Long long time ago, a girl named Doris lost her ring. She felt so bad that she could not sleep well. When Doris turned over in her bed, she found the black horse in the picture on the wall 1. She was very surprised, so she got out of bed to have a closer look. When Doris touched the head of the horse, she 2 into the picture!
Now Doris was sitting on the back of the running horse!
It was so exciting to be riding a horse in the beautiful sky, but Doris did not know where the horse 3 her. Finally, they stopped in front of an old church. There Doris found a gift bag. She opened the bag and saw her ring inside. Doris was very happy. When she put on the ring, she woke up from her dream. At that moment, Doris could not believe her eyesthe ring 4 there back on her finger!
will move
was moving
has moved
is moving
is pulled
was pulled
would be pulled
has been pulled
has taken
would take
is taking
would be
has been