Last month Jim brought a baby cat home from the pet shop. She is beautiful with gray and white hair. Jim gave her the name Popo. He and his family love her very much and often talk to her. Popo is very shy and afraid of strangers. Every time Jim brings his friends home, she will hide herself. It takes time to make friends with Popo. But when she sees you as a friend, she will be happy to be with you all the time. Popo often lies quietly next to Jim when he is home. Sometimes she sits by the window looking at the flowers in the garden.

The family is always busy, and it is not easy for them to get together. But since they got Popo, they have tried to spend time together playing with their little girl, who has become the center of their family life.

What can we learn from the reading?
We should be friendly to people who visit us.
It takes time to make friends with people who love cats.
Keeping a pet helps a family get together.
Flowers make a house more beautiful.
Which is true about the little girl in the reading?
She loves to hide herself when playing.
She was found by Jim when she got lost on the street.
She cannot be quiet when Jim is around.
She does not feel comfortable with strangers.