Dear Grandma,

I’ve been in Bluelake for two months now. It’s a beautiful small city. Schools here begin at the end of August. I like my school and I’m having a great time teaching Art History here.

I’m now living in an apartment with a friend. From the window of my bedroom, I can see a beautiful green hill with flowers and trees.

Many people go there to have a picnic or to fly kites. I enjoy taking a walk there every day after work and watching the people.

I miss you very much, Grandma, and I hope you can come and visit me here some day.



What is Bluelake?
A school.
A city.
An art museum.
A park.
What is Jude doing in Bluelake?
Visiting a friend.
Taking a vacation.
Which picture best shows what Jude sees out of his bedroom window?