(In an English class)

Teacher: Let’s play a game with 3-letter words. The game is easy to play. First, a 3-letter word is spoken. Then the next person has to say a different 3-letter word that starts with the last letter of the spoken word. Anyone who cannot speak a right 3-letter word in two seconds will have to 1. Any questions?

Brian: Yes. Can we try again if we say a wrong word?

Teacher: No, you 2. That’s why the game is exciting and fun. Now let’s try it!

Brian: OK! Let me try first. MAP.

Amy: PUT.

Jane: TEA.

Ken: 3

Carl: EAR.

Sam: RAIN.

Carl: Ha! I got you.

Sam: Oh, no! I forgot it has to be a 3-letter word.

Teacher: Sam, it’s your show time. Here’s the book. Pick out any story you’d like. Now everybody, let’s listen to Sam.

make a funny face
read a story
draw a picture
sing a song
must ask your classmates for help
may look it up in the dictionary
have just one chance
have to give a different word