Lin-hua: Mom, can I put my pet fish into the river?

Mom: No! When you bought it, you told me you’d take care of it, remember?

Lin-hua: But now I want it to live free.

Mom: I think you’re just tired of keeping it. Also, if your pet fish comes from another country, it may bring some problems for the living things in our country after you put it into our river. Haven’t you heard about the fire ants from South America? Since they were brought to Taiwan, they’ve made lots of trouble for the animals and plants here.

Lin-hua: But I read a newspaper report which said that in New Zealand, animals and plants from other countries aren’t always trouble-makers. With these new friends, New Zealand has become a country with many different kinds of animals and plants.

Mom: Well, I just want you to think twice before you do anything. Now, the floor is dirty because of your jumping fish. Please go mop the floor.

What is talked about in the newspaper report?
Some animals and plants from abroad grow better in New Zealand.
Some animals and plants from New Zealand are very popular in Taiwan.
In Taiwan, some animals and plants from New Zealand do not grow well.
In New Zealand, some animals and plants from abroad do not hurt nature.
What does the reading say about fire ants?
They are afraid of light.
They come from South America.
They look as bright as burning fire.
They will attack each other for food.
What does Lin-hua’s mother ask her to do now?
Check where her fish comes from.
Feed her fish.
Find out whether the report is true.
Clean the floor.