John sells hot dogs outside the flower market. Sometimes people come up to him and ask for directions. Look at the map and answer the questions.


Rose: Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the 1?

John: Of course. Just go down Market Road for two blocks and turn left. You’ll see a church. It’s next to the church, on First Street.

Rose: I see. Thanks.

John: You’re welcome.


John: Good morning. Would you like a hot dog?

Fred: Yes, one please. By the way, where can I find a bookstore near here?

John: Go down Third Street and 2. It’s between a shoe store and a music store.

Fred: Thank you.

directions 指引方向
by the way 順便問一下
gas station
train station
walk past Main Street
stop at the bike shop
turn left on Joy Street
turn to your right