When I told you I want to marry Mike, you said a 22-year-old girl is too young to get married. You also think it’s dangerous to marry a man I’ve known for only one year. But I don’t think so. I’m smart and old enough to know Mike loves me, and we’ve known each other well enough to start a family.

Mike used to smoke a lot and wear long hair. But he stopped smoking because I hate the smell. He also cut his hair short because I don’t like men with long hair. Isn’t it great to marry a man who changes himself for me?



I think you’ve known Mike long enough as a friend, but maybe not long enough to marry him. You’re still young, and I hope you can take more time to understand him better. Mike’s changes show he cares about you. But you both should know love doesn’t really mean changing or even losing oneself.

I’m worried about you because I love you. I never thought my little girl might leave me so early. But if you think you’re ready for a new life, I will see you off with smiles and best wishes.


What is Amy trying to tell her father?
She thanks her father for what he has done for her.
Mike is the right person for her.
Mike cares a lot about her family.
She feels sorry about breaking her father’s heart.
What can we learn about Amy’s father?
He will not let Amy leave him so early.
He is afraid Amy has not thought carefully enough.
He thinks love means changing for another person.
He has known Mike for over one year.
What do we know from the reading?
Mike is too young for Amy.
Amy thinks she is ready for a new life.
Mike does not like a girl who smokes.
Amy loves Mike the way he used to be.