Here are the lyrics of a song.

Don’t Ask Him Why

by Tim Blair

He was afraid.
He was knocked on the head.
He was too little to know why Mom and Dad didn’t like him.
He was only five when he was sent to the hospital.

So don’t ask him why he did not cry for help
He was too little to answer the question.
He was too young to know he could ask for help.

Sometimes things go wrong in this world.
Still there must be something we can do
Something to give him hope and love.

So let’s do it. Do it. Do it.
Give him your hand.
Give him your love.
Only you and I can help him.

So don’t ask him why.
Never ever ask him why.

lyrics 歌詞
What can we know from Tim Blair's song?
He believes children should speak for themselves.
He wants to bring hope to children in need.
Children lie without knowing why.
Children can do well at school with special help.
Which is most likely to be true about the little boy in the lyrics?
likely 可能
He went to school at the age of five.
He was afraid of singing in front of people.
He liked to ask questions.
He was hit by his parents.