy rice. The healthy rice was not grown by farmers but by students from a small elementary school of only about fifty people.

The idea of growing rice came from the school teachers. When making teaching plans, the teachers decided to teach students how to grow healthy rice on school land. They wanted the students to get closer to the land and learn to help each other when doing the rice farming outside the classroom.

What’s better, the school made money from selling the rice and giving farming classes to the public. With the money, the school could help students who wished to go to foreign countries some day. Today the dream is becoming realthe students are flying to Japan to share their special farming experiences, and have fun over there, of course!

"We all feel very proud that even students from a small town can make themselves seen in the world," said one of the teachers.

What is the reading about?
A language class for farmers.
A successful teaching plan.
A famous teacher from a small town.
A new way of cooking rice.
Which is said in the reading?
It is important for farmers to make good use of land.
The school bought the land for the farming classes.
Farming makes students healthy.
Farming helps the school make money.
What is the dream?
Visiting a foreign country.
Building more schools.
Growing healthy rice.
Learning outside the classroom.