Below is an ad of Carefree Helpline.

Mom hates. Dad forgets. Brothers and sisters never care.

Friends lie. People laugh. Even your dog turns away.

You feel lost. Nobody helps.

You talk. Nobody listens.

On Helpline: You talk. We listen.

We listen to all you would like to share.

It costs nothing to ask for help.

Call 080-911911 anytime, from Monday to Sunday.

Carefree Helpline cares for you, day and night.

To talk face to face, please call 080-122133.

ad 廣告
Which is NOT said about Carefree Helpline?
They collect money for people in need.
They listen to people in trouble.
People can call them anytime, any day.
People can talk face to face with them.
What does your dog turns away mean in the reading?
Your dog cannot find its way home.
Your dog does not care about you.
Your dog bites other people.
Your dog is kicked and run away.