Stanley was a person who loved singing to himself in the bath. One cold winter night, he went into the bathroom to have a hot bath. He took off his clothes and turned on the tap, but there was no hot waterthe water from the tap was cold!

Stanley didn’t know what was wrong, but he finally decided to take a bath without hot water. He started to sing as usual, one song after another. Stanley was surprised that the water felt warm this way. So he kept singing, louder and louder, until he finished his bath.

The next morning when Stanley was going to work, he saw a piece of paper on his door:

tap 水龍頭
What does the mother think of Stanley?
He is a helpful person.
He should see a doctor.
He makes too much noise.
He gets up too early.
What does this way mean?
Taking a bath before going to bed.
Singing when taking a cold bath.
Singing to a crying baby.
Taking a cold bath in the morning.