Isadora Duncan was born in America in 1877. She was a great dance teacher who enjoyed dancing at an early age, and even began teaching other children to dance when she was only six. Although Duncan herself stopped going to school at ten, she later had students from all over the world.

Duncan was called the mother of modern dance because she brought lots of new ideas into the dancing of her time. She believed that dance is life itself and comes from the heart. Duncan also said that dance belongs to everyone, rich and poor, young and old. That was why one time she did not agree to dance in a theater where the tickets were very expensive.

Duncan also surprised the people of her time by dancing in comfortable clothes and without shoes on. She broke the rules in many ways and gave dance a new language. Now people who are interested in modern dance are still getting new ideas from this great teacher.

What is the reading mainly about?
mainly 主要
The way of life in Isadora Duncan’s time.
The history of American modem dance.
The dancing life of an American dancer.
The dance group Isadora Duncan started.
What did Duncan think of dance?
It is a hobby that needs strong shoes.
It should be learned at an early age.
It shows how people feel.
It could be enjoyed more in a theater.
What does a new language mean in the reading?
A new word for dancing.
A new kind of dance music.
New ideas about dancing.
New rules for selling dance tickets.